This article, Ryugu, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Ryugu, is a Role-Play article.

 Ryūgū (龍宮) (Dragon's palace) is the undersea palace of the Sea Dragon. It's based upon Ryuuguu-jou, a piece of Japanese Mythology. It is built from red and white coral, or from solid crystal. The inhabitants of the palace are, Ryugu citizens, or warriors who seek training from the Sea Dragon, or his servants. In some legend, on each of the four sides of the palace is a different season, and one day within the palace is equal to a century outside its boundaries. 
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Ryugu's geography, or location is directly off the shores of the biggest ocean. 


The inabitants of Ryugu are usually warriors seeking training, or the sea dragon and his servants. People who live here gain air bubbles to save them from drowning, they are:

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