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Name Amranth
Kanji アマランス
Romanji Amransu
Aliases The Super Saiyan God of Legend
Gender Male Male
Height 6,2 Feet
Weight 96kg
Blood Type Undisclosed
Occupation Saiyan Noble
Education Unknown
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Address Planet Yasai
Relatives Yasai Dynasty
Debut Unrecorded
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Amranth(アマランス, Amransu) was the first,  and remains as one of the main RP and Fanon character of NeoCatastrophe. He is the self-proclaimed Super Saiyan God of Legend, and is the younger and only sibling of his brother, and complete opposite, Brackai. Amranth is the son of the late Aspar and Purica, his parents whom originally served as the emperor and empress of the yasai empire of saiyans. After the defection and betrayal of his older brother, Amranth became the subsequent heir to the throne of the yasai, making him the next in line for emperor. Amranth has received training from many of the universe's most powerful beings including monks and gods alike, as well as having learned from a multitude of notable and outstanding historical figures, the likes of which include The Heavenly Kai, Orin Sennin, as well as the original Kame Sennin, among numerous others. 


In terms of physical appearance, Amranth demonstrates all the telltale physical traits of a powerful and prestigious saiyan warrior. His body is shown to be of a heavily built martial artist and fighters build which is reflective of the life of the fighter and saiyan warrior that he has lived since his birth. Having fairly light skin, his eyes are a pitch black, and his hair is shown to be an extremely dark brown, almost black, constantly standing on end with a pair of two thick bangs which fall over his forehead and face. His hair has been likened to that of prince vegeta's own in this regard. In spite of being one of the last living members of his clan, Amranth still insists upon wearing the signature colors and fighting combat suit of his yasai upbringing, being similar to his brother in this regard, albeit the the two may differ on every other possible level. His appearance is obviously that of a royal or a saiyan of high status, primarily shown by the proud golden saiyan insignia he wears on his clothing as well as the royal combat boots and gloves which Amranth constantly wears while in combat or otherwise. 


Amranth is a very pure-hearted saiyan. Parallels between him, and the original super saiyan god are constantly drawn by himself, and others whom observe his behavior and actions throughout the series, lending further credence to the ultimate fact that he is the reincarnation of the legendary saiyan warrior. Amranth is a completely different person to other saiyans, being greatly humble, kindhearted, and gracious in all things and undertakings. He is never one to overestimate himself or look down on or belittle his opponents, even going as far so as to encourage them and cheer them on during fighting, even if they are losing to him. Amranth is a fair person whom has always demonstrated a degree of understanding and immense wisdom even at a young age, often teaching the adults around him who's task it was to teach him instead. Over the years, Amranth's wisdom has only bloomed into an immense insight which is praised as divination. He constantly teaches those around him new and useful things about themselves, often without them ever even knowing it until after he has done so. Opponents and allies alike are often baffled and question his true intentions and actions only to realize that they have been taught something useful by him without them ever even knowing that he was doing so. 



Brackai: Amranth's older brother and absolute opposite. Brackai, The Super Saiyan Devil, even in spite of all his actions is still heavily valued and appreciated by Amranth. Amranth deeply regrets what Brackai has become, and is willing to take his life in order to stop him fulfill his goal. Amranth states that instead of honoring brackai, he will "honor the man he once was" even in spite of the constant insistence on Brackai's behalf that anything and everything that he was once was a mere ruse and a fake persona put up so as to not rouse suspicion from other members of the yasai clan regarding his true goals and coup which later transpired. Amranth is endlessly determined to surpass Brackai's godlike power, even if he is the super saiyan devil.


Amranth was born as the second of two siblings to emperor aspar and empress purica of the yasai saiyan dynasty. Unlike his brother, Amranth was nurtured, cherished, and taken care of by both his father and mother, and as such had a very stable and good childhood. However, after observing his fathers behavior towards Brackai, and hearing his mothers sentiment, Amranth became determined to prove himself to his parents in the regard that he could become a powerful and strong saiyan warrior too, but more than that, he believed doing so would unify his family and ultimately bring them closer to one another. Like his brother, Amranth also demonstrated an immense underlying talent for all forms of basic and advanced yasai combat, mastering ki control and numerous martial arts forms at a young age, earning praise from his teachers and parents alike. However, as Amranth only grew happier, he noticed that his brother grew sadder and more distant from him and his parents. Amranth found himself constantly striving to catch up to his brothers back, remaining in the darkness of his shadow in terms of power and strength, regardless of how hard he tried to catch up.


Shortly after the murder of his parents, the defection of General Boro, and the destruction of planet Yasai, Amranth woke up on planet Hopo, where he was taken care of and nursed back to health by the planets native inhabitants. He made it his lifes goal to stop the traitorous general boro and obtain the power required in order to do so, not to mention saving his brother from the grasp of the evil saiyan. But in order to do that, Amranth knew that he needed power; far greater power than he had at that current time, and so he made the decision to travel to the farthest and most remote regions of the universe and obtain as many different powers, techniques, abilities, and fighting forms as possible, but also find information about the super saiyan god and how he could tap into its true powers and abilities so as to challenge the power of his brothers super saiyan devil strength. 

Powers & Abilities

Extraordinary Power Level: Amaranth, being a fully realized Super Saiyan god and an accomplished, masterful warrior, has obtained an absolutely enormous level of power and energy. His power is such that has risen to the point where it can no longer even be accurately expressed in any form of numeration or mathematic figure, seemingly transcending those kinds of boundaries alltogether and entering a realm which is truly fit for somebody who bare the title of a "god". Even at a young age, Amranth's latent potential was so enormous that it temporarily knocked back general boro, and is such that it allows him to casually fight on par with numerous super saiyan level opponents without any real effort or exertion on his behalf. The absolute limitation of Amranth's power, if any, is completely unknown, but it has gotten to the point where his mere presence emits an incredible force in which all beings surrounding him are awe inspired by, to the point of completely knocking out a group of elite yasai soldiers just by merely being in their presence. Being transcendent in nature, Amranth's power has fundamentally changed, to the point where it may be something completely unrelated to ki altogether, becoming a unique existence entirely unto its own, the likes of which remains completely unshown by any other to come before or after him. Even in his base form, Amranth's utterly enormous power level allows him to easily surpass and toy with most fully developed super saiyans, including those whom have transcended beyond the basic level of super saiyan, all the while exerting on the most miniscule of amounts of his own energy. After training under The Divine Kai, Amranth's power increased to such a point where he had to forcibly restrict himself and hold back the vast majority of his power so a to not involuntarily afflict the surroundings, as his overwhelming energie have been shown to effect his surroundings to the point of destroying everything around him and being felt on a dimensional scale, even while at his most casual and relaxed of states. This astrnomical energy allowed Amranth to challenge the power of his brother, Brackai. A testament to his own power was demonstrated in this altercation, as Amranth's mere will was enough to cause stars on a galaxian scale to overloard and go supernova. 

Enormous Strength: Amranth's physical strength, even without th usage of his ki to augment and raise his physical might has shown to be nothing short of mind bogglingly overwhelming. His strength is such that he stands profoundly above most other saiyans whom they themselves may be considered mighty and powerful. His physical power has been demonstrated on numerous occasions to be so great that he doesn't even need to make physical contact with his opponents or intended targets in order to bring harm to their bodies, the sheer might and power of his attack formulating an absolute force which covers the distance to his foes as a burst of high density kinetic energy. In this right, even the most casual movements on his behalf are overwhelmingly destructive, as shown when he wiped out an entire continent of mountains without so much as giving a flick of the wrist in their directions, or flattening an entire forest which extended hundreds of miles just by performing a casual finger flick, miles separating him from him and his intended targets on both occasions. Amranth has repeatedly stopped the power and full force of incoming enemy attacks without so much as his bare hands, with usually using no more than a single finger. 

Profound Speed: In addition, Amranth does not in any way fall short when it comes to the speed and velocity of his combat and fighting, being so fast that most opponents whom dare challenge him are horribly and humiliatingly speed blitz'd. His movements take place at such an immensely high speed that his limbs and body often disappear from the sight and senses of his enemies completely, only appearing again when he has come to a complete stop. This allows Amranth to strike and do severe damage to the bodies of his opponents without them ever realizing what has happened until long after Amranth has already struck and done irreversible damage to them. Needless to say, Amranth is overwhelming faster than the speed of light itself, so much so that many of his opponents have mistook his casual physical movements as a method of teleportation, due to the sheer speed and distance he covers while moving. Even the most attuned of opponents have only ever seen Amranth's movements as mere twitches or spasms, that is, if they are capable of seeing his extraordinarily fast movements at all. 

Immense Durability: Similar to his level of strength, it is almost completely unknown just how great an amount of force is needed in order to cause any real irritation, let alone visible physical damage to Amranth's body. The fibre and molecular composition Amranth's body seems to have been upgraded to the point where he now has an utterly extreme amount of physical density and subsequent durability. His body is so exceedingly dense and absolute that he is capable of quite easily shrugging off attacks and forces the likes of which are capable of easily erasing countless galaxies, and willingly throw himself into the path of enemy projectiles due to the fact seemingly no amount of destructive force is capable of causing him any visible discomfort. Most enemy attacks, such as ki blasts, punches, kicks, etc, all either bounce off of his body harmlessly or render him with a slight tickling sensation. His physical durability is such that he has reached the point where seemingly not even the most absolute of destructive forces can pose any real threat to him, as shown when he not only survived being thrown into a black hole, but shattered it completely due to the sheer density and mass of his body. 

Startling Intelligence: Though Amranth has an average IQ, he was acknowledged as being extremely combat savvy and talented when it comes to entering the opponents mind and manipulating them in the realm of combat and fighting. He showed the ability to continually manipulate and remain several steps ahead of the adult training partners of the yasai empire whom sparred with him at a young age, an ability which only developed. After witnessing this, General Boro himself insinuated that Amranth's ability to trick and be extremely unpredictable within fighting and combat surpassed Brackai in this regard. In this right, Amranth is nothing short of a singular super-genius when it comes to the realm of fighting and martial arts, and continued to surprise and manipulate even the most hardened, attuned, and experienced of combatants he faces.

Innate Abilities

Godlike Ki Manipulation: Amranth has obtained an utterly obscene level of ki manipulation. He may perform extreme and exceedingly complicated feats of storing, charging, multiplying, altering, and even translating ki itself, some of which are only an infinitely small portion of what he is really capable of doing. Having achieved a perfect oneness with all natural energy in the universe allows him to tap into other power sources and manipulate them to his advantage as he see's fit. For example, by merely willing it to happen he may take control of incoming enemy attacks so long as they are either composed of or in some way related to or based upon ki, and causing a variety of different effects to occur, the most common of which being either making attacks shatter, absorb them for greater energy, or even going as far so as to increase their power and turn them back on their throwers, literally using the enemies attack against them. 

God Zenkai: Amaranths body empowers from combat much faster than any other saiyan. Even by the standards of a being as powerful as a fully realized super saiyan god, this aspect of Amranth's power is considered incredibly deadly. The speed at and quantity at which his power and strength increases grows without limitation or end so long as he experiences some form of conflict and combat. Even the mere atmosphere of combat is enough to cause Amaranth's power to rise beyond its previous limitations in leaps and bounds, so long as he is experiencing some form of fighting, whether it be throwing punches, sustaining them, dodging, or even staring at his opponent, his power continues to rise. This power increaser goes hand in hand with his ability to increase his ki and strength with his patented Kaio-Ken technique. 

Martial Arts

Amranth is an unbridled master of the arts of fighting and combat. He has trained in many different forms and realms of fighting and martial arts disciplines since he was able to stand upon his own two feet, and has learned from some of the most powerful and prestigious teachers in the universe. Amranth's mastery over martial arts alone is considered one of the most threatening and deadly aspects of his power, having being taught by The Divine Kai himself, Amranth is capable of performing a transcendent method of combat which goes completely incomprehensible to others whom are beneath his level. While nowhere near the level of the insurmountably obscene amount of power and martial arts skill of The Divine Kai himself, Amranth's skill has reached a point where he has become a master of martial arts in his own right and has now developed a total of 112 secret techniques created from the countless amounts of battle data and combat experience he has amassed throughout his lifetime. Literally, dozens of martial arts forms and techniques thereof are available to Amranth's usage, including but not limited to powerful secret and divine combat forms in which no other being in the universe has ever practised prior. 



Amranth, having received training directly from The Heavenly Kai himself, has mastered his patented and overwhelmingly powerful technique, The Kaio-Ken. In this right, Amranth can not only multiply, but exponentially increase his power level to exceedingly enormous heights. Although he cannot perform something as godlike as an infinite exponential increase, his power can increase to the point where it exceeds any form of imaginably numerical signature, allowing to reach a level of strength which far beyond his already almost imperceivable immense power. Through kaio-ken, Amranth's energy quantity may constantly increase without any real limitation of stopping, growing so great that those whom witnessed his usage of the technique were tricked into believing that he indeed possessed truly infinite power, a testament to the scale that his energy is capable of ascending to through his mastery of this technique. 

Hado Kakusei Conduit

Amranth has learned to tap into and become a direct link to The Hado Kakusei, something which has become one of the most definitive traits of his power as a character. Amranth has developed an extremely advanced mastery over tapping into The Hado Kakusei, allowing him to move, react, and fight within the mystical energy field while completely and utterly transcending the concept of speed itself, should he attempt to do so. Excessive meditation and conditioning to achieve a wavelength with this energy field has caused an extremely strong bond to the force to occur within Amranth's spiritual essence, essentially giving him a constant connection to the force. Even at a low experience of the hado kakusei and next to no knowledge, it was shown that Amranth had a vast talent for funneling the force through his body, achieving enough speed to startle, albeit momentarily, his own brother Brackai, the latter being an utter master of channeling this force. 

Shurai Nagare

One of the numerous techniques that Amranth learned from his time under the tutelage of The Heaveny Kai. At the moment in which any kinetic or physical force makes contact with amranth's body, there is an infinitely small interval whereby the force behind the matter making contact with him transfers to him and does its damage. This law is applied to all entities within some form of physical existence. The he hasn't ascended to a skill level in wielding the technique which is anywhere near the heavenly kai's, his mastery obtained over the technique is such that most opponents whom face him are rendered completely inconsequential. Amranth immediately turns any force that attempts to pertrube his being back on its origin point and doubles it with his own spiritual energy, causing severe and often fatal damage to his attack, making their advances backfire horribly.


Yasai Royal Swordplay

Through primarily specializing in unarmed combat and martial arts, Amranth has gathered an immense skill and affinity towards the blade, thanks to training under his uncles tutelage. Having performed many of the most integral training regimens within yasai swordplay, such as jinzen, Amranth has learned to adapt to and channel the very essence of the sword to an extent that not even the most skilled and enlightened of grandmaster swordsmen in the universe are capable of accessing. Even general boro himself had praised "how far he'd come" in the realm of yasai swordplay, stating that he had ascended to the same skill level as his own father in this right. After the defeat of general boro, Amranth continue'd to pursue the highest level of jinzen within his sword, and has since formed such a strong affinity towards his blade that he can now hear the "voice of the weapon". 


50% Power

The basic yasai energy administration technique. At a young age, amranth developed the want to prove to his parents that he could be just as worthy of a clan heir as his brother, and thus decided to secretly pursue this technique Amranth developed a grasp of this technique after watching his older brother perform it, in spite of having no real training in the technique prior. Sealing off exactly half of his total base forms energy allows amranth to develop a greater control and manipulation over his ki, and unleashing this energy may provide in a sudden boost of power and all his statistics against his foes. Having steadily cultivated and heavily improved his skill within performing the supression of his latent energy, releasing his true power to half of its true extent is an act which is as easy as exhaling a single breath for Amranth himself. Due to the sudden increase in power as well as the slight change in the overall presence of Amranth's being, many people, both opponents and allies alike have been lead to sometimes refer to Amranth's 50 percent power state as "warming up", hinting that the supressed power may be related to amranth's "serious" and "sparring modes", when in truth, and quite shockingly, it has nothing to do with those powerful states of mind at all, Amranth himself explaining that even if he were to transform to his highest level of power and super saiyan, so long as he remains in sparring mode, he will never be capable of revealing the true extent of his power to his opponents regardless of how far they push him, even in spite of the fact that this degree of power comes as easily to him as performing a "mental button push".

100% MAX Power

The most advanced transformation within the realm of basic yasai arts. All yasai warriors are expected to be able to perform this technique at a young age and Amranth was no different. This transformation causes Amranth to release the full extent of his base forms dormant and hidden energy and acquire a sudden immense boost of power and subsequent augmentation to all of his stats. Though still a basic technique, this transformation still served as the most valuable asset in some of amranth's earliest fights and conflicts, even being the reason that he was able to take down so many of those that opposed him. However, these power administration techniques are greatly overshadowed by Amranth's mastery over his super saiyan, and later, super saiyan god powers. Again, many opponents are lead to believe that, upon releasing the true extent of his base forms power, Amranth has become "The True Amranth" and has left his sparring mode state of mind. It wasn't until this question and assumption was brought up by one of Amranth's opponents that he clarified that regardless of his state of power, everything hinges on the fact that he remains in sparring mode whenever he is fighting an opponent which he does not perceive as a true threat to him, his allies, or the universe as a whole. Amranth's maximum base power still proves to be a deceptively enormous factor in helping him win battles, so much so that many opponents have mistaken it for a transformation in and of its own due to the sheer levels of ki which are generated and released from amranth's body upon allowing himself to release the true extent of his basic forms power.

Great Ape

Being a saiyan, Amranth's tail allows him to assume the enormous and destructive berserk form of saiyans, The Great Ape state. Amranth's first great ape state was achieved when he wanted to take proving to his parents that he could be as strong as his brother a step further, and ventured out into the wilds outside of the yasai imperial castle during a full moon. At this time he allowed the blutz waves of the moon to be absorbed by his tail and transform him into the enormous juggernaut. Only the intervention of Aspar, his father was capable of bringing Amranth's rampage to an end. Upon hearing his fathers voice, Amranth was capable of calming his raging emotions and transforming back into his base form, showing an immense talent for mastering his powers even at such a young age, the likes of which startled his own father. 

False Super Saiyan

A form that is very rarely used, if ever used at all. Amranth, in order to face his brother, believed that it was worth not only exploring his own super saiyan god powers but unlocking and exploring the secrets of normal super saiyan power. In this right he has obtained the ability to assume the false super saiyan transformation at will, and has even gone as far so as to make sure that he can sustain it for extended periods of time. In this form, Amranth's body demonstrates all the telltale signs of a false super saiyan, he looses all visible sign of his pupils and iris', and his entire body becomes tinged with a yellow glow, his hair standing on end and constantly waving about due to the intense flow of energy around him and coursing through him. This form and its power is greatly overshadowed by Amranth's ability to control his super saiyan, and super saiyan god powers. 

Super Saiyan

SSJ Amranth
Amranth's primary super saiyan transformation was assumed with great ease, and at an even earlier age than what his brother had achieved his own super saiyan powers at. Shortly after mastering the flow of his own internal energies, the sheer desire to impress and earn the acknowledgement of his parents on the same level as Brackai allowed Amranth to ascend to his first stage of Super Saiyan. For a while, Amranth's super saiyan power went as his ultimate and most powerful state, though that would later change when he witnessed the death of his parents at the hands of general boro. Still, amranth's basic form of super saiyan still serves as one of his most primary and reliable sources of power, often resorting to this form when he wishes to "start the warm-up". 

Ascended Super Saiyan

While Brackai endlessly pursued the development and rapid advancement of his Super Saiyan Devil powers, amranth still hadn't found out that he was his brothers opposite at the time. Though, due to his status as the super saiyan god, ascending past the primary and more basic levels of super saiyan came to Amranth with great ease, prompting him to fully master his super saiyan powers mere months after ascending for the first time. Though this is a form that is rarely ever used by Amranth, the ascended super saiyan state was an integral piece of the puzzle for Amranth to unlock his true super saiyan god powers, allowing him to fight, move, and unlock even greater levels of super saiyan strength even while doing something as casual as sleeping. 

Ultra Super Saiyan

USSJ Amranth
When amranth grows tired or bored of his opponents, he most commonly resorts to unleashing his ultra super saiyan power. This form provides Amranth with a much greater musculature and sudden boost of ki which is beyond the original form of super saiyan available to him, but drastically impedes his combat speed, transforming him into a weapon which is more akin to that of a long ranged tank, thanks to his ability to project greater amounts of energy in more dense waves. Amranth's ultra super saiyan form usually serves as the means for him to deal away with his opponents, often utilizing the immense energies provided to him to erase their bodies. He also see's this state as a recreational tool given the fact he has developed an innate mastery over using his ultra super saiyan power as a form of ranged combat and testing the reflexes of his opponents and their ability to continually avoid his attacks without being hit by them. 

Full Power Super Saiyan

The pinnacle of Amranth's basic super saiyan power is his full powered state. It is the most frequently used of his basic super saiyan forms and that which he only assumes when he wishes to truly engage his opponents. In this right, he refers to engaging this form as "where the real practise begins", hinting that every form or level of power beneath this one is mere free play to Amranth. By ascending to this level, Amranth seems to become a degree more serious towards his opponent, as it is a physical manifestation of his acknowledgement of his enemies powers and their ability to fight against him. Rather than utilizing ultra super saiyan or his ascended form, Amranth most typically jumps straight to this form if he requires a sudden boost of power or strength against an exceedingly mighty opponent whom has earned his praise.

Super Saiyan 2

In his first real sparring session against his older brother, Amranth was easily pushed far beyond the limits of his power while brackai himself has barely even broken a sweat. The sheer desperation within Amranth and the burgeoning anger that his parents would not acknowledge him as a warrior on the par of his brother triggered the second, transcendant mutation of super saiyan within Amranth, a level of power that not even Brackai himself had achieved at the time. In his fury, Amranth temporarily overwhelmed and subsequently impressed his own brother whom had previously thought nothing of him, though the power granted to him was still nowhere near enough to grant him the victory. Be that as it may, Aspar, highly impressed by the extent of Amranth's resolve and ability to overcome the odds finally acknowledged his younger son as a true warrior. Nowadays, Super Saiyan 2 continues to be one of Amranth's most favored and useful forms, rarely ever ascending beyond this echelon of power due to the sheer strength and mastery he has obtained over it. Like all Super Saiyan 2 states, Amranth's aura of golden energy proceeds to flow with greater speed and density, and a slew of bright blue bio electrical currents erupt from him from time to time, while his hair thins out, stands on end more and generally becomes more jagged.

Super Saiyan 3

The extraordinarily powerful form of super saiyan, this state was that which Amranth ascended thanks to his training underneath Orin and Kame Sennin. The ki that he gathered in that time allowed him to push deep to find the final gene of Super Saiyan evolution and force it out into his body, allowing him to transform into the mighty state of super saiyan 3. In this form, Amranth's eyebrows disappear and form an imposing, constant frown due to the elongate of the skull bones around the top of his eyes, being the signature facial trait of the super saiyan 3 transformation. His hair also elongates profoundly, reaching down his back thanks to its enhanced length, and maintains its jagged and thinned out nature that he obtains after ascending to his second stage of super saiyan. The current of biological electricity also remains and if anything, becomes even more dense than before.

Super Saiyan 4

Super Saiyan 4 Amranth

Amranth's Super Saiyan 4 Transformation

The final pinnacle and absolute zenith of Amranth's basic super saiyan power became available to him shortly after Amranth was seemingly defeated by The legendary Ice-Jin, Blizz. In his effort to win and the sheer willpower reacting to the final developed stage of super saiyan power within him, Amranth ascended to Super Saiyan 4 in a blaze of glory. His strength was so great that his brother brackai, billions of lightyears away in a seperate galaxy felt his energy and prompted a smirk from him. The power allowed Amranth to fight on par with blizz's true form for an extended period of time, showing that this state at the time was even stronger than Amranth's super saiyan god might by a considerably grand extent. This form is however greatly surpassed when Amranth obtains the ability to merge his super saiyan god powers with his basic super saiyan might. Amranth's super saiyan 4 transformation represents the completion and final evolution of his previous states of super saiyan. In this form, he demonstrates many of the signature and telltale signs of a basic super saiyan 4, having thick black outlines surround his eyes, while his hair proceeds to elongate and become more jagged, feral, and pronounced, though nowhere near increasing to a volume as great as that of his super saiyan 3 transformation. Much of his body becomes massively increased with vitality, prompting a thick layer of golden fur to grow out of his skin, leaving his head, neck, fists, feet, and much of his chest exposed, his hair taking on its most unique styling and shape yet, with two, dense sheets falling over his shoulders to form a pair of bangs at the sides of his chest.

Super Saiyan God

SSJG Amranth

Amranth's Super Saiyan God Transformation

Amranth's first super saiyan god transformation was achieved shortly after witnessing the death of his parents at the hands of general boro. Originally, this was thought due to the explosion of grief within amranth's psyche, but in truth the transformation came about due to the resonating energies with the super saiyan devil whom dwelled nearby at the time, being brackai. The power that amranth was augmented with allowed him to severely beat Boro into submission, startling the traitorous general far beyond anything he'd ever prepared for. However, before Amranth could strike the finishing blow, Brackai intervened and revealed that he was evil, proceeding to knock out Amranth in the process in his base form alone. Being his true source of power, Amranth's super saiyan god state is regarded as his single most iconic and threatening form due to the mastery has over it. By this point in time, the only difference between base form amranth and super saiyan god amranth is the power difference, having cultivated and nurtured his growing super saiyan god powers, to the point where he can now enter and control the powerful form on the same level as a saiyan whom has mastered the full power super saiyan transformation of their race, literally granting Amranth the ability to remain within the indefinitely if he desires, eliminating the danger that he might suddenly regress back into his base form. While it is unknown of Amranth has achieved the same level of skill and ability to manipulate his basic super saiyan transformation, such a propsect no longer means anything to him due to the fact the power of his super saiyan god state far surpasses any of his previous forms.

Amranth's super saiyan god transformation has seen many battles and has served as one of the most valuable aspects of his power throughout the course of his life, its level of experience and power being a result which has been produced directly from the hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours of practical, real world fighting and training which was amassed by amranth going up against and challenging the might of opponents many times more powerful, skilled and wiser than him at any given point. Of his super saiyan god transformations, it is the first one ever to be assumed in the midst of combat, and it should be noted that Amranth only ever even thinks about tapping into his super saiyan god strength after all his previous, basic super saiyan forms have either been exhausted or have proven compeltely incapable of helping him against any given opponent at a time. Then and only then will he reveal his godly transformation to his opponents, his pride as a saiyan actually preventing him from ever tapping into this power unless it is absolutely clear that he must in order to combat his opponent, that, or if his surroundings or the fate of the universe is put in danger by his the strength of the opponent which he is facing at any given time.

Super Saiyan God 2

The second stage of amranth's divine super saiyan god power, through elding his super saiyan god power with the existing super saiyan 2 power within his body, amranth was able to create an entirely new, successor state of transformation which went beyond the already enormously powerful, basic super saiyan god state of transformation, which is only natural, given amranth's supposed status as the super saiyan god of legend. This new power and secondary state of transformation was shown to grant amranth an increase in all of his conceivable stats and abilities which was so great that he commented that the previous, basic form of super saiyan god, even with all the power, skill, and experience that he had amassed during its usage, had seemed dull, weak, and powerless in comparison to the degree of strength that he was capable of tapping into upon achieving this state of super saiyan god evolution. He equated the feeling to something as though he had been asleep all his life, and entering the transformation has only served to wake him up from the haze of sleep that he had lived under his entire life up until that particular moment in time.

Super Saiyan God 3

Amranth's second most powerful state of transformation, and one of the most iconic forms at his disposal. Mixing his super saiyan god strength with the already existing power of his basic super saiyan 3 transformation has allowed him to achieve the net tate of evolution within his existence as a super saiyan god, reaching the third plateau of extraordinary power in this regard. As is with all the previous forms show thus far, Amranth's body shows all the telltale and signature features and signs of a super saiyan 3, such as the severely elongated hair which has been immensely increased in volume, and the constant frown upon his face which is caused by the thickening and jutting out of his brow, however, the bright crimson tones of the previous form still remain, and if nothing else, grow to become even more intense than anything in the previous states of amranth's super saiyan god powers, now appearing as intense is a raging inferno itself. Amranth's eyes also retain their primarily blood red/crimson coloration from the previous transformations as well. With the physical change in amranth's appearance being more singificant than the previous two, the difference in power output has become simply astounding, to the point where amranth is quite easily capable of singlehandedly challenging and overwhelming some of the most upper and dominant pantheons of gods within his corresponding universe and timeline, to the point where he may now dominate opponents whom had previously run circles around him and made a mockery of his own powers and strength, showing the difference in power which Amranth obtains upon entering this state of highly advanced super saiyan god evolution.

Super Saiyan God 4

SSJG4 Amranth

Super Saiyan God 4, Amranth's Final Form.

Amranth's single most powerful and advance dtransformation. The zenith, and culmination of all his previous powers,by fusing the extremely well developed and cultivated power of his Super Saiyan God transformation with his highly advanced Super Saiyan 4 transformation, Amranth enters a state which is far beyond that of anything he has previously shown in all possible regards and aspects. The most noticeable difference by far however is the level of power that he is granted, having "truly become a god" as stated by lord Nubis upon witnessing the power of the transformation. As such, Amranth his said to be no longer bound to the realm of what is possible within the scope of a mortal saiyan being, and as such, was shown capable of quite easily challenging the powers of a troop of gods of destruction, and even completely overpowering Nubis himself, an opponent whom was so exceedingly powerful that he had previousy dominated Amranth in any and all of his previous forms and transformations. Being the super saiyan god of legend, it is only natural that Amranth has obtained the status of the first saiyan in existence ever to become powerful enough to achieve this form, so much as that he is said to now be on the same level as the legendary Galick, the founder and ancestor of all Yasai Clan Saiyans. While in this form, Amranth's body shows all the signature features of a normal Super Saiyan 4, such as the fur coat which grows around his body and the regeneration of his tail, however, the aura and colors of The Super Saiyan god now dominate him whereas his normal Superr Saiyan 4 state would be colored the typical bright golden yellow colors. As a Super Saiyan God 4, Amranth's fur and hair all become consumed in a blinding, bright crimson glow, the exact coloration as that of the previous super saiyan god forms, while his eyes become a completely cimrons canvas. Meanwhile, amranth's outer eyes becoe lined by a thick eye-liner like shading of dark brown, something which is different from the usual super saiyan 4 transformation. At this state, Amranth's fiery super saiyan god aura reaches its most intense and concentrated state.



In order to tackle an enemy of truly godly, and seemingly infinite might and power, Amranth and Brackai set aside their differences in order to preserve the very existence in which they both dwelled, and, with the help of the red potara fusion earrings leant to them by Amranth's mentor, Shen Wu, The Heavenly Kai, the two brothers fused together into a warrior whom transcended the boundaries of everything and everyone that had been seen prior. This saiyan warrior of transcendant power, formed out of the unison and ever lasting bond between two brothers, as well as the polar opposite powers of super saiyan god and super saiyan devil achieving a state of perfect synergization with one another, allowed for the birth of Amrackai. Amrackai, the potara fusion of Amranth, is a fusion of god and devil, capable of accessing the completely unique transformation known as "Super Saiyan Nephilim", a hybrid form completely native to him which serves as the fusion transformation of both super saiyan god and super saiyan devil. Though the true extent of Amrackai's power is virtually immeasurable, he was shown powerful enough to casually challenge Future Amranth, the guardian of his universe.



  • Amaranth Plant

    Amaranth, Amranth's Namesake.

    The name "Amranth" comes from a red/pink/purple plant known as "Amaranth" which is somehow classed as a Vegetable. I wasn't aware something like this existed until after searching through various vegetable names. Of the numerous vegetables i looked through, Amaranth stood out because of the fact its color coincided with my initial concept idea for a Super Saiyan God of legendary caliber, the shape and pigment of the plant reminding me greatly of a super saiyan god, so it generally turned out to naturally be the name of this character.

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