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• 8/21/2018

Updated Page Standard

Here at Lookout, we have a key priority that really illustrates the core of our philosophy. That's efficiency - both in how we create characters, write pages, interact, and communicate as not a wiki but a group of people with unique minds and ideas. Cooperation is probably the most important mechanism within any wiki. That way, Lookout can continue to reach its long term goals and maximize on the success it's been afforded by the efforts of its hard-working contributors. I've made it my purpose to dispel the idea of editing being all work and no play.

By utilizing a method of <b>listing character names on arc or story-related articles, rather than every character individually</b>, we ensure organization at the most basic level, thus promoting cooperation and comfort when navigating the wiki.
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• 7/14/2018

Enter Lookout: New Era

For the past year, Lookout has 'existed' in sort of an enigma. On 7 August 2017, the wiki (then on L2) officially ended and power was transferred to Alissa, who intended to begin her own L3, thus renaming the wiki 'New Era'. By this point, most users had fled long ago.

However Alissa's incantation lasted literally a day. In November, I founded Universe Zeta, intended to be an original universe and spiritual successor to Lookout (its own L3). Currently, it is still under construction. Basically, no one could agree on what L3 should be.

After sitting defunct for nearly a year now, Lookout will be having a new breath of fresh air, as it is transformed into "Lookout: New Era" (aka L3). This now renders Universe Zeta into an entirely unrelated, separate wiki. As for what LNE will be, that is still up to question.

Personally, I think LNE should take place in the original Lookout universe. It should take place after L2 (which DID happen, and will have a written ending soon), maybe 1000 years after L1.

Now the thing is, there's virtually no userbase (on Lookout or Zeta), so likely these'll both sit inactive, but at least they'll be in place!
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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• 8/22/2017

Taking a Break

I'd just like to say that because of the wiki's new reboot, along with other factors, I'll be taking a break from the wiki. I might come back if the direction it's headed is good, but for now I have shifted my focus to making works on other wikis. Since Lookout has undergone a complete reboot, this obviously means that it is also a completely different, new wiki, so I'm going to treat it like one and give it some time to grow. Might leave, might come back. Just wanted to say a little something.
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• 8/3/2017

It is time

I am afraid that the time has come that I must announce my intentions to leave this wiki, or at least, the leadership/adminship. It has entered into a new era, basically a new wiki, and figured it is my opportunity. I have been distant from Wikia for some time anyway due to personal issues. I believe and acknowledge this wiki has outgrown me, for the past year I have merely served to burden the wiki and slow its progress due to being stuck in my ways--it deserves better, a new face, and a new style. My problems getting along with other users aside.
It has been a good 5 years but it's finally reached its end, which I remember us all thinking would never happen. The many long summer nights I spent organizing countless wiki pages and doing casual RPs I found so fun. Meeting some interesting people, namely Elcid, who I still talk to outside of Wikia and influenced me a lot in a good way. The heights I went to research and get ideas and pics for characters, all trying to achieve what I thought was ideal. I always loved RP and still do, but some things eventually have to change, as evident by me being the only one here left.
Currently I am helping to set up the new wiki RP system but leaving the bulk of the work to Alissa, who will be taking the reins from here on. Though her past history with users is riddled with conflict, maybe everything can start anew and put it aside and try to work together to create a free, open RP wiki some of us worked so hard to achieve. After I am done helping set it up in a week or so, I will take my leave. I'll still check in often and reply to messages or whatnot. I'll also edit on the archives wiki and maybe stop by often--one day if I like the wiki I may even rejoin as a normal user and RP.
Future regards, 
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• 8/3/2017

Role-Play Ideas

Now that the reboot is underway, we need some ideas for a setting as well as ideas for a main plot as well as a well defined, no flexible yet versatile power system. For me I am hoping for an Modernish setting, but not too Modern. Nothing too fancy. But something with lots of personality with a rich lore with a complex Magic system.
Due to the current state of the wiki, anyone from anywhere can submit an idea, but only submit if you plan on joining the wiki. After Ideas have been submitted, meet me up at the new Lookout/New Era Discord:
If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.
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• 8/1/2017

Wiki Reboot

After discussion with Kuzon on the fact that the wiki has died in its current state, we have decided it best to reboot the wiki and start from scratch with a new RP. Currently it is dubbed as "L3", but this will probably change as it has no relation to L1/2. All pages have been imported to http://lookoutarchive.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lookout_Archive_Wiki and currently all imported pages are now being deleted here as a symbol of our resolve to get this wiki going again. 324 pages failed to be imported, but 2,009 were successful. We hope all long time users welcome this, though your inactivity has left your word without weight. It is expected of users to be active for their input to have any sway over decisions made by the wiki's staff.
Thank You
Alissa the Wise Wolf
Have a Nice Day~
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• 8/1/2017


Well, it looks like the wiki has reached its ultimate point of collapse. The flood gates have done rusted. With this, an entire new system of things will be in order as part of an effort to revive the wiki at least decently. Unfortunately, L2 will not be able to be finished within RP; including the Underking arc, Awakening movie, and finale. It's a shame since they were my first complete mature projects and personally my best wrote plots. They will be 'finished' in story form--since users left or aren't active, they will have no say in what I do with their characters. I will make sure the finale is as epic and conclusive as it was intended to and should be, to close off such an epic and adventerous saga within the Dragon Ball universe.
Welcome..to Tentative Hypothetical L3 RP Project. The new name for L3 right now, since we decided it will not be called L3 as not to confuse new  users, and to express its separation from L1/L2. The wiki being left with only 2 users, both admins, means we will be working on it, followed by the attempt to recruit fresh faces (or avis) into the new community. Or perhaps old users could come back. At least we will try. 
Though my personal problems with my transition to adulthood may, and have, caused a decline in my activity--not sure when that'll improve but I'll try.
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• 6/29/2017


We should hold a meeting, I'll be in chat, ping me when you arrive please. I want to continue Lookout RP.
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• 5/30/2017


So I know the wiki is going under atm but I'd like to know if chat has anything to do with it, because it isn't working for me (same for chat hacks). Is anyone else encountering this same problem?
As in, messages will not go up no matter what
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• 5/19/2017

Alissa's Demotion

Before I start this post, I'd like everyone reading this to know that this is not in response to Kuzon's demotion, rather moments of that situation only caused this topic to be looked upon again. After having some discussion with other users, it looked like Alissa's demotion was an idea that was to be brought up again. As some of you may know, a vote was held for her demotion many months ago, and it had a few more people voting for her removal than for her to stay an admin (the final decision by Kuz, however, was to let her stay and have time to improve). And, she did show improvement, continuing on with her contributions to the wiki's cleanup, which is something that I'd like to point out is a great thing she has done with her adminship. Some more problems arose recently when she said Kuzon needed to be permanently demoted. Other forum posts have information on this, so I won't be explaining it here. Of course, it's not her actions behind the situation that made us take another step towards this decision, rather the way she handled it. During this period of time, she threw insults towards Kuz and made some questionable statements, what we saw in our eyes as hostile actions. There have also been moments in the past displaying her judgement and the way she handles things as well, ranging in degree of severity. Thus, accumulating from incidents happening as of recently and a while back, we request that you all cast your vote. Like the last vote, be sure to give some good explanation for your decision. Though you can do it if you wish, there is no need for a lengthy response. Stating some quality reasons should be enough. Finally, there will be plenty of discussion and review, so we'd like you to participate if you can. Thank you!
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• 5/14/2017

Discord Deleted

Due to a lack of use and a noticeable decrease in new users on wikis that use them, I have come the conclusion that a Discord doesn't help the wiki and removed it. Now before anyone gets worked up over this, I owned the Discord.
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• 5/13/2017


Unless it's absolutely end of the world important, be sure to drop what you're doing and help with RP. The more we work on it, the quicker it'll be done, and the sooner we can move onto L3. I've got a rough idea of what I want to do, but I'll mostly be winging it. This not getting on till 9 or 10 PM is killing me. I go to bed at those times (Schedule demands it) Be sure to be on by 6 PM CST or earlier.
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• 5/11/2017

Rules of Fiction 1: Suspension of Disbelief

The other day, and a colleague on the wiki got into a heated argument about genders in the Lookout Universe. We never exactly ended the argument, it kinda just faded out and away. However this argument was brought up again when I was talking about how the gender categories are important, in which I went on how it's literally impossible as it'd go against biological evolution as genders are necessary for reproduction, and having to have 50,000 person orgy in order to produce one child is extremely ineffecient and would kill off the race involved faster than make it grow. way faster than make it grow. In fact if you think about it long enough, the race wouldn't even exist because the death to birth rate ratio would be so off balance that it'd literally be 50,000:1 Your supposed race of 50,000 genders would be dead before it could even make up that that loss with births. Reporduction in Biology is meant to be efficient in order to ensure survival of the race involved. That's why there are only 3 types known of, Females, Males, and Asexuals. Our race is so effecient as to only have 2 genders, while some species, mainly micro-organisms, are effecient enough to only have one. Why any race would go beyond these would be shocking, as going beyond this would literally be less effecient than 1 or 2. 
Now the two who argued with me on this stated that they can do this because "Fiction." The problem is, "Fiction" is not and never will be nor by definition is an all powerful, magical writing tool that allows you to just explain everything away as "Fiction". "This is as bad as saying this person can do this cuz "Magic"". No, this is bad bad bad bad bad, very bad, writing. You're either just terrible at it or you barely entered grade school, in which case I hope it's the latter as even you entry level middle schooler should be smart enough to understand this.
Anyway, one of the biggest, most important rules in fiction is to make the reader, viewer, or in this case RPer, as believable as possible. This is called suspension of disbelief, and is there to keep to person experiencing this world immersed. This means you are limited in what you can exaggerate, and is why magic tend to be the only thing fiction actually goes for in terms of great exaggeration. Magic can take many forms, and thus can be explained in any way, making it easy to tackle. However, in the case of the argument I had, this was dealing with something far more serious. Science. See, science is a tricky thing in fiction. While you can ignore most of the physical laws, getting into thick of things like biology or trying to explain how these laws are affected is where things get tricky. See, the problem with stating something like there being 50,000 genders is that you have to explain how each and every single one works in order to retain one's suspension of disbelief. By stating this and just telling them to accept it, you've effectively broken that and ruined your story, forever. It'll be an unending eternal pile of shit that you should forever be ashamed of for being so fucking stupid about it. Anywho, not only do you have to explain each of this genders, you have to form believable logic behind this statement, which as I have already proven above, is impossible. 
I wish I had more to say on this, but am having trouble thinking of anything more right now, I will come back to this later if anymore comes to mind.
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• 5/10/2017

Recent Troubles

So, me, Kuz, and Zion recently discussed the issues associated with Kuzon's punishment for breaking a rule, and we thought it would be good to share our thoughts on some of the information relating to this topic. In an attempt to get Alissa's attention, since she was not responding to Kuzon's questions and was not afk, Kuzon tampered with the chat logs. There was not a major change made, and Kuzon felt that Alissa would understand, being a fellow admin. He also didn't have serious intent on making a permanent change, and he planned to undo it soon after. Alissa considered this "vandalism to the highest degree", then she proposed a three month block and demotion, when the average punishment is a 1-3 day block. Kuzon himself decided a one week block and demotion would be more reasonable, and we agreed (this was the punishment decided upon). We'd also like to mention a comment she made after my promotion, saying that I would be the replacement for Kuzon once he was demoted. This comment had a tone of betrayal to it, giving us a sense of untrustworthiness towards Alissa, as it was something very inappropriate to bring up (also, we wanted to mention her attitude over the situation, as she spoke like each decision being made by her was final, without having quality discussion, rather mostly insulting Kuz and trying to make his actions sound worse than they were. Also, demotion is something that you must vote on, and you cannot be the one to decide by yourself. Some of Alissa's words implied that she wouldn't be hesitant in doing this, saying things along the lines of "Kuz is to be demoted"). Anyways, we just wanted to make clear what Kuz's actual purpose was, and notify some of the over exaggeration involved.
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• 5/9/2017

Kazion Wants Unlimited Power Like Palpatine

So, there's been talk of my possible promotion to admin. Before you question my inexperience in politics, I'll have you know I graduated pre-school with knowledge of the basic subjects. According to what I understand, I feel that I fit the requirements, but it was talked of amongst others, and I will leave it to you all for voting. Don't worry, there won't be any Rebellions, my Empire will eliminate them before they can begin... (cliffhanger?) Enjoy the popcorn, it comes with butter. Alright, I'm leaving it up to you guys, go ahead.
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• 5/8/2017

Vote for the Removal of the Chat Bot

The Chat Bot has caused uproar in the past and in its return has caused more problems. The Bot is not needed as the wiki has a maximum of 6-7 users as traffic. I expect admins to be mature and act accordingly to the vote.
I Oppose — the Chat Bot, it simply causes problems and isn't necessary.
Please allow users to vote, with admins only being concerned in the result. Thank you.
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• 5/8/2017

Demotion of Vegeta2314

Hello, this is Zion. If you are active on the wiki, you know that there has been internal struggles on the wiki. With the calling upon of Kuzon's demotion, we have to be real with ourselves as a wiki and face reality. This is not personal of course, and is based on sheer fact.
Vegeta or Roy is a cool dude, and from what I seen was a good admin. He has grown inactive and has been busy with exams for months now it seems and hasn't really been seen, despite being admin.
There is nothing left to say honestly, he had an inactive tag next to his name, and is hardly ever even on chat. I'm aware, this is not his fault, he has a life outside of Lookout as we all do. He's just not fit for admin here at this point in time. I hope admins with act accordingly.
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• 5/8/2017

Happy May 8th

Happy May 8th, or 5th Lookout Anniversary. On this day in 2012 the wiki was founded by me and Kuzon. I would put more here, but the wiki is generally dead and going through some pretty bad things at the moment with Alissa the beuracrat, pushing for the demotion and block of the person who has faith in her and promoted. Reason I highly advised against her promotion in the first place. Anyway, try to come on chat today to all that have any will to be active and contribute to any "festivities".
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• 5/7/2017

Kuzon's Demotion

For a while now I have been question Kuzon's ability to remain under control. He's always been rather passive aggressive, but he never did anything in which I needed to intervene. Recently his passive aggressive nature has gotten worse and I became more concerned, but he was always an admin that followed the rules, until last night. Last night, after a few minutes upon joining chat, Kuzon had declared that he would remove all of his messages from chat logs, saying that he would not be "tracked". Despite my warning he did so anyway, completely disregarding a well established rule that the Logs would not be tampered with. I restored the logs immediately afterwards, and normally punishment for this is a 3 day block, but due to Kuzon's willingness to disregard an established rule, if he is demoted, he will immediately serve a month long block, and will be black listed from being promoted to anything higher than a regular user again, as blantant disregard for the very rules you should be enforing is unprofessional in every sense of the word. Now we joked around about Kuzon being paranoid or mental and such, because he'd often make outlandish claims or was always skeptical about something. If he was just playing this up for laughs as well, I believe Kuzon would've never knowingly disregarded a rule despite knowing the consequences. (I mean the rule was formed during a heated argument). As such this has pretty much convinced me that he is Paranoid individual, and if he is developing Paranoid Schizophrenia, I would like to have the wiki I love safe from such a madness. This powder keg that he has become has made him unfit to be admin, let alone chat mod or Bcrat.
Also, immediately after I had restored the logs, we got into an argument, in which KazionKnight tried to fix, but his analogies did not make sense in the context of what a public chat is. This argument involved privacy, which by all means is non-existent on a public site. Kazion tried to liken it to a cafe or diner, but alas that comparison just is inherently wrong. A chat is a form of text communication, it is something you see whether you want to or not, unlike hearing where you can focus on what you want to hear rather than hearing all that's around you. (Though by definition Privacy doesn't really exist in public environments unless it's an empty restroom or a text message on a phone.) But that's besides the point. The only privacy on chat, is PMs. You have NO privacy on the main chat. Absolutely none. Anyone can come on at anytime and see what you have said or discussed. He also seemed rather afraid of something but that might just be me. I don't know what he'd be afraid of though. As long as you aren't racist, hateful, and stuff you can really say pretty much anything on chat without issue. Wikia also does not accept logs as a form of evidence, exactly because of the same shit Kuzon pulled last night.
Anyway, since this is a discussion (not a vote), please comment below. after evaluating the comments, I will come to a decision later.
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