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"Just consider hardships as another part of training and keep working hard. "

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Azazel-Hendricks Johnson


A New Challenger Arrives

Name Azazel-Hendricks Johnson
Aliases The Psychic Magician

The Fallen Angel

Gender Male Male
Height 6 feet
Weight 195 lbs
Blood Type O-
Occupation Businessman

Cross-Universal Traveler
Self-Proclaimed Devil Slayer
Commander of Earth's(Home Universe) Army
Magic Student (Nu-Del)/Skilled Mage (Non Nu-Del)

Education Highly Educated and learns at an enhanced rate. Was taught by the New Warriors, Gozed and Miriam. Lacks knowledge about Lookout culture. Complete prodigy in the culinary arts. Is in Nu-Del currently, studying Lookout Magic.
Relatives Huck Johnson(Father)

Miriam Hendricks-Johnson(Mother)

Gozed(Ancestor, Godfather, Great-Uncle)

John Maverick(Uncle, Long-lost Brother to Miriam,)

User Vegeta2314
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"The Name's Azazel, like a Fallen Angel, because I've fallen for you, an Angel."
— Azazel, meeting Kaya for the first time and flirting with her.

"Well. That's what makes me weak I guess. It takes true strength, or utter weakness to forgive. And I forgive."-Azazel, when Zion X told him to kill Luke.

"With Ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable."
— One of Azazel's favourite quotes, by the abolitionist Thomas Foxwell Buxton of his universe.

" Given enough time, atoms will arrange themselves and begin to wonder why they exist."Azazel in deep thought, unknowingly muttering the same words as his ancestor at the moment.

The Demon King of the Inferno, Azazel wields a dark twisted power while fighting for benevolent purposes. After surpassing his former demon predecessor, Azazel is the first King in demonic millenia to try to strive for peace, a belief that went abandoned many eons agoIt should be noted that he is the student of Gozed, and the direct son of one of Gozed's former students. Son of the New Warrior's Huck Johnson and the beautiful magician Miriam Hendricks, and the spawn of the former Lord of the Blaze, Zargys, Azazel has, quite the confusing and unique parentage.

Son of a member of the New Warriors and Miriam Hendricks-Johnson a powerful magician, Azazel is a commander of the Earth Army of Gozed's universe, though, he has not visited the Lookout Universe on any mission or anything of the sort. The CEO of a culinary franchise that is sweeping the planetary systems, Azazel is determined to prove to the world that demons can live among men. 


Azazel has an overwhelmingly flirtatious personality, flirting with almost every girl he meets, however he actually does want to settle down, meaning that his flirtatious personality will probably be soon focused on one individual. Azazel's personality is exactly that of his father before meeting Miriam, meaning that Azazel is basically a look into the past. Out of battle, Azazel seems quite brash and oblivious, but only because he is in a new universe basically unsupervised. A laid back kind of guy, Azazel has quite the confidence in his own abilities. 

His personality completely shifts in battle, with demonic power influencing him. He becomes extremely tactical and ruthless, though, since being a Human, the slight adaptations he has stop him from going berserk. He watches out for those he cares for/about, and will subconsciously try to keep innocent bystanders safe, completely contrasting with his normal personality as an oblivious person. The irony also lies in his will to keep bystanders safe when under the "influence." 

He is quite calculating and analytical, and in battle he might drop back a bit to analyze where exactly his enemy is coming from and any potential vulnerabilities. He does not believe in killing without a reason, but if there is a reason, say your prayers. If one were to get him angry enough, it is rumored he would enter a mode called Breakdown The Beast, though the circumstances for this are unknown. His anger can sometimes bring out demonic traits in him, though these are usually managed and kept under control.

As a leader, his prowess lies in the understanding of his allies' skills and how to effectively utilize them, often coming up with combination attacks, or non-dodge-able combos to take enemies off guard, and while his morale-inducing skills may not be up there, Azazel's knowledge of potential attack combinations and team strategies is awe-inspiring, especially when in full battle personality, with his unorthodox strategies alone summoning courage, using this to great effect with the more allies and analysis time allowed. If he was to be affiliated with a military thinking style, it would have to be Greek, choosing to develop a powerful strategy and effective tactics, believing that cunning and artifice were often more effective than military might.

Being from another multiverse, Azazel's attitude towards the humans of the Lookout Earth, is, complicated, to say in the least. While he is able to feel compassion for those humans, he also shows a level of disassociation with humanity, often mentioning that he is not an Earthling when extra-dimensional invaders or aliens address him. Despite the fact that he usually does not need to eat, one would find his eating habits quite the opposite of abstemious, eating large volumes of food for the taste, evidenced when he ate the entire pizza when offered just one slice by Jericho after a friendly spar.

His personal morale is intimidating, and should someone do something to see the full force of his confidence, one should hope they can handle it, at times bypassing morality to do whatever it takes to get something done, though, with the Crew, he finds that hard to do. He usually resists most forms of "temptation" seen when he refused to kill Luke when Zion X tried to bend Azazel to his will, Azazel even saying why he doesn't kill him.

In this state, the line between friend and foe is blurred, and he will attack anything or anyone who stands in his way. He will still retain his past memories however, which may make him restrain himself, but the adrenaline and determination fueling him will still cause him to attack should they try to stop him from doing whatever he has to do.

In reality, Azazel is still too uncomfortable to take on his full demonic appearance, finding Kaya's lack of concern as to her form as an inspiration.


Azazel generally has raven-black combed over hair, with some of his hair covering his eyes, usually leaving one very dark green eye showing. He is said to be, by the women of his universe, very handsome, and has a tempting, charismatic air around him. He wears a black jacket, with a red armband adorned with a golden insignia, and has white insignia to the right on his lower abdomen. He sometimes leaves the jacket opened to display his body, and wears a black pair of jeans that covers and fits him semi-tightly. These jeans are actually extremely flexible and durable, with this being extended to every part of his attire. Azazel also has dark jet-black wings that he can produce from his back at any second.

His clothes are made to be temperature resistant, due to the general temperature of lightning and hellfire so he doesn't just go naked mid-battle.

When in battle, violent, periodic bursts of demonic hellfire surge within him and are expelled, though just around him. These new blasts of hellfire are generally non-harmful, though they can cause slight burns to those he is unfamiliar with. Lightning usually sparks in between his black wings violently.

Ever since his demonic ascension, Azazel now wears a dark-purple fur coat, wearing it open to reveal a white undershirt covering the rest of his muscled body. Changing his hairstyle and even it's colour to a spiker faded light blue style, Azazel's two bangs over his face fit next to his eyes. His eye colour the same as his surprisingly smooth hair, that can suddenly become rigid mid-fight, Azazel's gaze usually has quite the charm to it. Having created his current clothing out of energy-matter's condensation/solidification property, it retains the power of Azazel's old clothing.

Background and History

Early Life

After the defeat of the Universal Supersystem, Gozed decided to pay the Lookout Universe a visit, only to find that everything in the universe had become far more peaceful and that any threats were far less powerful and less grand in scale. Due to time flowing slower in Gozed's universe than in the Lookout Universe, the years Gozed spent in the Lookout Universe were mere days.

Gozed decided to create a new pocket universe through a combination of his abilities for himself and others to wait to regain the height of their powers after the Great Hokai and train to increase their techniques, abilities and powers. Although the threat of the system had ended, The New Warriors along with Gozed decided to train humanity to defend themselves against the forces of N.E.M.E.S.I.S, who had returned to this dimension but was weakened by a vastly more powerful Gozed.

Among all the chaos the species generally unaffected was humanity, who, after the Great Hokai, began to train in attempt to match the other powerful alien races that shared the universe with them, notably the Saiyans, Namekians, Maijins and their fellow humans, The New Warriors.

Before the birth of Azazel, Huck Johnson had fallen in love with a woman named Miriam since they were both children,with Miriam being his childhood sweetheart. However, when Huck eventually moved to join the New Warriors, they were tearfully separated.

Azazel's parents would meet again, though this time, as fully grown adults, being very powerful in their own respective ways, both not even believing that the other had become so strong. They would eventually fall in love again, after the events of the defeat of Ninthalor . However, between then and the Last, evil in the universe grew stronger, and Miriam wanted a way to keep up. Thus she made a contract she would regret for the rest of her life, with the extra-dimensional entity with a demonic visage, Zargys, Lord of the Blaze. Zargys  would give her an increase in magical power, in exchange for tainting the womb. Since the entity's power over the Earth realm was waning due to internal matters between demons, Zargys needed something or someone with power similar enough to his own to create chaos and discord.

After an argument, Huck found out and they went back to seal the demon in the Moon, severing the possibility of Zargys taking his part of the contract. They would then settle down back for their honeymoon, during which Miriam became pregnant.   As nothing more than a fetus, Azazel was subjected to vast levels of magical energy and magical power, immense amounts of Psionic Ki, and waves of energy constantly emitted (purposefully) by an insanely powerful being known as the God of Space and Time, Gozed. His body absorbed these energies granting him an immense resistance to magic, but above all else, his entire genetic code was rewritten, giving him a unique adaptive potential.

When born, Azazel had dark black wings that would come out when startled, and when he threw a tantrum, a small amount of hellfire erupted from his body, which usually calmed him down when he looked at the fire because, well, he was a baby. Though the doctor had a heart attack when he got the hang of his wings and started flying around the room, Huck and Miriam could not have been more proud, and due to the black wings and demonic influence on his birth, they named their son after a Fallen Angel, Azazel.

The son of a New Warrior, Huck Johnson, and Miriam, a powerful magician who would aid the New Warriors in their own inter-universal conflicts, Azazel Hendricks-Johnson was brought up under martial arts and meditation, and was trained by both his father and his so-called uncle, John Maverick.He enjoyed periodic visits from the being Gozed and enjoyed playing with him, with Gozed adopting the role of his surrogate grandfather. He was often given sweets and toys that didn't even exist in his universe by Gozed when he visited, strengthening the bond between them the point they were practically family, apart from the fact that all humans were his descendants.

However, one fateful night at four years old, young Azazel's home was attacked by an evil robotic hulking mass of technology. N.E.M.E.S.I.S. However this being had not come to terrorize the Earth or attack the New Warriors like he usually would. In fact he was here to kill, something or someone that would become a serious threat to him in the future. And that being, was none other than Azazel.

Teleporting into young Azazel's room, he stalked the boy as he suddenly awoke and ran back into a corner. All of a sudden, a dark demonic-robotic voice sounded from a red glowing mouthpiece on the intimidating robot's hull, saying, "Hello, young one. I am a being known as N.E.M.E.S.I.S. In the future you become very powerful. Strong enough to rival me. And I cannot let that happen. Ever since the Great Hokai, my power along with everyone else has been retconned. But I must maintain the power scale. Azazel Hendricks-Johnson, I apologize. But, you will have to die."


Silence prevailed.

The machine would raise its hands, going to chop the boy on the head to death, but preparing to do it very slowly, savoring the death of one of it's biggest rivals. Azazel covered his eyes and got into an armadillo position, scared at the creepy robot monster. As N.E.M.E.S.I.S' hand was brought down, in a chopping motion, Azazel felt something flow out of him. It felt like, a part of him. It felt like, POWER.

In the brief moment N.E.M.E.S.I.S attempted to hit him, Azazel would hit him with a practically invisible blast of energy in self-defense. "Ara ara, seems like I've accidentally awakened my rival from his slumber. Nevertheless, you still lack experience. You will die here, Azazel." However, the robot did not prepare for the possibility of this. Huck Johnson, sensing Psionic Ki, knew it could have only been his son and for his son to awaken this, he had to be in danger.

In a split second, Huck Johnson in all his glory, stepped forth, filled with pure unbridled rage, his Psionic Ki taking on the attributes of Fire and Lightning, crackling and sparking all around him. In an instant later, there was a hand through the robotic drone's chest, penetrating it. "Don't you ever dare lay your hands on my son again. i can't believe my Master hasn't gotten rid of you as yet.

The entity seemed to smirk and say, "Huck Johnson of Earth and Member of the New Warriors, do you want to know why the one you know as Gozed hasn't gotten rid of me. It is because I serve a higher purpose, one that no matter how your cognitive processes are mere mortals can never hope to attain this understanding. Except your son here, in the future. He will become extremely powerful in the future, just you wait. And when he's ready, I'll be right here." The drone's last words were "Quantum Immutability." before falling limp, deactivated.

His mother would enter the room and give him a big hug. "Sochii, you were so brave today." However both she and Huck knew they were no longer safe here, especially considering Azazel's awakening of Psionic Ki.

Azazel, The Birth of the Psychic Magician

Seeing that there were no longer safe there, Azazel and his family immediately moved out to the Planet Bardock, a planet directly under the control of Gozed and his Saiyan Army, and was in fact, their base world. Azazel would be trained by these Saiyans to increase his power from the time he became eight years old, becoming very powerful for his age.

One day, as a response to the unexpected attack of the being known as N.E.M.E.S.I.S, the New Warriors began a sponsored wide-scale training program, with Azazel learning from his father and teammates. Apart from traditional education that was supplemented by mind upload software, there was also Ki School, Fight School and Magic School. Although Azazel excelled in all three, the school he had unparalleled mastery of was the Magic School, earning the title, "The Magician" from his uncle and father. His uncle was the main instructor for the physical conditioning of the young boy, showing no mercy or special treatment to the child despite Azazel being his nephew.

John's training was extremely brutal, often having his nephew take a good beating. However, this was only for one reason. John saw, an adaptive capability in Azazel, unparalleled by all he has ever seen so far. It was that on one fateful day, the boy would start to heal and regenerate from John's punishment. This would be continued for the rest of his life, giving him a powerful healing factor.

Azazel also gained various other adaptations, even from training from his own father and mother's training and abilities. Here it was revealed that Azazel, had not just inherited his father's powers, but inherited both his father and mother's power, along with a unique adaptive ability they were not sure of.

Eventually Azazel became strong enough to become a command a division of Earth's all new Special Task Force specially created to put an end to the threat of the incessant forces of the evil robotic entity known as N.E.M.E.S.I.S. It would be at this age that Azazel developed such hobbies as writing and coding. Gozed had Azazel practice his public speaking skills and he was trained to cook in the army as part of survivalist training. Azazel's reputation as a cook went far and wide, and his fellow soldiers would call him a "culinary doctor." and his abilities as a leader were honed, in addition to his creative skills being extremely developed. 

The Awakening

Two years after Azazel became a leader of Earth's Special Task Force, Azazel returned to Earth to visit his parents. Meeting his parents and his extended family, which included a Cosmic Being responsible for the creation of humanity and it's continued protection, Azazel was on the streets walking by when a meteor suddenly crashed and hit the ground, sending Azazel flying back. When he regained consciousness, he found himself strapped down to a table, being experimented on by a weird alien races that called themselves the Wyorians. They revealed to the captured Azazel that they were once allies of the Tuffle and were able to steal some Saiyan DNA. They converted it somehow into a liquid, drinkable, digestible state and said they were going to grant him a gift. After that, he was knocked unconscious again. He awoke on a random street on Earth with a device that gave him a portal to the Lookout Universe when he wished to enter and the Saiyan DNA. After a complete scan by Gozed, it was reveled that the genetic experimentation forever altered Azazel's genetic structure, removing the "unnecessary" parts of the human genome that would be replaced by the infusion of the Saiyan DNA. With the Saiyan DNA, becoming a Super Saiyan was a possibility and he also had the unique abilities of Saiyans, such as their Zenkai and advanced senses, along with their higher affinity to Ki manipulation relative to Humans.

Ingesting the Saiyan DNA, Azazel merged with the Saiyan he never knew he was. Gozed, being very knowledgeable of the race's weaknesses, began to teach him exactly how to remove these weaknesses. He learnt how to get rid of his tail's weakness, how to maintain control of the Great Ape Form and keep it through sheer willpower even if his tail was cut off, and the legend of the Super Saiyan. While at the age of twenty, he could not achieve it just yet, in spars against his father he often managed to bring out the False Super Saiyan State, eventually exerting full control over the state, in a sense achieving the Full Power False Super Saiyan. 

Going for a further inspection into his genome, Azazel would be told something. He was never just an ordinary human. The various supernatural energies present at his birth had completely mutated him, granting him the ability to gain new, well , abilities if experiencing something multiple times. Azazel, was now humanity's first mutant.

Azazel's Introduction into the Lookout Universe

Since he was a young boy Azazel had tales, legends and rumors of the Lookout Crew and their legendary adventures. Deciding to figure out what the Lookout Universe was like, Azazel decided to teleport in, although he would never expect to meet the Lookout Crew. Or, should I say, the "Neo Lookout Crew."

Not being told how to use his inter-dimensional transporter, Azazel literally pressed every button on the console. Azazel would see all forms of incomprehensible concepts and alternate dimensions before falling from the sky, and landing on the Lookout. Sensing two powerful people fighting, Azazel decided to stroll right in next to where two people with lower  power levels at the moment: Gaven , and Jericho , in their base on the  Lookout. Azazel would inquire about the Lookout when Neki came in, and upon getting answers, leaped off the Lookout.

Landing with great force on the surface of the Earth on some random street in Supreme City, Azazel obliviously upturned a large amount of cars and sent people flying. He walked past American Booty 's car, who just so happened to be on the same road, who in a sense admonished him for the car incident. Azazel was just about to use the bag he would subsequently tell Kaya to hold for a while, to heal the injured but a random space-ship came out of nowhere. 

After investigating the space-ship, Azazel would eventually go back to "introduce" himself, (flirt) and asked if she has an apartment he could stay at, to which she did. Vanishing into the apartment, Azazel put his head down for a good night's rest that he didn't even need, considering it was still day time.

Meeting Zion and Luke

A few days later, Azazel was just randomly sitting on top of a building's roof, chilling and getting some fresh air (more light energy than air itself), planning to explore the City later. Azazel would instantly locate something entering this atmosphere, and found this object to be quite interesting. Knowing where the person/alien, clearly humanoid by their nervous system was by detecting their unfamiliar bio-electricity, Azazel would be on his way there. A large beam of light hit the ground and left a golden flame, causing a few casualties. 

Azazel, not wanting to seem rude to the newcomer, originally said nothing, not knowing if this was some form of interplanetary greeting that people of this universe do, in fact, he admitted to liking the flame. Having a chat with Zion (Zion asked him for leads on the crew), the military would eventually come to attack him, to which, while Azazel replied passively and dodged bullets, Zion basically blew up all their forces.

Luke would come running and originally ask if Azazel was the one to do it, and was originally convinced and believed that Azazel wasn't the one who did it. They would have a bit of small talk, with Luke asking him is origins and was surprised when he told him he came from another universe. The city would then attempt to defend against Zion to which he responded by catching the nuclear missile and then asking Luke and Azazel to follow him. Though Azazel originally didn't want to, he came before Zion got too angry because he was curious.

Upon reaching their destination, Luke made a comment on the fact that Zion was an alien to which he raged angrily and then forced the two of them (Luke and Azazel) to fight Tufflemen. Though the Tufflemen were defeated quite easily originally by Azazel and Luke, Zion would command the Tufflemen to merge, before he himself merged with them. Azazel would try contacting Luke telepathically to ask to fight him, but eventually would debut his soon to be favourite ground attack: The Fist of Havoc, defeating the creature on his lonesome, though Zion managed to slip out before the destruction.

Zion punched Azazel in the gut and attempted to knee him in the face, to which Azazel seemingly vanished, He also tried to manipulate to turn him against Luke for his inaction, but Azazel would not kill Luke, claiming that there was strength in the art of forgiveness, and that forgiveness and naivety are not the same thing. Sadly, his inspirational one-liner didn't work on Zion, who claimed he would wipe him out with the rest of "his" race.

Zion fired an energy blast at the two, to which Azazel responded by grabbing Luke and teleporting out of there. Noticing that Luke spoke of the crew as if he was a part of it, Azazel asked him how to join,and after figuring out decided that he would need time, before giving his name. Zion heard Azazel's name while flying away. Azazel would vanish back into his apartment, while Luke flew back home. 

Lying down, Azazel suddenly got a hallucination for a split-second, a hallucination that would prove very...interesting in the future.

Fight with Jericho

On January 29, 1500, Azazel had left the apartment wondering what was going on the Lookout. Jericho was on the lookout, as usual. He was watering plants and tending to the garden of the lookout (which Popo had tended to, centuries ago). Azazel had detected Jericho's energy signature, and so, went to meet him. Jericho had briefly remembered Azazel from a few weeks ago, and asked his name. They both introduced themselves and Jericho offered Azazel some beef jerky, which he ate. Azazel noticed that Jericho had grown the plants on the lookout garden in protective domes, since it was January. Jericho was bored, so he asked Azazel for a spar, which he agreed to.

Jericho took Azazel to Training Room 1, where they would fight. In an intense battle, Jericho pushed Azazel to transform into a Full Power False Super Saiyan and Azazel pushed Jericho to numerous, upon numerous power ups. They fought evenly, but both of them got injured. Azazel's eyes would flash red and burn throughout the fight. Jericho was burned from Azazel's hellfire. Jericho's Solar Flare basically revitalized Azazel. Azazel reverted after Jericho said they should call the fight even. Wanting something to eat, Jericho opened the portal and they both went back to the lookout, leaving Training Room 1.

Jericho put on a new outfit, his old one having been tattered, and Azazel healed his burns. Azazel finally got Jericho to tell him something was wrong with his eye. His eye was an unnatural dark red. They both sat down to eat a pizza, but Azazel ate most of it. Azazel was not hungry, as he didn't feel hunger, but he ate it for pleasure. He was kept sustained by the sun, because photosynthesis was his nature.

Jericho offered for Azazel to join the crew. Azazel had already met Luke and Kaya, but was not sure about joining so soon. He left the lookout, saying he'd see Jericho later. When he went back home, his dark red eyes shifted into red and black eyes before reverting fully into his normal eyes. The dreams had began again.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gaven\Demonic Meditation

On January 30, 1500, while Jericho and Gaven were training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Azazel instead opted to start attaining control over his hellfire. With his hellfire growing stronger slowly, he came up with new ways to utilize his hellfire, creating ramps and projecting fire to the side to propel himself forward. In fact he got so skillful, that he could breathe hellfire. It made him wonder, if these were the results of external training, what would be the results of internal training.

Azazel would meditate for an entire day, eventually feeling his core. It was surrounded by fire and lightning, his very essence for now, but he could feel other aspects dormant. Azazel pulls forth his fire and lightning, slowly. Then forcefully. And then, it happened.

On January 31, 1500, Azazel had awakened the power-up known as Radiance, and though not completely aware, the power-up known as Stormtrance. Azazel would try it out for a while, before powering down and returning to his base.

Initiation into the Nu-Del University of Arcane Arts

Not much longer after achieving Radiance, Azazel found out about the Nu-Del University of Arcane Arts. Finding the prospect of additional learning interesting, Azazel decided to sign himself up with the following information:

  • Name - Azazel Hendricks Johnson
  • Birth - Unexpressable due to a space-time continuum anomaly that I refuse to go further into explanation about.

  • Family - Huck Johnson (Father), Miriam Hendricks- Johnson(Mother) though I doubt records will be found of her anywhere in universal history, John Maverick (Uncle/Godfather). Has another connection that will not be mentioned, as even giving these records is stretching it.

  • Special locations - Supreme City Apartments

  • Experience with Magic- Is skilled in shapeshifting, intangiblity, blasts of magical energy, and air/water walking/running. Though not exactly magic, can utilize hellfire. My magical knowledge is not of this...errm...realm.

  • Fighting experience overall - Skilled in Ki of a "special" orientation, swordsmanship, elemental manipulation to a limited extent, has fought many powerful beings, was in simulations, and was trained by his parents/uncle/great-uncle, and a ton of martial arts.

  • Wants to learn - I would like to learn the magic of this..errrm...realm. The areas that I wish to study are in my following sentences. The properties of hellfire to a greater extent than what I know, more versatile spells than my limited arsenal, increasing my magical control and potency allowing for advanced applications, and magic based elemental manipulation. Most notably, the infusion of my blade with magic and studies on demonic language, literature, hierarchy and their powers. I have also heard of your "types" of magic that intrigue me greatly. If you can teach clones, not necessarily tangible, that can transmit knowledge when dispelled, that would be useful for my current education goals.

  • What you already know - The aforementioned "special" Ki, Magic, Swordsmanship-Shieldwork, Martial Arts, Innate Weapon Skill, Elemental Manipulation but non-magical elements, psychic abilities

  • How long I want to be in the college - Not sure. Whenever I am satisfied.

  • Extra Information- Is resistant to magic and is also prone to bursts of hellfire/lightning when frustrated, angry, or in battle. Is extremely hardworking and prodigious on the subject of training. I know I have many requests, but my requests only exist to display my interests in the field you teach. Is extremely.. "adaptable".

He was accepted the same night. Walking around the University after been accepted in, a mysterious man warped in front of him, and asked if he saw any glowing orbs of light, to which Azazel replied with a no. Azazel then asked him the name of the spell he used and after learning the name, was told to tell no-one about 'orbs of light' in the University. Azazel simply decided to go ahead and continue studying.

Tuffle Crusades Arc

On February 1, 1500, Azazel was the first to react to the Tuffle Invasion, seeing the ships first as he was in Supreme City. Azazel instantly teleported there, even sensing their construction. Jericho arrived to fight  invaders from Pluto, along with Azazel. Leohart also joined in, as they fought the Tuffles in Central City. Some Earth soldiers had been possessed. Jericho defeated most of the Tuffles, before taking on Haw'k, whom he and Azazel damaged greatly. Haw'k retreated after E'loak appeared. E'loak decided to give them a chance to leave, as he was stronger than Haw'k. However, Azazel and then Jericho questioned his motives. The Tuffles, whose prince Azazel deduced correctly was Zion X, wanted to annex Earth as an outpost as it was closer to another target. Azazel had known this due to his past run-in with the Wyorians actually.This was all E'loak would say of the plan. E'loak left in a ship, wanting to find Earth's leader. He had thought that Central City was the capital (which was only the capital centuries ago).

Jericho and Azazel went to Supreme City, as it could have been where the leader was. The last president of Earth Jericho remembered was Cedric Horace (whom he didn't know was Hanna Rune's predecessor, as he had spent much time in the Wild West, not knowledgeable on the outside world). They eventually met with President Rune after telling the guards and officials of Central City about the emergency. Jericho was smitten with Rune after seeing her, but he explained everything that was happening. Azazel would telepathically tease Jericho, but he was largely ignored. Jericho then carried Rune, as he and Azazel made their way, flying to E'loak's ship. E'loak was standing there floating, and they all talked. Moros and Arkonai appeared, Jericho introducing Azazel and Rune, but there was no more time to lose. The negotiation with E'loak (or Loaky as Arkonai called him) failed, and missiles would destroy the planet in 2 days. Loaky disappeared. Jericho took Rune back to the palace, and everyone followed.

Prince Zion barged into the palace, demanding to know where the president was. Jericho introduced her to him, and tried to calm him down. Zion, not wanting Earth blown up (he wanted to conquer it instead) offered to help them. However, everyone argued. The Kuzlings showed up, having not been on Earth in centuries. Immortal, they learned of KJ's death. The Kuzlings said Prince Zion looked strong, and offered to fight him.

Their top priority being to find the missiles of the Tuffles, they needed a spaceship to go near Pluto. The Kuzlings made a spaceship appear and they all got in it, flying off and looking for the missiles, but President Rune was left on Earth for safety. Luke, Jericho, Arkonai, and Azazel were in the ship with the Kuzlings and Zion. They found out the best way to get rid of a missile would be to go into one, to disarm it.

Inside of a missile, it was flashing red and alarms were going off. An illusion happened, the insides becoming a plain where there were wolves. They defeated the wolves but had to go to a lever somewhere in the illusion world, which was in the plains. Suddenly, they ended up in a kids room and were attacked by giant children. The lever was the light switch. They managed to use their strength to flick the giant light switch, and the dimension changed to a forest, where they were separated.

Jericho, Azazel, and Luke tracked down noises to a yellow tiger like creature with a lever in its mouth. The creature ran from them, and disappeared when they caught it. Five more creatures appeared, each with a lever in its mouth. Jericho and Azazel tried getting their levers, but nothing happened. Then, a mammoth version of the creatures appeared, and pounced on Jericho. Jericho pushed its lever, but nothing happened, and Luke stabbed the creatures head. Jericho killed the creature with a Supergun blast down its throat, while Luke slashed at its legs. However, they hadn't got the right one yet. A baby creature appeared, and Jericho pushed its lever.

The illusion changed, but the baby creature stayed, as it was somehow real. It laid up against Jericho's leg, and hid behind him when Zion suggested they kill it. Jericho reasoned that they shouldn't kill it, as it was not producing any more illusions. The creature, strangely no longer had a lever in its mouth. Jericho, Azazel, Zion, and Luke went to the control room. Zion typed in controls in some Tuffle tech. He told everyone to look away, so Jericho looked away. Azazel and Luke asked why. Annoyed, Zion instead liquefied himself and went into the systems. He got out of the systems and reverted to normal, saying they should leave as it would blow up any minute. Zion jumped out and flew through space, then Azazel jumped out. Jericho grabbed the baby creature and escaped, along with Luke where Jerico would he realize he could breathe in space since his body was sustained by Ki.

There were 6 more missiles, accompanied by a giant Tuffle ship. Everyone was picked up by a tractor beam and sucked in, ending up in a room. It was a quarantine room. A voice spoke through the ship, saying they were glad Prince Zion had captured the Earthlings responsible for the missile deconstruction. Zion told them it was a plan and to go along with it. He told them to go the engine room, so they went to the engine room, while he wandered off. Jericho and Azazel worked in the engine room, shoveling plutonium, as they were bossed around by the Head Tuffle (who looked like Baby). A fight broke out between two Tuffles, and everyone was beaten and tazed, then went back to work.

Haw'k walked in and saw Jericho, Azazel, and Luke. Disgusted by the Earthlings, he ordered for them to be bagged. They were hit with bags that covered their faces, knocked out, and woke up in a pit.

On February 2, 1500, they were put in a pit with bulky Martians, and surrounded by a cheering crowd. Jericho and Azazel fought the Martians in a gladiator like tournament, easily defeating them. The baby tiger creature from earlier was in the pit with Jericho and Azazel, and had been bagged along with them earlier. Haw'k entered the arena, and was fought by Jericho, Azazel, and Luke. Haw'k could not defeat Jericho, and powered up, enraged. The arena burst into space, and E'loak stopped Haw'k. Haw'k was impaled from behind by Zion's foot, and "died". He then took his foot out of his corpse and was fought by E'loak, who attacked not just Zion, but everyone else.

E'loak destroyed the arena with a full power energy wave. They were fighting in space, and when Jericho was not breathing oxygen, his body ran on ki, so he put on an oxygen mask. He wore the oxygen mask so that his body wouldn't be drained of his ki. He used his Beacon of Destruction attack on E'loak as the tiger creature mauled him. E'loak, damaged, revealed that Zion had disabled 5 of the 6 remaining missiles. They tried reasoning with E'loak, to get him to stop the missile, but it didn't work. Zion left Jericho and Azazel, saying that Earth was done for.

Jericho and Azazel teleported to Earth, trying to stop the missile. The sky was orange as the missile approached. Azazel fired off a massive mana ball filled with Lightning and Jericho unleashed Beacon of Destruction x10 on the missile,  However, it did not hold off the missile. Jericho created a barrier to hold it off, desperately, but it broke through. As it was approaching, Jericho was about to unleash a desperate attack, but it stopped suddenly. Azazel would go on to reabsorb the ball to replenish his reserves. An old man had appeared in front of it with his hand out and had stopped it. It was Bano, the Tuffle King. E'loak arrived, with Haw'k, who was alive again. Many Tuffle soldiers flooded out of the missile, attacking Earth. Jericho and Azazel fought them off.

E'loak turned against Bano, wanting to be the new Tuffle ruler. He charged Bano, but was stopped by Zion X, who had arrived on Earth. Zion fought Haw'k, while Bano fought E'loak. Tuffle troops began retreating as Jericho and Azazel slew many of them, and the tiger creature from earlier mauled through lines of them. Jericho then decided he would call the tiger creature "Maul". E'loak defeated Bano, then he and Haw'k both fought Zion. Zion was seemingly killed by a blast, then Jericho, Azazel, and Maul fought E'loak and Haw'k. At Zion's death, Jericho went into an uncontrollable rage, his eyes flashing red and his strength and speed higher than before and Azazel instinctively activated Radiance, the energy levels of Jericho and himself constantly increasing, while his physical attributes were augmented. Jericho fought against E'loak while Azazel fought Haw'k. Azazel killed Haw'k by slamming a mana ball of hellfire into his chest, eviscerating him.

Jericho grabbed onto E'loak, trying to crush him, while powering up to boost his strength. E'loak's armor was crushed, and he launched a shockwave, sending Jericho off of him. He shed his damaged armor, leaving only his helmet. Jericho used his Beacon of Destruction x10 on E'loak, causing a huge explosion. While they were fighting, Tuffle ships began heading back to Pluto. However, E'loak began to use his powers to move Earth, making space be seen from the surface. He used his powers to move the earth, with everyone still on it. Azazel tried to move it back, but managed to stop it. Rocks and dust rose into the air and began to swirl around the atmosphere, forming a giant orb. Jericho and Azazel tried to attack the levitating E'loak, but he had a barrier that stopped them. E'loak transformed into his ultimate form, his helmet ripping off as he grew horns. His power increased and he had no face, just a mouth.

Jericho and Azazel lent their energy to Bano, who was still alive, to do his Spirit Dragon Fist attack. He used the attack to destroy E'loak, but boulders rained down on Earth. Jericho and Azazel stopped the boulders. Bano moved the Earth back to its original place using telekinesis. Azazel asked Bano for training, and Bano gave him a business card, then vanished. Zion had actually survived E'loak's blast and had sacrificed himself for Bano to destroy E'loak with Spirit Dragon Fist. After Bano had vanished, Zion closed his eyes, ascending to the Spirit World (he had been hit with the Spirit Dragon Fist). Everything was over.

Culinary Medicine

Azazel was going home from Nu-Del University and decided to stop at a restaurant. Pulling in a deep breath, Azazel looks around and sees Gaven performing since he was playing at the band. Waiting for him to come off the stage, Azazel greets him with a yo.

Gaven offers Azazel an opportunity to train, where they went to Central Park where they trained. The events for the fight took them to the lake in the city, where Gaven practically rode a whale possessing electric immunity that housed Jonah, that nearly burned to death when Azazel retaliated with an enhanced Demonic Expellarum in Radiance, after Gaven blasted him with Starlight Cannon.

At this moment, Azazel decided he needed a day job.

Returning back to the restaurant, Azazel shape-shifts, asks Gaven where he could find the ingredients under his disguise, and takes the things he needs for the construction of his business. He also got the timber required to build his restaurant from scratch and builds it extremely quickly.

Azazel starts cooking, and immediately tons of homeless people line up. The first homeless man, Dirt, decided to work for Azazel, but subsequently decided to leave when Azazel told him he had to bathe. Surprisingly, none of the dirt went over to anything he cleaned.

Azazel chased the homeless people away since they started a fight, as they argued for random things. Gaven showed up, and Azazel gave him a milkshake that was completely exotic, and managed to wear him out at first.

Suddenly Dirt returned because of a lack of healthcare in the East, and the business started booming again. Dirt brought in his friends: Digger, Fry, Dirtboy and Mofo Johnson, giving them new employees. People started piling up, at which point Dirt's ex-girlfriend would appear just to insult Dirt, something that was clearly unwanted by Azazel. Azazel asked Gaven to perform, and the ban pulled in from nowhere. Azazel then figured out the name of his restaurant, "Culinary Medicine" as an allusion to his tile as a "Culinary Doctor", back on his Earth.

Night came, at which point he shook hands and paid his employees, before promising Gaven that food would be on the house for a day. They all leave, at which point Azazel is left alone. He builds a makeshift bed, and sleeps.

Rise of Zargys, Lord of the Blaze


On March 17, 1500, Azazel, sleeping in the Culinary Medicine, has a dream that his entire restaurant and the people inside are burning with hellfire. The hellfire suddenly intensifies, and has a tinge of blue and orange, specifically not the type of hell based flame Azazel produces. Azazel attempts to stop the flame, but starts burning himself. He suddenly awakens to find himself burning down his entire bed. Azazel walks straight past Dirt in the restaurant and suddenly feels a ball of hellfire landing in a city and causing massive explosion, eviscerating the area, and headed there. Shinrou Asura was the first to actually see the ball and flew over there, his Majin symbol shining a dark red.

Jericho was on the lookout, playing his harmonica. For the past month, Jericho had been doing random missions for Agents of Justice, making money. Gaven sometimes assisted him on missions. On that day, Jericho was minding his own business until he talked to Neki, who had come to the lookout. However, everything was interrupted when the sky darkened and a fire was spreading through Earth.

Azazel sensed Gaven nearby and asked him to follow him to the area. Jericho flew over to a damaged area, investigating, and Neki followed him there. They met with Azazel and Gaven, who had also come there to see what was happening. A presence had been sensed across the Earth, and a powerful one. The Earth began to shake. A green patch materialized in the sky and a dark ominous voice boomed from it, talking. Fire was covering many parts of the Earth, and the voice told everyone not to try to put out the fire. A figure with an entire army of creatures emerged from the patch. The figure whose voice had been heard, claimed to be the "technical father" of Jericho's ally. The mysterious figure knew the names of every Neo Lookout Crew member, revealing himself as watching even the adventures of The Lookout Crew during the Last and observing the births of most of the Neo Lookout Crew members.

The mysterious figure revealed he was a demon king called Zargys, and he was "Lord of The Blaze". Zargys had come to reclaim Earth, and take Azazel with him, who was his son. Azazel said he regretted coming to Earth, knowing his presence could endanger it. Jericho confronted Zargys, but Zargys ordered his men to surround him. Jericho blasted Zargys' soldiers with his Supergun, but he was hit on the neck by a lieutenant and stunned. He was sent crashing and nearly hit the ground, but regained control of himself. Jericho tried to attack the henchmen with a Supergun blast again, but Zargys had set up a shield which blocked the attack. Aika had appeared and was with the Crew as well, so was Auron Jet. They were all sent flying by a blast Zargys had sent at them, and were sent into the forest outside of Supreme City. On his command, Zargys summoned three headed beasts with six eyes to face them. As Aika had retaliated with a blast of heat capable of vaporizing mountains, The Hordes of Zargys were now prime to face the Neo Lookout Crew. The Hordes screamed in excitement and revealed their fangs at the blast.

Part 1

Following the attack that was started, the Hordes of Zargys started attacking not only the city, but the Neo Lookout Crew themselves. Jericho would attempt to hold them of several times by using his Supergun, though the Hordes were smart and maneuvered themselves well enough to get into melee combat with Jericho. Jericho would attempt to utilize physical combat to fight off the Hordes, only to be surprised when the Hordesman simply cloned himself and continued attacking.

Azazel would later show up to warn Jericho that physical attacks were ineffective against these beasts, before blasting him with a tremendous blast of raw magical energy. Azazel started running on air to produce a vantage point for further a strategic analysis, and dropped down for the creation of a new team combo. Jericho had shot balls of lightning at the Hordes, and Azazel temporarily dropped himself into a ball, absorbed it's power, and replicated it, using mana to massively amplify not only the strength, but the size of it. Azazel then incorporated it into one, massive Fist of Havoc, calling it the Lightning Bomb. Jericho and Azazel met Leohart , in another part of the city, helping him fight.

The sheer power of the attack, when combined with Jericho's own Beacon of Destruction x10, became strong enough to produce a noticeable dent in the seemingly limitless number of Hordesmen. And although Leohart's own aid was assisting them tremendously (he was amplified by One Man Army). 

Leohart used several powerful attacks, such as the Dance of the Fallen Angel, which proved effective until the Hordes realized they could just switch to blasting. However, Leohart switched to another element, which absorbed nearby energy. He utilized a soul incineration attack, but since the Hordes were soulless, nothing happened to the Hordesman except the fact that he suddenly got empowered.

They all realized that they could only stop the hordes if they destroyed the core, which was causing them to repeatedly spawn (Azazel learned of the core by understanding the demon language). Azazel was surprised when Leohart revealed he could understand demons. Azazel entered Radiance and started flying extremely quickly through the group, pummeling through the demons. Azazel's eyes started to twitch, and he noticed the world slowing around him. Leohart manages to fly past him with his amplifications from his One Man Army ability. carving a path for Azazel, who, full of competition, bypassed his nervous system, vanishing and reappearing behind the entire Horde. However, instead, there was a massive dark green sphere (the sphere that summoned the Hordes) that flickered in and out of existence, which enabled Azazel to attack the sphere.

Azazel temporarily managed to combine hellfire and lightning into one massive localized Fist of Havoc, Jericho used a Beacon of Destruction x10 attack, Leohart managed to combine all 6 elements into one attack with strain and Luke used a multi-slash sword attack on the sphere. The core's destruction killed all except one Hordesman, and sent out a massive shockwave. The Hordesman was spared so that Azazel could interrogate him later. Much of the planet had gone back to normal, except for the winds, after the core was destroyed.

After defeating the Hordes and destroying the core, they all went to Culinary Medicine, the restaurant owned by Azazel. It was Azazel's birthday, so he wanted to celebrate.

An Encounter with Votek! 

On April 16, 1500, Votek was inside the Lookout's Temple, reading and gathering information from an old torn book. Azazel leaves the Culinary Medicine to visit the Lookout, where he would immediately sense Votek's signature.  Votek walks slowly out the Temple as Azazel arrives, ready to defend himself. Azazel, battle-ready, already had his hands on Raikiri, asking the strange person for their identity.

Though there was a slight, misunderstanding about the order in which names were to be given, with Votek, who was to go first, not even giving a name, Azazel introduced himself as a person this universe doesn't even have records of anyways. Azazel sniffed the air, being accustomed to the smell of Saiyan pheromones, hormones and biological constituents after being around them for so long, detecting that Votek was indeed Saiyan. Making a deal, Azazel asked that if a good spar was given, Votek would give him his actual name.

The spar begun, with a surge of lightning covering Azazel's body, with Azazel disappearing in the flash. Reappearing above Votek, Azazel bounced off the air and struck downwards aerially. Votek barely noticed, side-stepping and returning to his defensive stance, before Azazel used his downwards momentum to spin around with a ball of lightning-infused mana in his hand, scratching him in his side. Azazel, knowing that Votek was hiding the ability to go Super Saiyan, questioned him about his transformation. Azazel suddenly switched to his battle appearance.

Azazel mutters some incomprehensible words, before a large mass of tendrils materialize itself underneath Votek, aiming to trap and poison him, but Votek uses a Kiai to get rid of the tendrils and flies up, only to see Azazel has disappeared again. Azazel appears above Votek, standing on the air upside-down above him. Votek fires off an explosive wave, hitting Azazel. However, as the smoke clears, a voice can be heard coming from behind Votek. "That was close. Good thing I learned that duplicate spell from Nu-Del."

Votek spins around upon hearing that, only to have to attempt to catch the blade as Azazel, enngulfed in lightning, thrusts his blade at Votek at immense speed. As Votek stays unmoving in a defensive position, Azazel smirks, as the blade begins to darken. A black flame erupts from the blade, as Votek is quickly forced to dodge, getting his shoulder burned by hellfire. Votek grabs onto the sword, the lightning and hellfire accumulating on his hand, stopping the sword from moving, before he makes a remark, "So, nice sword. Where can I get myself one?"

Azazel's smirk grows even larger, as to Votek's surprise, Azazel releases the blade. Nigh-instantaneously, a powerful magnetic field erupts from the blade, blowing Votek back and burrowing the blade into the ground. Drawing the blade to himself telekinetically, Azazel gets on guard. Votek flies up, suddenly releasing an endless volley of energy blasts, before Azazel uses a powerful kiai, and then defends with the Aegis. Votek suddenly materializes at the side of Azazel, and punches him. As Azazel is hit, the Lightning from his aura's voltage, which has increased tremendously burns and electrocutes Votek, causing him to reappear and stumble.

Votek goes Super Saiyan, and sends a Kiai at Azazel, sending him flying, with Azazel powering-up to Stormtrance all along, as the sky darkens and thunderclouds begin to form spontaneously, with clouds even strangely manifesting in space. Azazel enters the state just in time to evade the full force of a massive Kamehameha unleashed by Votek, his speed being massively augmented. Azazel releases telepathic static into Votek's brain, making it hard for him to think as he fires a ki wave at Azazel, who counters with a massive ball of lightning. Condensing lightning into an offensive armour, Azazel uses the Heavy Armour of the Thunder Emperor. Azazel fires a blast of lightning at Votek, who dodges, but notices that the bolt was never meant to hit him, and flew back around to strike Azazel, who ate it. 

Azazel's arm is glowing with electrical power, before Azazel, in a show of unmatched grace and serenity, comes down upon Votek like a graceful electrifying swan of death, utilizing the Fist of Havoc to hit the entire Lookout, detaining Votek even if he had tried to get away due to the mere shockwaves generated by the release of such high levels of electricity. Votek falls to the ground in pain, his Super Saiyan Aura dissipating.

Azazel picks him up with telekinesis, before Votek, managing to recover, uses Solar Flare. Azazel's photosynthesis trait kicks in, as he regains a bit of energy/power from the technique. Before he could react, however,  Azazel was hit by Votek;s shockwave fist, blowing him through the Lookout and towards the ground. Azazel waited for Votek's final, strongest punch, before releasing the Lightning on his body. Azazel increases the burning strength of the hellfire in Votek's system remotely, weakening him faster.

However, the use of the enhanced hellfire triggered Azazel's demonic ki, and while originallly struggling to control it as it was awakened subconciously, utilized it in battle against Votek, causing nearby humans to flee in terror, pass out in fear, or become paralyzed by the horrific nightmares that flash before their eyes. Votek is subjected to the visions of his past and re-enters Super Saiyan. The power of the hellfire keeps increasing, as Votek, in an effort to end the fight, attacks Azazel with a shockwave fist, taking the damage of a Hellfire-Kiai. However, as Azazel is known for, under stress, Azazel's hellfire and lightning temporarily fuses, as the power of a Hellfire-enhanced Localized Fist of Havoc awakens in Azazel's arms.

Votek is hit and sent flying back through the Lookout, as Azazel rushes him with a barrage of punches and kicks. Votek fights them off before releasing a Kamehameha at Azazel, who mentions the words, Demonia Expellarum in return. They both get sent flying back from the attacks, but Azazel is able to stand on a tree. Votek, however, stands up slowly, wiping dirt off of his outfit. Azazel drops a weird smoke into the air, as Votek passes out. Azazel treats Votek's hellfire burns, before giving him a drop of blood to help him heal. He did not, however, bestow any form of healing factor,

Azazel, taking him back to the Lookout, flew off to space to get his photosynthesis trait working at maximum efficiency, revitalizing him. Planning to induct Votek into the New Saiyan Democracy later on, Azazel let him be, considering he was destined to take control of the civilization eventually, besides the fact that he was thankful for the spar. Detecting that he had awoken, Azazel took a deep breath, taking in the full radiance of the stars and celestial bodies. Tomorrow would be a long day back at the Culinary Medicine.


Azazel, travelling further away from the cities, sat down in the middle of an undeveloped area. Azazel's eyes opened, seeing a barely teenaged girl, with grey-white flowing hair extended down her back and a well-developed figure. Her eyes pierced his very soul, as they met his own, as the cold shiver of memory jolted into Azazel's brain as a familiar figure, no, a repressed memory came alive before him.

His Demonic Ki, it was drawn out to the level that he could find the souls of the ones he thought about. But, why her. He stretched his arm out to touch her, and as if surprised that he could see her, she stepped back in shock. "L-Liara." Tears of lightning and fire fall from Azazel's eyes as he sobs. The only reason he could possibly see her here was because she was dead. Azazel continued looking at her, as she flicked her hair around, encircling him as she moved as a spirit.

Azazel called out for her, before she turned around, looking Azazel dead in the eye with a playful grin. "See you Azzy. Stay safe," and with a shudder that could have resounded through the barriers that bridged the corporeal and non-corporeal realm, "Don't be afraid to move on. I, know you cared."  Detecting her moving into the astral plane, Azazel fell limp as he watched her fade away, dematerializing.

That was the worst way to start the day. Finding it hard to believe and wondering why he wasn't told, Azazel mourns in grief and rage, his Demonic Ki flaring out wildly and rapidly, before he is knocked out cold by his ancestor. Gozed then goes on to apologize to him, as the girl died because of her parents abusing her after she mentioned that she wanted to marry Azazel. Gozed couldn't stop them, as he was running errands in another multiverse, and though Azazel forgave him when he reawoken, he was still somewhat depressed.

He remembered what she had told him. It was, alright to move on. She just, wanted him happy. From that day forward, Azazel decided to invest into his own happiness on behalf of Liara's wish from beyond the grave. Azazel is no longer bothered, and if you so much as mention the name Liara around him, he will simply give a very uncharacteristically warm smile.

Lookout Tournament

The Lookout Tournament is a small tournament hosted by Zion X as a "training exercise", but was secretly used to tell everyone's powers apart. The tournament consists of no big crowd. It was the first tournament of Lookout II RP. It took place 27 April 1500. Azazel fought against several of the Earth's strongest defenders, and members of the team that would eventually become known as the Neo Lookout Crew. Azazel, entering this Tournament, fought against Gaven first, defeating him with a powerful Fist of Havoc, combining it with hellfire to a small extent. Azazel quickly healed Gaven and let him rest in the crowd.

Azazel observed the other fights, with Votek in the crowd telling Azazel that he would fight him again, to which Azazel was somewhat indifferent, but encouraged him like a friend. He moved on to fighting Arkonai, who decided that he could not go on further. Azazel and Arkonai's abilities were the direct opposites of each other, as hellfire clashed against his Ice, Lightning against his Storm, Speed against his Strength. However, Azazel's stamina allowed him to gain the temporary advantage, before Arkonai forfeited.

Azazel fought off against Moros in the next round, his opponent having unique abilities, but eventually he managed to break through these defences. However, Aza's greatest challenge this far was Leohart, with it seeming to be a stalemate at this point in base. At Leohart's request, Aza reveals his unique variation of Full Power False Super Saiyan. The two finalists duke it out, but they eventually reach the same point in their forms. Due to Leohart being a bit bored, he forfeited, Azazel looking on at him in disbelief.


Only rules consist of: No ring outs, must be within 100 meters of Lookout. No Killing.

Round 1

  • Votek vs Riku (Votek Wins)
  • Leohart vs Zion X (Leohart Wins)
  • Arkonai vs Azazel (Azazel Wins)
  • Moros vs Aika (Moros Wins)
  • Leohart vs Votek (Leohart Wins)
  • Azazel vs Moros (Azazel Wins)
  • Leohart vs. Azazel(Azazel Wins)

United Arc

Part I - Amoku

8 May 1500 - Arkonai, Jericho, Gaven, Neki, Leohart, Azazel and Yamato were on the Lookout chilling around. Gaven was tuning the radio when he heard on the radio that there were riots in Supreme City, and violent protests. Gaven went down there to check it out, and Jericho went with him. Everyone followed. The protests were happening because Earth's government was taking too long to rescue Brother Martin, who had been captured. People distrusted the government. The ePalace, where the President of Earth Hanna Rune resided was surrounded by protesters.

Meanwhile, Votek arrived on the Lookout while everyone was there. He noticed a strange tall green robed alien creature landing and walking into the Lookout. He questioned the creature, who said it was the maid doing cleaning on the lookout. In reality, the creature was lying and was stealing the Dragon Balls. Votek confronted the creature as Jericho and Gaven then returned to the lookout to assess the situation, after sensing some power. Yamato and Azazel landed on the lookout to see what was going on as well. Neki was there as well, and caught a dragon ball after Votek snatched it from the creature.



The creature was called Amoku, and he wanted to steal the dragon balls for his father. Everyone fought Amoku, who had a rubber like body and could use spikes to deflect attacks. During the battle, the dragon balls fell off of the lookout. Amoku chased after them. Jericho grabbed one and Leohart grabbed another, while Amoku captured the others. Amoku and everyone fought in mid air, above Supreme City. Riots were happening down below. The battle was eventually taken to the city, where buildings were smashed through. Jericho fought Amoku in his Devil Bison form, actually able to seriously damage him. However, eventually, Amoku vanished. He did not use ki and could not be sensed, so he could not be tracked...

President Rune was abducted, carried away by guards into a strange spaceship. Everyone was distracted by this, until Amoku appeared again, slamming into the Earth at millions of miles per hour with his Groundbreaker technique.. This caused earthquakes all over, and mass destruction. Amoku made a hole 5000 feet into the Earth, and Jericho followed him down there. He went into Amoku's nostril, going into his body and attacking his organs. First, he blasted Amoku's intestines. This caused him to spit and poop toxic blood, which got on everyone. His liver was also destroyed by Jericho, causing him to be severely weakened. This gave an advantage to everyone on the outside, who were fighting him. Jericho found the dragon balls in Amoku's body, which were protected by metal casing and spikes. Spikes in Amoku's body attacked Jericho, and held off Neki's Kamehameha from the outside. However, the Kamehameha was effective and eroded the metal casing of the dragon balls. Jericho snatched the five dragon balls with ki hands. Gaven hit the weakened Amoku in the head with a power pole, making him go brain dead. Jericho flew out of his ear with the five dragon balls, as Amoku was destroyed by heat from near the earth's core, as well as a Kamehameha.

The battle at the earth's core caused lava to spurt into SC, which was in ruins. Earth was now under martial law, and everyone had escaped from the core after Amoku's destruction. Now that they all had the seven dragon balls, Jericho and Gaven put them in a sack.


Supreme City

The protesters from before were still there but were avoiding pools of lava in SC. Jericho went with Gaven to check on Nanny Kana, Gaven's orphanage mother. A masked man dropped his kids off at the orphanage, asking if Jericho could bring them to safety. Jericho promised to bring Christian and Madeline, the children of the masked man, as well as Nanny Kana and the orphans, to a safe location. He teleported to the wilderness of Mount Paozu where there was a small village and a small apartment complex. Jericho talked to the landlords wife, as the landlord was very drunk at the time. The landlords wife got rooms for Christian, Madeline, the orphans, and Nanny Kana after Jericho paid. Jericho and Gaven left, leaving them in safety. Jericho and Gaven stayed underground that night in the Agents of Justice HQ while everyone else was off training elsewhere. Antilles to keep all seven dragon balls hidden in a pocket dimension where they wouldn't be picked up by a radar.

Shortly after Amoku was defeated, Thomas Dysley and his assistant immediately made their way to the Epalace and announced to the public that they would be taking control, with promise of economic recovery and prosperity. The public have decided to take their chances and see how things turn out.

From here to part three, Azazel was training, re-emerging when Yamato took him out of the Energy Harvester. 

Part 3 - Kyrr & Naablu


Torin's space car

2 June - Everyone arrived at Torin's apartment to find he was in a parking underlot, dimly lit, working and engineering a car behind a large tarp, his 'garage', with parts everywhere. He was working one of his many spaceships. Neki brought a bag of senzu beans and Yamato showed up. Everyone gathered and Torin said he needed some diesel. Zion headed into the city to a gas station, where he was subdued by KU guards, and ended up getting in a giant inner city fight. Everyone else did too. A KuzDonalds was destroyed and it rained hamburgers for hours. After they were destroyed, Torin used the diesel and everyone got in the car, then blasted off out of Earth, destination: Base C-093. In space, everyone ate fast food, before the car was attacked by KU ships. The car deployed rockets, and Yamato helped destroy them. Torin activated stealth. They soon entered C-093's atmosphere, where they encountered the Royal Forces. Everyone got out of the car and fought them, hopping from ship to ship and countering meteors andm missiles. Gaven broke his arm and was almost killed after being outnumbered, but Torin saved him in his car, and they then headed into C-093. Everyone followed suit.


Base C-093

C-093 was a very icy planet with temperatures of -5000 degrees F (directly opposite of Zares). They landed outside its main city, an icy utopia, infiltrated by KU. They took down soldiers, Torin joining them in giant armor (his only way to help). They interrogated soldiers to find where Kyrr was but none obliged--then they noticed a massive palace in the middle of the city. Jericho went into his Devil Bison form and tried to tear through it but it wouldn't. The palace then suddenly tore off from ground and blasted into space--towards Earth. Everyone, in surprise, then saw under it there was a large road to a large door; an undergrond bunker. They broke through it into large torch-lit halls. East, North, West. Neki and Gaven took east, Zion and Ron took north, and Torin and Jericho took west. North, Zion and Ron came across a dead end, soon discovered to be a giant room full of vicious wolves that attacked them. The wolves then left the room and chased everyone else, before being 'put down'. The floor fell out and a massive serpent shot out and almost ate Zion, shooting into space. Zion and Ron soon found themselves in a large room with everyone else suddenly, one with a throne. A masked figure came out from behind a throne, revealing himself as Lord Kyrr.


Lord Kyrr

Meanwhile on Earth, the massive ice palace landed in Central City, and soldiers ran out infiltrating it, led by Kyrr's son, Naablu. He took over Earth. Deep in the C-093 bunker, Lord Kyrr discussed Kastair United and his leadership. Then, suddenly, he came out with behind his throne with a familiar hostage--Naomi. He held a knife to her neck and threatened everyone if they moved. Zion taunted him to kill her, as she was interfering in the group's affairs. He then showed them President Hanna Rune from Earth, in a cage. He kidnapped both of them a day prior, and was now using them as hostages threatening to kill them. Neki encouraged everyone to move in quickly, and doing so, Kyrr gutted Naomi. After some fighting, he took Naomi and Rune in his arms and retreated down a secret path, then hoping onto a ship waiting for him, then headed to Earth.


Everyone chased him before being tricked by an illusion, and teleported to a random planet, where they freefalled thousands of feet. Torin soon landed, and got everyone to his car ship he had waiting again, and they immediately headed for Earth. Meanwhile, Kyrr arrived outside of Earth and was prepared to destroy it with a Supernova, as it was giving him too much trouble. Everyone confronted him, immediately engaging in combat. Kyrr was successful in evading most things. Naablu threw skyscrapers into space to distract the fighters. Kyrr soon went down into Earth, where he performed fusion with Naablu, becoming...Nakyrr. Nakyrr took everyone on easily. Neki used an Ultimate Rasenshuriken on him, but he evaded, and it destroyed front of the ePalace. Suddenly, the serpent from earlier shot into Earth's atmosphere, Zion ready to kill it, but it landed in the ocean outside SC, its home (it also must've been kidnapped for whatever reason). Neki brought Naomi and Rune (imprisoned on Kyrr's ship) to Nikdia to be healed and dressed.

After intense fighting, Ronwell, angered by Naomi's falling victim, unleashed his true power and transformed into a Super Saiyan 3. Everyone took this as a message saying to use their final attacks. Ron released a True Kamehameha, Zion entered his Dragon Form, Azazel activated Flame Cloak, Gaven used Starlight Cannon and Nexus Eye, and Jericho used Beacon of Destruction x10. Nakyrr took it all, but became overwhelmed, and attempted to escape Earth in his ship. He trailed the entire solar system, being chased by a massive power beam. He landed on Pluto, thinking it was uninhabited, but it actually was home to the Tuffle Kingdom, and Zion was a native. Zion was there and stopped him. Nakyrr prepared to leave, but was immediately hit and incinerated to death by everyone's attacks all the way from Earth, thus ending the leadership of KU. His mask was dropped on the ground, with Ron picking it up for study. Everyone reunited on Earth. Rune, Naomi, and Martin were all successfully saved. They planned to have a recognition and celebration in 2 days.


President Rune

4 June - A massive recognition ceremony was held in front of the ePalace, which was under construction. Martin, Ron, Zion, Gaven, Jericho, Azazel, and Yamato were all recipients of the Blue Star Medal, the highest award on Earth. Gaven requested 3 extra, for Torin, Neki, and Vergil Redgrave, who could not attend (Neki was busy and Torin didn't attend public events, he watched from his apartment). Dex was rewarded a Green Star Medal for helping early on. Jericho asked if he could be Rune's honorary bodyguard, and she accepted. Everyone then went to celebrate at Culinary Medicine, Azazel's resturaunt. Gaven brought Torin's to him, then performed with Unity (whom Yamato offered to promote them multiplanetarily). After the celebration, Jericho restored the Lookout. Everyone then lived peacefully, with the fighters now knowing each other well.

Revenge of the Keepers

Part 1

The date was June 15, 1500...

After an incident where the Keepers of the Oasis, whom revealed their organization name, attacked at the local SC library, Gaven met with Jericho on the lookout. Yamato, Luke Oersted, and Zion X were also there, as well as Azazel. On the news, Lusha Talbot was explaining strange events such as a ritual circle of black cloaked men in the sky. It was the Keepers! Vibrations happened across the Earth and the TV went to static.

Everyone followed to the ritual circle and when they got there, Jericho noticed Kolt was missing and sensed a low power. It was Kolt! He caught Kolt, who was falling. The Keepers had ganged up on him and drained his energy when he tried to fight them. Pierre-René Dupont appeared in his copter and took Kolt to safety while everyone else fought the Keepers. After the Keepers were defeated, Jericho spared one whom he interrogated. A beam of light appeared and the Keeper said that if he wanted to know the truth, he should follow the light. He then vanished. Everyone followed the light, which led to a wasteland. In the wasteland was a cloaked man who was far stronger than the Keepers, who greeted him. He taunted Jericho and called him by his real name, Ben Brookes, also calling him "Benny boy." The man also revealed who Jericho's identity was, then revealed his own identity. The man was Jeb Dunham, who had recently been resurrected.

Jeb fought Jericho and his friends, after sucker punching him and blasting him across the ground. Jericho, Gaven, Zion, Yamato, Azazel, and Luke all fought against Jeb. Everyone had been able to land at least a few hits on Jeb, which did affect him. However, Jeb created a sandstorm and manipulated sand gusts to cut everyone. In the sandstorm, Jeb hid his power level. Luke created his Specium Suit to guard himself from the sandstorm. Yamato sensed Jeb's emotions and guided them northwards through the storm. When Jeb transformed, the storm stopped. In his second form, he overpowered them all until Jericho became a Devil Bison and pinned him down with his horns. Pinned down, everyone's attacks hit Jeb and he reverted to his normal form. He had lost much of his energy and was rapidly aging as he needed more energy. His hair became white and he shriveled up. Jericho killed him by disintegrating him. However, black goo was left behind.

They agreed that the black goo should be analyzed and that it wasn't over as there were still other Keepers out there. They could find clues as to where the Keepers were hiding and what their plans were.

Part 2

Soon after the fight with Jeb Dunham...

Kolt met up with everyone in the desert, having recovered. Jericho, Gaven, Azazel, Yamato, Zion X, and Neki decided to go to the Agents of Justice HQ (along with Kolt). They wanted to have the mysterious goo analyzed.

In the HQ, they came across a bridge after taking the elevator below. On the bridge, the gates opened and they met Antilles face to face. Jericho explained everything and handed the goo over to Antilles. However, Antilles suddenly impaled Jericho with a laser like sword. He revealed that they were foolish for trusting him and that he had been a sleeper agent for the Keepers of the Oasis, the whole time, and had worked with Kastair United. He let Brother Martin go because he wanted to build up trust and to cover up the truth of his intentions. He had also handed the dragon balls over to Kastair United, which was in ruins, but they would use the dragon balls once they were able to.

Jericho transformed into a Devil Bison, regenerating from being impaled. He, along with the others, fought against Antilles. They used some of their notable moves in the fight like Neki's Final Flash and Gaven's Flame Fingers. Other Agents of Justice members, who had gone rogue, helped in the fight but were killed. Antilles eventually created a forcefield that repelled attacks and consumed a special serum while in the forcefield. There was an explosion and the bridge was destroyed, they all fell and flew.

They could no longer sense Antilles, but then he reappeared in the form of a black goo monster. He had transformed and trapped everyone except for Azazel and Yamato in black goo. Azazel and Yamato eventually freed them and they defeated Antilles in a beam clash after powering up and using their combined blasts.

Jericho reverted to his base form and had a breakdown after Antilles was killed, as he thought he had been a friend. He had trusted him, but he was a traitor. Gaven comforted him and calmed him down, then they agreed to go look for records in the HQ that would trace the whereabouts of the Keepers of the Oasis. It still wasn't over...

Part 3

On June 26, 1500, Jericho discovered records. Neki was in the HQ with him, and Gaven also came there to check up on him, as well as Zion. He discovered from Antilles records that Lucius Nash, the mayor of Reno, had cooperated with Kastair United and Antilles. He gave information he had about Jericho to Antilles. Jericho also discovered from records that he was really the host of a demon called Turkun, whom Kastair United had tried to capture and had fought with. This is why he was the natural enemy of Kastair United as well as Antilles and Nash. A figure appeared who introduced himself as Roddy, a descendant ofTommy, one of the Lookout Crew members. They talked for a while and Roddy said that he was a friend of Ron. Kolt took a crow that had a letter to Ron, at Roddy's request, while everyone (except for Roddy) decided to head to Reno. Ron sent the crow, Itachi, to help the crew at Reno. Kolt and Itachi headed to Reno, where the others already were.

Jericho, Neki, Gaven, Zion, Kolt, and Itachi were ambushed by some Keepers in Reno. Azazel appeared and joined in the fight as well, singing while hitting Keepers. When he used lightning, his earpiece was fried. There were seventeen Keepers after a while of fighting, but it all came down to two after Neki and Azazel killed two of the remaining four. Neki finished them off with a Final Kamehameha after powering up as a Super Saiyan.

They barged into the mayors house after Jericho killed the new sheriff with one punch. The sheriff was a normal Human and the only guard that Lucius Nash had left after the Keepers were killed. Lucius was having some fun with prostitutes when they barged in. Jericho fired a hole into a wall with a gun, startling Lucius. The prostitutes fled. Lucius pulled his pants up and he was interrogated. He refused to tell them where the Keepers of the Oasis were until Jericho threatened to shoot him in the crotch. Then Lucius began to talk.

He revealed that the lair of the Keepers was underground Supreme City. When threatened further, he said that the leader of the Keepers was none other than Lusha Talbot, head of the EDI! He was about to take a cyanide pill since he had betrayed KU, but his hand was blasted off by Jericho before he could. When they had gotten enough information and Jericho sensed it was the truth, they were about to leave when Lucius shot him. Jericho deflected the gun blast, it disintegrating Lucius. Jericho told Lucius to rest in shit, then Gaven put Lucius' ashes in a trash can.

They went to Supreme City, finding a speech by Hanna Rune happening. In the palace, they saw Lusha. Time stopped for everyone who wasn't Lusha or the crew. Lusha threatened them saying that if they made another move, Rune would die. She attempted to use a memory eraser but Kolt destroyed it with an eye beam. Neki and the others were trapped in goo, when Neki tried to move. Rune was shot in the stomach and time resumed. Keepers who had appeared changed into guards, and people were panicking.Zion appeared and freed the others from the goo. Lusha blamed the attempted assassination on the crew and opened a portal. Gaven tried healing Rune and then everyone else followed the escaping Lusha into a portal when the crew was about to attack her. In the portal, they fought off Keepers.

Part 3.5

They all arrived underground, in the lair of the Keepers of the Oasis. The Keepers were guarding the dragon balls which were stone and temporarily useless. A portal had opened up in the lair, it was the Oasis. The Oasis was what the Keepers used to resurrect people more powerful than ever. Lusha, the leader of the Keepers, became intangible and concentrated power while everyone took care of the Keepers. Eventually, Jericho, Zion X, Kolt, Azazel,Itachi, and Gaven fought creatures called Ultramen after defeating the Keepers. The Ultramen were black slime creatures from the Oasis, who kept coming at them. They were from the Realm of Rebirth, which had spawned the resurrected Jeb Dunham. They managed to destroy the Oasis with their strongest blasts after holding off the Ultramen the moment they spawned. The explosion from destroying the Oasis destroyed the lair, there was no ceiling anymore.

They got up from rubble and were attacked by Lusha. Lusha transformed, powering up with the black goo and shot a death ball like attack at them which they all had to counter or they were history. Eventually, Ron arrived and distracted Lusha, punching her. Gaven's lassoes also distracted her. Her blast was held back against her and she lost momentum, being destroyed!

Jericho found the four, three, and two star dragon balls in the rubble. He took them back to the lookout. Kolt and Gaven found the other dragon balls.

LCup! Lookout 1500!

The Unholy Crusades: Self-Realization of The Demon King's Husk

Over the four years the NLC went on their seperate ways, Azazel finally pursued the demon that he considered responsible for ruining his life and the life of his mother. Directly following up the Part 1 of the Rise of Zargys Arc, a wary Azazel started to feel more of an urge to finally defeat Zargys, wishing to stop Zargys' plans. More to TBA

Expansion of The Business

Meeting a Cyborg, Kobi Ryutaru

Confessions and Revelations

On the unaturally cool summer's day of April 24th 1504, a tall muscular young man in a dark violet leather jacket with a fur colour and a white V-neck underneath was heading to the dorm room of a shapeshifting extraterrestrial princess, having a sinister tint to his aura. The funny thing is, he wasn't even trying to emnate this sinister tint, actually being in a kinder mood than usual.

Who were these two individuals you may ask? Well, they were none other than Azazel, the youngest Demon King to ever walk the Earth, descendant of a Cosmic Being and the eventual heir to all things demonic and Kaya’Nor’Zoriya’Bis’Nel, the princess of the To'Lor System, student of Melusines, a being outside of space and time, respectively. Azazel would walk to the dorm room and knock on the light blue door, waiting for an answer before his supernatural sense of hearing and smell would quickly pick up on the movement of two persons down the nearby hallway, the voices of one aforementioned woman and her teacher as clear as day for him. Intrigued as to what they could possibly be talking about, Azazel intuitively was able to put two and two together when he heard Melusines tell her, "So Aza still hasn't told you yet?". This being the entire reason he came here, Azazel sighed and confronted them, where he would meet them face to face. Taking note of Kaya's relatively over exuberant greeting, your boy Aza could have already noticed that something was wrong. Himself of course. Azazel could already picture how strange demons would be for aliens in general, much less the fact that he never told her he was one, much less a Prince of Demons and now a King. Manning up, he would have to make everything right.

Jokingly telling Kaya's master that he needs to be more aware of his surroundings, Azazel knew that this meeting wouldn't be ordinary when no-one else but the equivalent of Melusines' best pal randomly showed up to scold him for talking to his elders like that. Trying


Additional Non-Trivia Information

Non-Combat Occupations

It should be noted that not only does Azazel have an absurd learning rate, but he is in a rare group of people who are both child prodigies and multipotentialites. Therefore Azazel is in a rare position to do multiple things instead of specializing like most people. A notable example of a multipotentialite is Leonardo DaVinci.

Entrepreneur/ Chef

In February 1500, not that long before his birthday, Azazel started his own restaurant as thriving business known as Culinary Medicine. As a businessman, Azazel’s mind is quickly able to produce numerous plans for the expansion of his business, and wastes no time in the renovation and implementation of new policies. Whenever Azazel has the time, he is constantly observing and learning about the customers of his business, adapting and changing according to their reviews, and keeping whatever really sells.

However, what is more notable is that Azazel as a chef is completely exceptional in the field of cooking, even in his local universe. Azazel was a unique child prodigy, and his field was not in the traditional fields of prodigality:  art, music or mathematics. Instead, Azazel found himself in the kitchen at five years old, and unlike whatever was ever known to be the confinements of the toddler's psychology, Azazel cut and marinated meat like a professional, after fiddling around like any other child would to find a way to reach the stove when his parents left him at home alone. Literally starting to cook when he could barely walk, his mother and father nearly fainted on the spot when they saw him throw in oil. The field of his prodigious skill goes beyond current scientific explanation, Azazel just straight up cooking as soon as he had the opportunity.

In the military, His epithet was Culinary Doctor, which is exactly what he has based the restaurant’s name off of, and his skill in the field to anybody in the Lookout Multiverse, thanks to his cooking originating from an entirely different multiverse, is practically even further up at the top of the ladder. His culinary skills are extremely frightening to competing chefs. Despite physical evidence of his expertise does not exist on this Earth, when Azazel is in the kitchen, there is nothing that can take away from the fact that he is a masterful chef, making foods that most would simply hate just by its appearance suddenly become mouth-watering.

Azazel’s emotions while making his food can have an effect on the eater. When he is fine, the food retains its exceptional taste. When happy, it inexplicably tastes better. When sad, the food can drive those who eat it to tears of joy. When angry, the food becomes more peppery. When disgusted, the food tastes almost exactly as if he is fine. In love, the food can potentially make people a bit flirty. His skill allows him to check his food quite easily and more in depth than most for any contaminants, despite the fact that their senses may be on par with his own. While he was a soldier, he was required to teach other members how to cook, and his squad completely loved him when he rose to become a commander for his cooking skills. His squad literally reported it as torture when he would refuse to cook for them and provide them with ration instead, members allegedly even having withdrawal effects, and the army would use his cooking to test someone's sense of taste.

His precision in the kitchen is eerily spot-on, cutting and preparing his food as close to perfect as superhumanly possible. His love for food and ravenous appetite despite him not even usually needing to eat is an extension of his own desire to create the perfect dish, being an extreme perfectionist. However, he does not extend his food fanaticism directly into his personality, and is usually himself in the kitchen, even referring to it as his second home.

Should one attempt to disrupt the activities of his restaurant when Azazel is an extremely bad mood, Azazel is known for giving food with a slow-acting chemical high in serotonin directly at his unruly customers. He has a specific recipe for drawing out serotonin, and puts it to use, quickly ending any unnecessary fights between his customers at the slightest taste. At most, he would perform acupuncture with chemically infused food, making him the King of Food Fights. As a commander, culinary indiscipline by those under his command was punished by having food thrown and penetrating their skin enough to cause extremely sharp pain but no serious injury, with food bouncing off of each other to get even the most trained soldier caught off-guard.

Having served in the military, Azazel has exceptional skill in the art of assassination through food, capable of blending ingredients so well he can hide poison even for those with an enhanced sense of smell. He has had practice killing through food, and can sedate through the aroma of his food should the situation ever need it.

Azazel has also been taught in various styles of cooking from throughout history by Gozed, who, though admittedly is not as good a chef as Azazel is, possesses the knowledge of all of a universe's history in and of itself, and even knows styles of cooking that would exist in the future in his universe, increasing the capabilities of his culinary skill to produce completely new tastes to even higher, incomprehensible levels.

Azazel has thought several times about writing a blog and writing cookbooks, but has not started as yet. Should Azazel get a bit, carnal, he can even influence his food with oxytocin generating properties, with the trigger for such an emission being his own body/body odour of course. He has usually never had a reason to use this.

Over the timeskip, Azazel's culinary skills and success would increase exponentially, turning the Culnary Medicine into a business that went accross the world, having set-up buildings for people to enjoy his food from no matter where it is, increasing it's availibity and thus receiving an influx of customers. Actively participating in the fight against Earthly hunger, Azazel is a man who has created several feeding programmes for the disable, needy and less fortunate, becoming a popular figure in the eyes of Earth's people. In fac, Azazel


Azazel, King of The Demons, CEO and founder of the Culinary Medicine, recipient of the Blue Star Medal, the founder of Legacy, member of The Neo Lookout Crew, honourary member of the Vitellian Royal Family, student at Nu-Del University, and a humanitarian individual when he's in the mood, has acquired quite the reputation in the three years since he arrived on Earth. Starting off as a man who had to rent an apartment and had no currency that could work on Earth,  in addition to practically no previous backstory, Azazel decided to fight alongside the members of what would become The Neo Lookout Crew. Starting his own business would form the stepping stones to what he would eventually accomplish and become, the young man's aspirations being incapable of being held back. Azazel got the idea for starting his restaurant upon walking into a cafe and tasting the coffee. Azazel knew almost instantly.

"Food on this world must really be terrible compared to what I can do. The consistency of this beverage,is just....blegh."

Easily a universal class chef, Azazel established a restaurant which has failed to produce even one disatisfied customer since being founded, with even foods that would be generally inedible to his customers becoming edible, and preparing foods in a manner that fails to trigger allergies. Having a standard of nutrition rivaling Senzu and even Yoku beans, Azazel's food is said to last a person days on end if he so wishes. Having being praised highly by even Gods and Earth's first President and last King, KJ, the reputation Azazel holds as a chef and businessman go beyond what most can boast. Befriending other important people to Earth's society, such as Gaven, a chief player in Earth's musical revolution and member of Unity, and Jericho, a man who is the honourary bodyguard of her excellency Madame Rune, Azazel's fame is almost celebrity level. Having increased the scope of his restaurant to an availability that stretches across the globe, Azazel is a successful business tycoon, and is able to speak in practically any business language, national or international. Being praised by the Vitellian King and even the President herself for his ceaseless endeavours in combatting galactic hunger.

In addition, having aided in defeating Kalstair United, Azazel received the highest award for saving the planet, Azazel's status to the eyes of the common man being even more elevated than it usually would have been. In addition, Azazel has been known to befriend the royalty and nobility of even the most far-fetching of the universe's extraterrestrials, excluding his own supernatural origins. Having a unique dynamic with Leohart, Prince of Cecleron, being a former student of the King of Pluto, Bano, acquaintances with the King of Nkidia, Neki, and having small feelings for and being close friends with a social activist like Kaya, student of his master's friend, Azazel is quite known across the galaxy. He is also an honourary member of the Vitellian Royal Family, almost passively giving him a sense of, diplomatic immunity.

However, on an even wider scope, the Demon King has access to all demonic forces and power, giving him a widely renowned and feared name in the Inferno, Hell's more vicious, savage and destructive counterpart, the birthing place of every and all demons before they go off. However, being a sympathetic King, the forces of Hell and the Inferno have been actually pacified somewhat, though they are still often to cause for much mischief that goes on in the world. Having dominion over Mammon, Azazel's wealth naturally skyrockets almost passively, with demonic power even contributing to his reputation. Having ascended through the ranks of Nu-Del's University of Magic relatively quickly, staying longer to hone the basics taught on each level, Azazel has gained a beneficial aid in some of the people of the University.

In the end, when all is said and done, Azazel is an outstanding figure, something hardly told to a demon.

Powers and Abilities 

The Mutated Husk of The Sympathetic King

Mutant Condition: Due to the circumstances of his birth, Azazel has gained a malleable condition that allows him to completely adapt to almost any given situation if experienced too often. It also gives him vast reserves of all forms of his energies and even those he doesn't know how to use(those that are explicitly his, through inheritance or training, not just a random godmod for every energy ever. There are some of his he doesn't yet know how to utilize.). In addition, his DNA cannot be stolen in any way, only added to and the reason for this is unknown and perhaps unexplainable, even by the people in his own universe. This mutated DNA is intended to make Azazel the ultimate weapon. It is unknown if he can adapt to death, considering death is a state and is usually only experienced once, so immortality is considered out of the question for now.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Azazel can regenerate not just his cellular tissues, but also his DNA, undoing genetic mutations and breakdown, as well as maintaining one's youth by extending telomeres. However he is not able to undo his mutation for some reason. Minor to moderate wounds heal basically instantaneously, while internal organs and limbs can also be regenerated. In addition, Azazel cannot die from blood loss as a result of this factor. With nerve regeneration, Azazel is practically immune to all forms of nerve-based influence, if he wasn't already with his nervous-system bypassing. He is considered to be a walking theriac.

Eternal Youth: Azazel's regeneration has reached so far that cellular senescence is effectively halted, making him permanently in his prime, and rendering aging based powers useless.
Disease Immunity: Azazel's regenerative capabilities grant him the ability to recover, regenerate from, and get rid of any disease faster than it can even get on him.
Immense Poison/Toxin Resistance: Azazel's regenerative capabilities also come with an inherently faster metabolism, in addition to being able to regenerate the damage from such drugs, toxins or poisons making him extremely resistant to them. In fact, considering there is not much danger for him by applying poison in battle, one should hope that he does not adapt somehow and turn it on them.
Healing Blood: Azazel's regenerative capabilities are so powerful, they can extend to his blood if he wills it. Should he will it, the person to whom it is transferred heals faster, gains a temporary healing factor, and to those who he allows to have a large amount of healing blood, a permanent healing factor.

Self Sustenance: Azazel's body needs hardly, if any sustenance to continue surviving since his Demonic Ascension, with his mortal body still having adaptations in case his power is somehow nullified or removed.

Food Independence (Limited): Azazel can simply regenerate from the effects of starving himself, but, however, he will still feel the urge to eat, which can result in him becoming extremely hungry. However, Azazel has managed to be able to turn on and off hunger at will, allowing him to carry on for extended periods of time.

Oxygen Independence: Due to being taken to space multiple times, Azazel would adapt to never needing oxygen, or in fact never needing to breathe. Even if he did need to, the lightning he would generate would simply create a form of localized electrolysis, producing clouds of breathable gases underwater by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Radiation Immunity: Azazel has also gained a resistance to radiation, due to adapting to the environment of space in and of itself. After achieving the manipulation of Electromagnetism, not only is Azazel's body generally unharmed by most forms of electromagnetic radiation (covering most, if not all forms of radiation), and gaining a near immunity to other forms of radiation, it an also passively absorb radiation and let it fuel him in a similar manner to how plasma can absorb radiation.

Pain-Strength Proportionality: Due to the brutal training John had him go through, at the same time he got his healing factor, he attained this ability. With the more pain inflicted on him, Azazel's energy reserves and physical abilities slowly improve.

Photosynthesis: Azazel has bypassed eating entirely when in the light of a star. Azazel produces all the nutrients he needs in a similar method to plants, allowing him to constantly refuel his energy, though at a much slower rate than normal energy regeneration and also regenerate his stamina.

'Heat Resistance\Thermal Energy 'Resistance: Due to innate extremely high temperatures of lightning, Azazel has developed an insane amount of resistance to all forms of heat. In fact he can stand in burning flames and walk out unscathed, unless their temperatures reach near lightning levels.

Electrical Immunity and Consumption/Electromagnetism Master: Azazel has obtained this ability from the manipulation of Lightning and his accidental shocking of himself on numerous occasions. With this, Azazel is granted a complete immunity to the element of electricity, and to make things worse, can literally just consume electricity in the vicinity, draining it. In fact, all electrical internal manipulations brought about by an external force results in naught. Thanks to his immunity, Azazel would not simply short-circuit when hit by water, as the electricity would just flow through said water, and his body in and of itself is conductive in a sense that allows electricity to pass over him without any harm, this adaptation being created to protect Azazel from his own power. For every enemy killed, he regains some amount of power/energy, due to passively absorbing the neural electricity of his defeated foes. Azazel also has the power to literally consume magnetic fields, and passively absorb electromagnetic radiation.

Nervous System Bypass: Azazel has completely bypassed the need for a nervous system. Within his body there is an electrical field that allows whatever signals that need to get wherever to go from there to the brain and back in a straight line, increasing his speed and reflexes even higher. This adaptation is an active one however, meaning Azazel has to choose when he wants this on.

Nervous System Enhancement: However, with his still existing nervous system and as a passive ability, his neural signals are vastly accelerated, allowing for a a watered down version of the bypass.

Immunity to Nerve-Based Paralysis: Azazel's "unique nervous system" enables him to totally reject any form of bioelectrical based paralysis, in fact, walking on as if nothing had ever happened.

Electroreception: Azazel has the ability to sense electrical signals and bio-electrical signals within an entire planetary radius. Though it is said this can develop into what can be termed, electrocommunication, Azazel hasn't reached that level as yet.

Psionic Overshield: In addition to the immense protection Psionic Ki, along with his own indomitable will gives him from mental attacks, Azazel has an additional barrier generated through an adaptation to Psionic Ki in itself, granting him further durability.

Natural Physical and Mental Abilities of the Sympathetic King’s Husk

Superhuman Strength: Azazel possesses an immense degree of superhuman strength, capable of charging of lifting starships and hurtling them at other starships with ease. His strength levels have only improved over time, meaning he has ascended past his old level of strength.

Superhuman Leaping Capabilities: Azazel, using the power of the muscles in his feat, can leap incredible distances in a single bound. In fact, in addition to his jump height, he can somehow triple jump.

Superhuman Speed: Azazel is incredibly fast, being able to take energy gunshots point blank, catch them with his teeth, throw them back, catch them again in his hands, and murder multiple assailants with a reasonable distance between each other with just the bullets in the time it took another bullet to even be prepared to fire. In essence, really damn fast. This is without even considering any passive abilities that amplify his speed levels even further, As one of the fastest/most agile members of the Neo Lookout Crew, Azazel's speed has continuously improved, due to his training in the Energy Harvester and his acceptance of his demonic heritage. As a result, Azazel's body has taken on it's enhanced power, giving him quite the boost in all of his physical attributes. While there is not quite an analogy for his current speed, it is immense. Azazel's current speed is literally passively faster than the eye can see, causing afterimages. When combined with his agility levels, Azazel's movement alone can prove disorienting.

Superhuman Durability: Azazel is also incredibly durable, his body adapting to the physical onslaughts of his everyday life. He can take massive amounts of punishments, and in addition, Azazel can keep fighting with deadly injuries until a decisively fatal injury is given, combined with his regenerative capabilities. In fact, no matter how much damage is done to him, he will not flinch, having an insane pain tolerance. This does not mean he doesn't take damage. In fact, he can take a lot of damage. It just means that he won't flinch.

Superhuman Agility: Azazel's agility is something that makes a deadly fighter into a lethal weapon. Mastering multiple forms of flicks, cartwheels etc..., Azazel can combine this with his inherent speed to dodge attacks most never thought they could and can even utilize magic to create a platform to step off of air/ run on walls(technically doesn't need it because, static adhesion on a low level)/water. With this kind of superhuman agility, Azazel is known for evading attacks in ways most don't believe possible, literally spining around a blade to deliver a roundhouse kick or even sliding and whirling his feet around, akin to break-dancing, disarming, pinning, and slamming the opponent down with his feet in one clean motion.

Superhuman Reflexes: Azazel's reflexes are on the same level, if not even higher, as his speed. He is known for blocking even barrages of attacks while asleep without his eyes even budging, the most that may happen is that he shifts to the other side of the bed.

Superhuman Equilibrium: Azazel is able to achieve feats that utilize the facets of balance in unique ways, such as constantly moving without losing balance, hanging upside down and not getting dizzy, closing eyes and standing on a single finger, dodging objects with superior finesse, and incapable of being rendered by vertigo, nausea, disorientation, and the effects of weightlessness, though sensory based attacks are somewhat effective because of it's innate effect on balance.

Supernaturally Dense Tissue: Azazel's body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. is extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, changes in temperature, etc. This also makes him heavier, though does not have an effect on his speed since everything in his body receives this same treatment.

Bardock Time/Accelerated Perception: Azazel, even without his adaptation would have had eternal youth due to the Bardock effect, but now, he just sees almost everything in slow motion, allowing him to react to things in a "longer" time-frame, than most efficiently can, allowing him to dodge things quite easily. While a passive ability all the time before, Azazel's abilities allows him to have not only a greater resistance and even pereption of time manipulating effects, but in fact fight in combat on par with those who can bend time.

Superhuman Senses: Azazel has extremely accurate senses compared to to those in the mortal realm, and processes all of them efficiently.

Superhuman Vision: Azazel's eyes can simulate both a telescope and a microscope simultaneously, allowing him to see on both the macro and micro scale, in pitch black darkness, in the electromagnetic spectrum, on the astral plane thanks to Psionic Ki, and in 360 degrees.
Superhuman Olfaction: Azazel can utilize smell for a wide range of creative and unorthodox purposes, for example, detecting lies, tracking targets, and can break through illusions simply because many illusions forget to add the smell part. In fact, Azazel uses his smell to even see if his eyes are somehow disabled. He can sniff out poisons and toxins, and can even differentiate between different bodily secretions. He can even smell the air to pick up if the user is a race that he knows, by somehow managing to smell their particular genetic code.
Superhuman Hearing: Azazel has insane levels of superhuman hearing, to the point he can replicate Echolocation, and hear in all sound frequencies simultaneously. Here again he can detect lies and utilize his hearing to pick out specific sounds from far distances.
Superhuman Taste: Azazel has a supernatural sense of taste, detecting harmful and beneficial things and is able to tell certain things about people if they taste something the person they're describing ate/drank previously, such as gender.
Superhuman Touch: Due to Azazel's innate superhuman sense of touch, Azazel is literally able to sense vibrations through solid substances, liquids or even the air-pressure changes. This allows him to predict incoming attacks, their direction and their magnitude.

Flight: Azazel can fly through various methods, including a latent electromagnetism. Recently, becoming intune with his demonic heritage, he needs absolutely nothing to fly, and has gained such control that he can fly to places he dreams about in his sleep (that he doesnt need but undertakes because he can.) Since awakening his electromagnetism, he can defy gravity, making him extremely difficult to be put down by gravity-inducing effects.

Superhuman Endurance: Azazel has invented a new form of techniques known as Stamina Mastery. A master of this art is able to do physical maneuvers while expending far less energy than a usual person would, and when combined with his already large reserves and training with John, Azazel is a stamina monster.

Psionic Ki (Later blended with energy-matter, becoming something completely different):  From his human father, Azazel has inherited the unique form of energy known as Psionic Ki. Azazel's latent abilities of telekinesis and telepathy are awakened with this, as Azazel gains the ability to control matter with his mind, and contact and control minds. Especially when considering his demonic possession abilities, Azazel's telepathic abilities are so much enhanced over the timeskip that Azazel is probably on par in terms of telekinetic prowess with his former teacher, the King of The Tuffles, Bano. Having the potential to control and generate a psionic equivalent of nearly every element in existence, with this being the original way Azazel used to generate Lightning before acquiring the power of electromagnetism, Azazel can always imbue his attacks with this power type, causing them to gain an unexpected effect.

Telepathy: Azazel has always been a powerful telepath, capable of inducing effects indirectly on enemies who possess an immunity to direct telepathic and mental influence. By combining his power to manifest the elements with this, Azazel has literally been able to mentally cloud his opponent's head with psionic static lightning (Telepathic Static), and even burn their thoughts and memories with hellfire's psionic equivalent (Mind Purging).
Telepathic Resistance: Azazel's own telepathic powers have allowed him to manifest an amazing immunity to these powers. Playing on the abilities of the Farady's cage, telepathic powers directed at Azazel may flow around his body, but never get into his system, his Psionic power manifesting in his belief of Lightning. In addition, the psionic energy required to channel their thoughts into his mind is burned by a psionic hellfire defence, also absorbing the energy. If a telepathically immune person decides to go ahead with this, hellfire literally runs itself over the telepathic rapport almost passively, to the point that sometimes Azazel himself is not even conscious, as while they would have usually been immune, they gave him the pathway.
Elemental Replication: Being able to generate psionic equivalents of elements he can already control, and manipulate them however he pleases, Azazel can in essence attack an opponent's mind with his elements. As of unlocking Hellish Lightning, Azazel's psionic elements are as deadly as his physical abiltiies. 
Telekinesis: Azazel's powers of telekinesis are incredibly vast, easily capable of fooling his enemies into believing that he is using a manipulation type ability. Capable of using telekinesis to attack and defend, and even restrain, Azazel's psychic prowess is terrifying. Generating electricity at long distance with telekinesis is also possible, allowing him to call upon his opponent's a vast assortment of effects and even simply distract his opponents. Slowing his opponents down and even pushing them back with raw telekinetic power, Azazel's training with King Bano finally paid off.

The Lord of Malevolence: The Sympthetic Demonic King

Tremendous Demonic Power: Azazel, the new Demon King of the Inferno ever since the merging of Zargys, has slowly been assimilating the demonic power of his predecessor. With his demonic power being so incredibly vast that an exertion can terrify an entire half of a Solar System, being considered the youngest and one of the most powerful Super Devils that the world has to offer. Having demonic potential capable of rivaling if not surpassing the original and most powerful Satan, Satan-Prime, Azazel's demonic power allowed him to stay alive after being hit by a curse specifically meant to kill Aza specifically by homing on his uncompromising demonic power. As demonic power cannot be wielded by mere mortals, Azazel's power is usually exempt from all manipulation unless he makes a contract with a human, his power being bestowed upon that human and the contract empowering him. Even among other Super Devils Azazel is a demon who's potential far exceeds the normal Satanic boundaries. As his power has become greatly augmented since being made into a full-fledged King of Demons, Azazel's potential knows no limits. Blasts of demonic origin fired at him are innately absorbed and become a part of him, allowing him to learn of one's blast and replicate it, in addition to restoring his inhuman power, vitality and stamina.

Aura Demonia: Having the ability to control and release his Aura, composed of energy-matter at will, Azazel is blessed with the ability to create objects and attacks on the fly from his aura, no spike of energy or anything of the sort necessary. As a result, Azazel can fight with nothing but his aura, and due to his control, wastes absolutely no extra energy. His energy is contained effectively within his body, and does not simply escape easily. With this, Azazel is known for having increased strength and vitality, the ability to make himself undetectable by completely hiding it, the ability to produce vast amounts, and the ability to utilize in combat, forming additional arms among other things from his aura. This increases the power of his Lightning and Hellfire aura, in addition to his combined Hellish Lightning Aura.
Hellfire Aura: As said with his Aura Demonia, Azazel can apply these principles to create form out of his aura, allowing him to effectively counter attacks people may believe he cannot see. Already able to defend him against most attacks, with a life unlike most auras almost akin to Gaara's Shield of Sand, Azazel is effictively counter attacks that would hit him in multiple directions.
Lightning Aura: Similarly, Azazel can apply these principles to Lightning/Electromagnetism, allowing him to effectively block gravity manipulation passively by manipulating electrical charges to overcome the gravitational field, gain an acceleration due to gravity no longer affecting him, and increase his overall phsyical capabilities and maneuvarability. It can also powerfully shock him. By applying it to electromagnetism, Azazel's aura can take on the properties of magnetism, radiation, light and even masers.
Tactile Telekinesis Aura:  Azazel has the ability to combine his telekinesis with this ability, causing him to be able to enhance his already superhuman physical abilities even further with almost the simplest of thoughts, and manifesting telekinetic constructs to attack his opponent, and increases his physical durability.
Hellish Lightning Aura: A fusion of the two, Azazel's power takes on a conductive property, capable of flowing through  nearby particles and forms of energy to hit an unsuspecting enemy, and boosts the power of his elements along with his physical power and magical reserves. With Hellish Lightning said to defend the user at the "speed of Lightning" (in truth, much, much faster than Lightning), the speed of his defense is absurd, and the  power of his aura arms become strong enough to rival the power of Super Saiyan level phsyical strength and even some of the other transformations.

Demon Physiology: Being more a release of power than a transformation, Azazel is able to tap into his inner Royal Demon, a fledgling Demon King. This greatly strengthens all of his physical attributes immensely, in a sense giving him the true power of the Devil within him. The amount of demonic power Azazel can tap into is directly proportional to his maximum power, meaning that the stronger Azazel becomes in his natural relatively humanoid state, is the exponential increase that Azazel will receive while tapping fully into his newly embraced Demonic heritage. Having enhanced physical power and newly made enormous reserves of magical power and other forms of energy the user may employ. Being able to take on or hide his "true" appearance at will, Azazel can become utterly terrifying with the transformation. When tapping into his full demonic power Azazel has increased access to his awe-inspiring infernal power. Being completely in control of his demonic power to the point that he can do this instantaneously, Azazel has reached entirely new demonic heights over the timeskip. This demonic power has flowed into everyone of his attributes, making him considerably stronger than before. In addition, Azazel's body has gained an additional demonic hide of sorts that increases his defensive capabilities greatly.

Demonic Physical Energy-Matter (Evolution of Demonic Ki): Azazel has slowly started tapping into demonic Ki while on the Earth, but his current skill with this is that of a Hordesman. The unique properties of said Demonic Ki have not even been awakened in Azazel, and the only thing that can be noticed is that his Ki has a terrifying, ominous presence due to possessing the power of a Royal Demon. His ki often starts creating horrific nightmares and clouds people around him with fear, causing people nearby to flee in terror and some weak-willed persons to even pass out. As of April 17, 1500, Azazel is seen to be firing dark blasts of energy that seem to burn what it touches, and at higher levels, corrodes it. Still not a master in it's use however. However, over the time skip, his mastery of Demonic Power became on par with some of the strongest of demons, firing blasts of energy possessing an infernal heat that goes beyond what can even regularly be considered heat, being hellish in nature and glow with an ominous red, it's raw destructive and penetrative power being several orders of magnitude higher than a regular person, his demonic energies multiplying themselves within him and creating an entirely new form of energy. In fact, at this point, Azazel's demonic Ki has transcended both energy angry and Ki, becoming simultaneously energy and matter, a structure hardly wielded by anyone else. Capable of being used for the crafting of the most powerful weaponry and equipment he has to offer, in addition to extremely solid blasts, due to being controlled only by his imagination, Azazel can create what is seemingly the weakest blast he has ever produced, and watch it spiral into whatever he wishes, it's power being augmented according to his will. Having the ability to physically grab and control his energy-matter, he can "airwalk" even in space by infusing it into the air, and switch this property on and off at will for his attacks. No longer dependent on what one may call Ki or even energy in general, Azazel's ascension against energy manipulators and negators has been one of their greatest fears. As a result, Azazel's weakest attack can become immensely powerful in an instant, achieving a level that most wish they could achieve, with it's density being whatever he wills.

Demonic Energy Matter Channeling: Azazel can fortify and enhance the power of any object whether it be corporeal or incorporeal, weapon or apparel with demonic power, allowing it to go beyond it's regular capabilities and limits. For example, a thin piece of papaer infused with demonic power can strike through several walls before falling.

Soul Devouring:One of the most feared abilities of a powerful demon is their ability to consume the souls of mere mortals who desire their power enough to make a hasty contract if they break it. Azazel can remove the souls of a being and merge them with his own, creating not a soul bank, but one massively empowered soul. Taking it into his body, Azazel gains enhanced power, in addition to gaining the target's knowledge and skills snd being able to infuse them into attacks to further strengthen his power. After absorbing all the souls hidden in the Aegis and allowing it to ascend to it's true form, Azazel's demonic soul has been greatly enhanced.

Possession: This ability is generally used by demonic creatures on inferior beings, such as humans, allowing them to gain an advantage in terms of political power and influence, wealth, and other such material aspects in the Human Realm, conrolling lesser races like their playthings. Azazel can project his Satanic will into others from a distance, allowing for the corruption an subjugation of their mind, or simply the adhering to conditions preset by him. Even in beings completely immune to magical/psionic influence this supernatural phenomenon still can cause inexplicable headaches and disorientation.

Heir of the Blaze: Azazel has gained the ability to generate and utilize hellfire from the demonic power he has assimilated. Recently gaining full control over this element in the fight against Haw'k, hellfire has shown to have multiple effects. Hellfire has the usual effects of fire on an extreme localized solar level. In addition to the usual properties of fire, hellfire constantly saps energy and burns the enemy, unless a power-up is held for extremely long, permanently suppressing the damage, or healed by Azazel. Hellfire burns the souls or life-force itself of the enemy in question, weakening(draining) life energies/stamina over time, in addition to physical burning. Azazel can now utilize his hellfire to form various constructs, and presumably use this at the same way as his lightning. It should be noted that the hellfire is usually found in Demonic Expellarum. The sapping effect gives a chill to the enemy, almost torturing them with the combination of burning and chilling. This fire is resistant to water, due to being hellfire, and can burn regular fire. The flame can become solidified upon Azazel's command. This fire is a mix between Azazel's latent demonic Ki, magic, and his latent Fire Psionic Ki that he has not even noticed he has tapped into, thus being why he can't combine this with Lightning as yet into one element. Unlike most fires, where ash, being burnt already, cannot be burnt again, hellfire can straight up burn the ashes of an object. After the timeskip, however, Azazel's control over the element has reached levels where he can infuse it with demonic power to give it the properties of energy-matter, and even teleport or create life from the blaze, capable of forming some of the most lifelike constructs of fire the world will ever know. A flame completely immune to manipulation by any mere mortal, Azazel's power is beyond normal flame control. Having both an internal and external effect on his opponent, Azazel is known for taking advantage of this power's versatility on everyone he knows as a little greeting. Azazel's lames have successfully transcended both heat and thermal energy, literally forming a True Enhancement on the being of incomprehensible scorching and burning and a pain beyond it's prior solar level heat. Being said to be impossibly hot, the existence of it's cold sapping feeling only makes it that much more unbearable, with Azazel able to control the growth of the flame at will.

Demonic Communication and Control/Summoning As the King of the Demons, Azazel is able to directly speak in every language of Inferno and Hell, Demonspeak being his native language. Commanding such a level of respect he was able to completely change the hostility levels of a mass of demons and even employ them in his restaurant, Azazel's ability to summon and communicate with demons, even commanding them is said to be the first example of such a potential for peaceful supernatural coexistence. However, Azael tends not to summon the humanoid ones in battle. Managing to produce a form of power that recreates a demon at full strength by taking some of their power with their consent, while keeping them physically alive in the Inferno, Azazel is able to summon every type of demon Zargys employed in his army, including:

Imps: Small horned demons known for their superhuman speed and unnatural agility, in addition to their passive generation of their favourite element and a resistance to such a thing. They are also surprisingly strong for their size, with even a newborn Imp being strong enough to completely uproot a tree with a single hand.
The Hordes: Powerful speedy demons wielding extremely sharp teeth and an abnormal resistance to heat and soul based damage, these creatures are also capable of utilizing Demonic Ki on the low level that Azazel was able to pre-timeskip, and have the ability to multiply up to three times with melee damage. However, a strong enough attack to the head simply negates the multiplication by instantly destroying the necessary core.
Super Hordesman: The enhanced equivalent of a Hordesman, these creatures are much bulkier and more durable, and shoot blasts of concentrated demonic power at their opponent, almost as akin to a machine gun with a high fire rate shooting out extremely powerful compressed laser beam bullets. Trading the multiplication in for increased power, the Super Hordesman's weakness is in the fact that it lacks the advantage of numbers the weaker counterparts do.
The Banshees: Not quite as fast, The Banshees are floating creatures of near-ethereal demonic power, wielding absurdly powerful screams, can stretch their arms over extended distances, and have the ability to induce auditory illusions. They can enhance their power by converting their power into energy-matter and increasing the damage/effectiveness/armour of their abilities, predict attacks, and bypass intangibility while using the screams to a very limited extent.

Demon Magic: A field Azazel has yet to master, Azazel can simply enhance the power of his spells by relying on demonic power for now.

Demonic Ki Resistance: Ever since bypassing Demonic Ki, Azazel's body has become far more resistant to it's effects in general, and may even attempt to block by making him channel the enhanced equivalent throughout his body to the point of contact.

Breakdown the Beast: Malevolence: Azazel's new transformation, which in actuality is more akin to a release of his power in the same way that Frieza Clansmen do it, Azazel can tap into the true malevolence of his somewhat repressed power, gaining enhanced power beyond that of his demonic physiology would normally bring about. A boost in power that takes him up to practically becoming a Super Saiyan after being inspired by Kisuke to abandon most Ki-based power ups, Azazel's stats are multiplied by 50x, while the potency and control of literally every aspect of his being skyrocket. His Ethernano almost becomes a state of magical plasma from sheer excitement, which is often controlled and instantaneously managed by his body. Always having the potential power to enter the state of a Super Saiyan transformation, Azazel's abilities in this form have probably not reached their limits.

Zenkai: Despite being inspired by Kisuke's fighting style to completely abandon most forms of Ki-based power ups, viewing Ki as a basic energy type that too many can manipulate easily, Azazel will completely admit that his body simply could not abandon this trait of the Saiyans, finding it far too useful to gain such power boosts after healing each time.

Immunity to Holiness: Azazel, due to being a Demon King, would innately have an amazing resistance to anti-demonic onslaughts, among other things. However, Azazel is truly immune, his body making the judgement of it being too much of an infirmity, and is now only as harmed as a regular person would be. Attacks meant to seek out a demonic power or malevolent energy seemingly simply avoid him, or circle around him, noticing something strange but not being able to identify anything, even when he fully taps into his demonic powers. This has even in him remaining eligible for Divine Ki (not something he can use) and wielding the power of a Super Saiyan God (also something he cannot use.)

Simulated Omnilingualism: All Demons innately have the ability to speak ever language in existence, an ability called'Language" as Demonic creautures are supposed to be able to communicate and tempt any being regardless of language boundaries.All demons possess a passive ability, called "Language", where people listening to them will hear it in the language they are most familiar with; and vice versa. Azazel inherits this power after learning to control his hellfire.

Hellish Lightning of the Inferno: After achieving an enhanced level of control over the undisputable power that is electricity, Azazel's power of the element has skyrocketed greatly. Beyond simply being able to change his electricity's colour, bypass his nervous system, and augment his telekinetic prowess, Azazel can make the thunder from his lightning overwhelmingly powerful or completely silent, capable of blowing back most oponents with the sheer shockwave. Becoming what is perhaps equivalent to a top-tier user of the element, Azazel can mannipulate the capacitance of an object, or the ability for it to hold and take charge, changing the conductive capabilties of an object. As such, he can then proceed to cause them a vast amount of problems, suh as reawakening the power of magnetic fields or even plasma on their bodies. He can even magnetize and demagnetize anything his lightning has ever touched.

Blending this power along with his hellfire, Azazel has created a deadly combination, allowing him to teleport directly to his lightning, and even seemingly create constructs out of his lightning. Ever since the merging of Psionic Ki with all of his other energies during his Demonic Ascension, Azazel has gained the ability to replicate the effects of Telepathic Static with this new uncanny ability. Bypassing the immunity to traditional lightning by merging the two elements to create a supernatural annhilator of  literally almost everything.

Demonically Enhanced Electromagnetism: Being able to generate a supernaturally powerful level of electromagnetism, Azazel's power level with electromagnetism goes beyond the natural plane, as his powers may have supernatural connotations when applied correctly. Due to electromagnetism being a step up from general magnetism, Azazel can manipulate the charges in the air to effectively nullify gravity, allowing him to fly. Conversely, he can do the same on his opponents, recreating an effect most foolishly believe the manipulation of gravity is necessary to achieve. Being the new branch for his wide range of electromagnetic abilities, the most terrifying thing is, that he can channel the power of his other abilities through his fields by an advanced level of spell channeling.
Radiation Manipulation: Azazel has the power to channel and generate radiation, capable of being able to generate heat with thermal radiation, induce mutations and even cancer, send pulses of electromagnetic energy to disable pesky electronics, and even induce random feelings of pain with ultraviolet radiation. One of his most terrifying abilities with this, is Gamma Supercharge, allowing him to in essence, turn his opponent's body into a bomb, being inspired by Votek's technique. The explosive effect can be countered by those who can get radiation outside of their body easily, or somehow manage to neutralize the radiation. The most common form of it is simply internal energy manipulation/absorption, but if the energy is not converted from gamma rays to some other form the process can be restarted indefinitely. 
Magnetism Manipulation: Being a master of electromagnetism, Azazel can sense fields of magnetism and anything that disturbs them. In addition, he can generate and manipulate these fields and control anything connected by them/to them. As a result, he can control most, if not all metallic objects, produce force-fields throught the use of Aura Demonia, and play around with the magnetic/demagnetic properties of his opponent's power.
Maser Manipulation: After gaining the ability to control powerful lasers with light manipulation, Azazel decided to take his ability even further. Capable of firing masers, energy blasts of highly modified atomic proportions, combining Azazel's power into a high-powered blast that disintegrates almost anything he makes contact with. Considered to be the epitome of Azazel's electromagnetic power, the maser blast is mainly used as a last resort, due to the potential for collateral damage such a powerful release of energy could cause. While the uneducated on the properties of a maser will perhaps try to stop the power of a maser with reflection, a maser's properties is such that it penetrates solid matter undisturbed, making this an extremely powerful attack that causes not only completely insane penetrative powers, and inducing intense levels of radiation.
Plasma Manipulation: Not quite capable of manipulating another person's fire with this ability, or atleast not yet, Azazel can, atleast manipulate to an extent most forms of plasma, including solar flares. Azazel is known for producing plasma to absorb radiation, and producing heat-absorbing plasma to freeze the surrounding area while simultaneously creating a ball of such heat he calls the Plasma Bomb. As a result, his body has not fully adapted to flames, while it has to solar flares, enhancing his Photosynthetic prowess.
Light Manipulation: Capable of controlling Light, Azazel has the ability to generate visual illusions and holograms, while changing it's intensity and even it's solidification. Easily blinding his opponent's, the use of this in Aura Demonia gives him quite the impressive boost to his speed and piercing power, blinding his opponent's even easily.
Electromagnetic Spectrum Perception: Azazel has the ability to see in every range of the electromagnetic spectrum, allowing him to see disturbances in these energies and fields as easily as he can see visible light. By sensing the change in a preset electrical field, Azazel can detect movement of things biotic and abiotic. As Gamma radiation flows through everything, Azazel can in essence  pereive every being. Infrared radiation also allows Azazel to see in terms of temperature, allowing him to detect even the most minute changes in temperature and see the heat presences of some organisms. The usage of X-Rays to see allows Azazel to see through and within objects, and trace the functions and physical weaknesses of an opponent's body. He can pick up a trail of blood, saliva, or even see the ultraviolet radiation of a finger's touch, in addition to letting him see from underwater. With Radio Perception, Azazel can tap into the direct frequncies that technology communiicates on, allowing him to overhear and outhink most communication systems.
Technology Manipulation: Capable of speaking directly to computers/machines and enhance it's efficiency at will, Azazel can induce and repair glitches, trigger alarms, and control electronic objects that still depend on electricity. As a result, one of the weaknesses of this is that it simply does not work on technology that has abandoned electrical power, i.e, he cannot exactly manipulate in the same manner purely mechanical objects with no electronic or potential for capacitance/magnetism. Capable of easily firing EMP's to deactivate technology and gain a sense of telepathy to even androids, Azazel's technological power is legit.
Bioelectricity Manipulation: Still at the level it was at prior, Azazel can reduce the efficiency of one's nervous system, and augment, if not completely bypass his own. As a side-effect, Azazel can render himseflf immune to pain, though he hardly uses it since he has an adaptation dependent on Pain. He can also temporarily paralyze an opponent's body and even restart their body from paralysis. Passively having a nervous system that now works at superluminal speeds since his ability control masers and light, Azazel's reflexes are absurd. He can reduce the fficent of one's nervous system by accident, and as has massively augmented hiselectrical manipulation since the last time. 

The Lord of the Blaze Concealed in it’s Smoke:Utilizing the unique abilites of hellfire to affect life-force, spiritual forces and physical forces, and the properties of smoke to obscure, Azazel can utilize hellfire to create a smoke which hides him from most forms of detection, making him practically invisible and undetectable.

Blazing Radiance: Channeling the power of his fire through his body, Azazel takes on a darkened orange hue. All of Azazel's physical parameters are enhanced and energy lost is regained at faster rates. In fact, energy regeneration is enhanced for 5 other allies, his current limit for support. If fighting by himself, Azazel's power is greatly enhanced. His durability, for sure, however takes a sharp increase,and his personal stamina regeneration also increases.

Hammer of Sol: Azazel can generate a massive hammer when in Radiance, that has the ability to fire off smaller versions of itself, burn with the full power of condensed, solidified hellfire, and induce powerful strikes on his opponent on a level far superior to his raw physical strength alone.

Sin Channeling: After training with Yamato in the manipulation of dark, twisted energy sources and remaining calm, Azazel learnt that he could channel the power of sins and negative effects that he actually managed to overcome, without causing too much negative implications, such as going out of control and laying waste to an undeveloped civilization. Azazel is able to summon the power and channel the strength of this demonic power through his body almost completely having replaced the need for Kaio-Ken through the power of Wrath.

Wrath: Azazel gains increased physical capabilities, allowing him to rival, if not surpass, people who should in theory, be physically stronger than he is.  His hellfire's power is much stronger than it regularly should, allowing him to match Kaio-Ken-esque Ki based abilties, a technique invented after abandoning cruder methods of physical enhancements. This ability also often causes his opponent's concentration levels to become disrupted almost passively.
Lust: Gaining an enhanced affinity to the spiritual and physical planes, Azazel gains the abilities to cast illusions subconciously, and forces his enemy to see something that will reduce their determination, and gains an increased perception, allowing him to "sense" incoming attacks by picking up on signals from any one of his sensory abilities, almost with a precognitive effect.

Soul Damage Resistance- Having the hellfire flow over him continuously, the burns inflicted were adapted to. He has an extremely resilient soul and life-force, allowing him to resist soul-based attacks . Further Heat/Fire Resistance

Spectral Awareness- As a human with the powers of a demon, Azazel has the ability to see the supernatural, souls, and the remnants of the dead. After learning that he was indeed a Demon King, Azazel could physically interact with souls and even snatch and take them away from their resting grounds, assimilating them. Even when blinded Azazel's spectral awareness and communication allows him to gain from souls around him a sense of direction and location.

Magical Potential of The Husk of The Sympathetic King

Magical Power: Azazel has an immense magical power, stemming from the purity of his demonic heritage, his mother's overwhelming  abilities in the field, and his own prodigious talent and dilligent practice. Perhaps one of Azazel's most prominent sources for his uncanny magical potential is that he can harness not only mana, the main source of all magic in the Lookout universe, but is also powered by a unique extradimensonal magical particle known as Ethernano. In Azazel's home universe, Ethernano was the term coined for particles of magic, that dwelled inside of all living organisms and throughout the atmosphere itself. As a result, Azazel's magical potency is on a class ahead of most magicians and sorcerers.

Studying the six planes of the Arcane Craft, Azazel has learned that mortal magic is more than just the manipulation of energy, seen as followed (Not abilities, just aspects of his magic, and methods of utilization only a master magician can ever hope to properly use)

  • Personal Power
  • Life Force: Commonly known as the control and manipulation of one's life energies and unlife energies (mainly used in Necromancy).
  • Belief: A magician's belief in something helps to fuel and power one's magic, and the beliefs of others helps increase one's magical power, regardless of the nature of one's belief. In addition, a magician's belief in a deity not only strengthens their power, but the deity's. Seeing himself as his own pillar of Belief, Azazel has strengthed his own magical power greatly.
  • Arcane and Dark Arcane Power: Purer than life energy, beings can be directly to  connected these two powerful fields that transcends energy itself that permeate the entire universe, and various motions have a side effect of manipulating this power. This power is also able to be stored and bound in substance, unlike Life Energy. A master of this can detect even cloaked techniques by detecting changes in these fields, as all magic causes a disturbance in the fields of the higher Arcane planes.
  • Enchantment: Mistakenly thought by non-magicians to be the result of magicians imbuing mundane items with magical properties, a True Enchantment is the diret manipulation of the supernatural properties/magical properties of substances to produce the desired results. A true master of this art is able to see even the most conventional variables in terms of the supernatural and augment them, unlike the outsiders to this fine craft. Alchemy, is merely an application of this aspect of magic. His enchantment abiltiies allow him to cast a true enchantment spell, capable of enhancing or reducing an object's capabilties.
  • The Mind: The minds of sentient beings contain an inexplicable link to near-limitless stores of power, with the more powerful a user's mind being the greater the amount of power accessible to them at any one time. This energy is cultivated in a similar manner to one's spiritual energies. This is the source of all magical forms of astral projection, the magician's direct pathway to the astral plane, a plane holding the key to the power of a higher realm, and is also the source of magical enlightenment.

After all of this, Azazel has then managed to fortify his magical power with his demonic power, his entire form becoming demonic. As a result, his magical power is now made of energy-matter, a step closer to true arcane energy. While lesser beings have no idea the type of magic they wield and the nature of the power they wield, easily allowing their psychic sources, belief sources, and life force sources to be manipulated and negated, Azazel's knowledge has enable him to understand that magical power is in actuality, a culmination of all of these elements, an actualization of one's individuality far more complex than simple manipulation of an energy field.

Immense Magic Resistance: Azazel, being put under a vast amount of magic before even being born or even becoming an embryo, has an immense resistance for magic, which is ironically the reason he was giving the title, "The Magician" for. Any magic, used directly or indirectly for offensive purposes faces this immense resistance, while beneficial defensive and supplementary abilities go as usual. 

Mortal Arcane Wisdom of The Demonic King

Teleportation: Azazel


Expellarum: Azazel's main non-supplementary magic spell, Azazel draws in a large amount of magical power into either of his hands, being ambidextrous. After this energy is channeled, it becomes super-condensed into the form of a ball of dark red energy which can be thrown. The ball expands itself when thrown and upon hitting a target, deals heavy damage. This spell usually leaves Azazel panting, making a a dent even on the master of Stamina Control. When combined with the essence of his hellfire, Azazel gains access to what is known as, Demonic Expellarum.

Magic Detection: With the first five minutes of his class, Azazel learned how to sense and detect magical energy signatures. After this, his magical detection grew to levels that encompassed vast distances, able to notice a person's use of the planes of energy from which magical derives part of it's power from, and the power to derive the invisibility-esque effect created by concealed mana.

Mana Ball: Mana Ball (Nu-Del)is a simple ball of mana, as large as the user wishes, that can be projected and thrown at the opponent, causing damage. You can also fill the nucleus (center) with fire to give more of an effect, or ice. In fact, while ice and fire are the easiest to fill the ball with, one can bring other elements into it, and even cause it to spiral. It is the most basic and first learned attack technique. It is formed in a palm or two palms, and is a glowing orb of mana energy. Azazel is known for making this basic technique extremely deadly, infusing it with hellfire or Psionic-Ki generated lightning

Enhanced Senses/Block Senses(Nu-Del):With enhanced senses, you have as the name implies; enhanced any of your 5 senses. Touch, smell, sight, sound, taste. You can improve them, either a little bit or a lot. Using block senses, you can prevent another being from enhancing their own senses/yours, or you can stop your own senses and halt them, for whatever use that may be.

Duplicate/Triplicate/Quadruplicate...(Nu-Del): You can make copies of yourself using spells such as Duplicate, etc. It costs lots of mana, and energy, and they are time-limited because of that. The user can put their hands together, concentrate and begin popping out clones that share the same skills/powers but are less powerful. Knowledge is transmitted from copy-copy and copy-original when the time is up.

Concealed Mana(Nu-Del): This is a version of the Nu-Del invisibility spell where you can conceal your mana when forming things like mana orbs or having visible mana. It is called Concealed Mana. It keeps opponents from seeing your attacks before firing them. However, after training in this art, Azazel's concealment became so enhanced that he can completely conceal his ability to use magic, and especially since his magic is simply not limited to mana, Azazel can cast spells while having them be completely invisible to anyone who only perceives magic in the form of mana.

Mora's Agony(Nu-Del): This spell summons a field of writhing tentacles that lasts 30 seconds and poisons foes who enter it.The weaknesses of this spell should be clearly obvious.

Generic Illusions:This technique/spell uses energy not to block of, but distort another person's senses. Though this can be countered by blocked senses, skilled users can create illusions so realistic the ensnared victim could never hope to tell the difference. There are five areas that illusions are focused on to create the underlying goal of Immersion: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Smell and Taste. If all of these senses can be replicated, chances are a full-proof illusion has been made. It takes years of practice to truly master illusionary magic.

Enhance Speed: This spell allows the mage to move at incredible speeds, and when used in combat, can turn even weak melee attacks to powerful attacks, simply because force= mass x acceleration. This becomes impeccably powerful if combined with mass.

Mass: Using Mass, a mage can decrease or increase the mass/weight of an opponent or object. It can make an opponent from weightless, to weighing as much as the Earth. It all comes down to skill and effort. As mentioned before, it is all about the prowess.

Matter Ingestion:The matter ingestion spell allows the user to consume any type of matter without harm.

Magnetic Push:Generating a localized field of magnetism, one repels the target with immense force. This is increased in efficiency against anything metallic, being capable of making almost anything get repelled unless the object is already in movement with momentum dwarfing the magnetic energy causing the effect of repulsion. Skilled users can combat this weakness however, by repelling them from a direction without momentum. Skilled users can potentially use this to push themselves up off the ground. Though this uses up a somewhat good amount of mana, it is worth the cost. With this skill and Azazel's electromagnetism, Azazel realized he could control the spell's power without mana once cast, awakening his electromagnetic prowess.

Domain of Darkness (Nirvalon): By focusing magical power into the environment around him, Azazel can create a completely invisible, nigh-undetectable barrier that works by disrupting the Spirit itself, allowing him to either immensely suppress or completely negate the supernatural energies (i.e energies not potential or kinetic), weakening his opponent to the point's physical power greatly. A spell acquired from the Aegis, when drawn, this barrier becomes larger.

Ocular Gyo: Azazel's eyes, already allowing him to see in 360 degrees, among other things, have the ability to perceive the very essence of all magic, having mana, prana and even Ethernano being completely visible to the naked eye. When focused, this ability allows him to see and dodge even spells deemed invisible, and attacks known as such.

Gate of Gehenna (Watoomb): Azazel has the ability to open up a portal to the Demon World, which he can use for interdimensional teleporation on an immense scale, capable of relaying himself to other planets, among other things, on the level of Instant Transmission and without the concentration drawback.

Quantum Tunneling:Move through solid matter such as walls or asteroids using the quantum tunnel technique. Mastery of this technique allows him to attack and then render his limbs incorporeal, before making them corporeal once more, in a sense materializing his arm straight through their body. However due to not being fully mastered, Azazel mainly uses this to defend, or avoid large matter-based attacks.

Spell Channeling: Azazel gains the ability to channel magical power through material objects and his energy itself, allowing him to cast unexpected spells or spells from long range, and even infuse the power of his blasts with an unexpected effect.

Energy Harvesting: Releasing a burst of the particles from the Energy Harvester, Azazel can literally restrict the flow of Spirit directly related to an opponent, as a result destabilizing the energy.


All of Azazel's equipment hail from another multiverse and thus cannot be considered any known classification for any known element (e.g metal, plastic, wooden). He usually stores these in a seal within his hand that, when magical-based energy matter is flown to it, causes his equipment to appear. Azazel is looking forward to a new armour, though he hasn't obtained that yet. 


This blade, a golden katana, with a blade of absolute beauty and crafted with masterful precision, is the weapon used by Azazel in battle. It has an extremely high density and is extremely light. Light only if you share a psionic link with the blade or ave Azazel's permission. Otherwise, a powerful magnetic field blows the unwanted wielder back and the sword sticks itself to the ground, returning to Azazel's hand if summoned. This magnetic field shows off Azazel's true potential.

This weapon, after it's namesake, is a blade made specifically for the usage of his lightning in battle, being able to channel lightning through it, which enhances the power of the blade through multiple ways. By increasing the blade's vibrational frequency the sharpness of the blade is far higher than would be possible for the blade. The blade actually multiplies lightning flowed though it, and absorbs neuroelectricity from those who would attempt to use it without his explicit permission, making them go unconscious or if not, their reaction times and speed are incredibly slowed. By multiplying the lightning inside the power of the blade is increased far more than the original input.

The other way the blade works is by having electricity manifest itself on the blade, increasing the cutting power of the blade, and granting it a stunning/paralysis effect, while increasing the voltage and current of the electricity itself which can be used in combat. He has a telekinetic grip over the blade, meaning that one will find it pretty hard to grab onto the blade anyways when in his presence. After the awakening of the Aegis, the Raikiri has received an upgrade of a hellfire lining around the tip, that can blast forth to allow for the firing of both hellfire and lightning, but separately however.

Going against this blade with lightning is monumentally stupid, as all that lightning is just going to be channeled into the blade and then absorbed by Azaze enhancing his energy reserves and physical vitality levels. In fact, it really doesn't matter to him because, quite frankly, the lightning in the blade is his to control and attack with. Fire and water are somewhat countered by hellfire's unique properties, though they can put up a pretty darn good fight because it's not able to be absorbed.

True Form: Ragnarok, A Stormcaller's Blazing Radiance

CBA to do to the big explanation I'll do tomorrow, so, it basically just forms a channel and amplifiying device for his elemental abilities and slices through demonic ki like butter. Also has enhanced thunder, which is basically just..another application of channeling his new lightning prowess. Indirectly had massive impacts on Bladedancer swordmanship, so that'll change too. 

The true form of the blade fit for a being that can be considered The Demon King of Unrivaled Potential, only accessible to those who have completed the primary demonic continuum of agression: Hellish Lightning, the blade reveals it's true form whenever Azazel touches it with the intent of displaying the power of the blade to an opponent. Having the ability to emulate and channel the power of his abilities at will, the blade is also known for drawing out one's blood as a Cosmic Being if one possesses such a thing. When combined with his already mighty demonic power, Azazel's temporary status as a Cosmic Being allows him to use an energy far above even his own understanding.

With this, Azazel can literally displace the space of his swordsmanship-based abilties forward, allowing him to hit his opponent when they least expect it. Retaining all the previous powers of it's former form, it can produce immensely powerful slashes of blinding light to counter powers of extreme darkness, absorb radiation and just redirect it, absorb heat directly from an opponent's body through heat absorbing plasma, incinerate them through normal plasma, and an quite literally produce the decaying effects of radiation on almost anything it touches, greatly reducing the durability of the affected area and even delaying natural healing abilities. The blade is much more than your regular conduit of energies, simultaneously generating and conducting it's master's power, which has since transcended into energy-matter. Azazel even has the power to amplify the power of his "thunder", the sound and shockwave of lightning itself, allowing him to cause powerful shockwaves and distortions within the air by the slightest movement of the sword. 

Showing the true power of the blade in hus ultimate culmination, masers, Azazel's blade literally gains the properties of all of these forms simultaneously, allowing him to almost coompletely destroy enemies that would have naturally been too powerful for  him to handle. Shrouding itself passively in an aura of tactile telekinesis, Azazel's power allows him to slice through even powerful psychic and energy barriers.

Bladedancer Swordsmanship

Azazel can empower himself and infuse the power of lightning in his blade for what he calls, Bladedancer swordsmanship. Though he has not mastered it, he can somewhat match other users of the sword. With the killing of an enemy their bio electricity is absorbed into the sword and channeled into the body, further empowering the user. Each slash is infused with large amounts of lightning, causing great damage to unsuspecting enemies. This style of swordsmanship is extremely fast and efficient, and with the strength Azazel can put into slashing, is very formidable. However, as mentioned before, this is a field he has not yet mastered.

This form of swordsmanship can become overwhelming when hellfire is combined with this, allowing for the attacking of the opponent's soul and energy reserves with each slash. This form of swordsmanship also employs special techniques that are incredibly more powerful than the normal techniques.

  • Raitei no Shukusei literally meaning "Purge of the Thunder Emperor": Azazel slashes his sword through the air in a specific sequence before pressing his hand to the blade. The target is then engulfed by a huge burst of lightning.
  • Raiju no Tsuiso literally meaning "Pursuit of the Lightning Beast": Three lightning bolts in the form of rabid beasts are summoned from the sky to strike down an opponent. The attack is delayed, allowing each lightning bolt to strike in succession from multiple directions.}
  • Raitei no Tettsui literally meaning "Iron Hammer of the Thunder Emperor": By thrusting his sword or pointing his fingers toward his opponent, Azazel can evoke a colossal lightning bolt to strike the ground with tremendous force.
  • Raimeizan literally meaning "Thunderclap Strike": While engulfed in lightning, Azazel lunges at his opponent with extreme speed and delivers a devastating strike with his sword.
  • Raitei no Tsurugi literally meaning "Sword of the Thunder Emperor": Azazel discharges lightning from his body and concentrates the amassed energy into his sword. The effects of this technique were never shown.
  • Raitei no Jugai literally meaning "Heavy Armor of the Thunder Emperor": As Azazel channels lightning into his weapon, he uses the surplus power coming off of it to cover his entire body in lightning while also creating a lightning shield with his free hand. The lightning surrounding his body acts like offensive armour, effectively eliminating Azazel's blind spots.
    • Raijin no Hoyo literally meaning "Embrace of the Thunder God": Azazel discharges the electricity surrounding his body, engulfing his attacker in a ferocious burst of lightning.
  • Kami Chigiri literally meaning "Divine Slayer": A powerful attack that requires Azazel to heighten his power and senses to the utmost limit. Black flames engulf his sword as he leaps into the air. He then performs a powerful slash that hurls the flames in a single, ruinous attack.


This shield is said to be sentient, and will grow as Azazel grows, making many people believe that the shield is just a manifestation of himself. The shield can have hellfire and lightning surrounding it, Azazel's two major current elements, and is apparently customizable, being able to change its abilities and even its colour scheme if Azazel asks it to, though there is an apparent limit to what it can change. It is rumoured that the Aegis has far greater powers, but they cannot be released as yet because of a combination of factors, with Azazel lacking the imagination required to produce said abilities and the fact that the bond with the shield was only made recently.

This is a black shield with yellow overtones with the head of a lion crafted onto it in a golden material. This material allows the shield to not only defend, but passively paralyze the opponent with physical contact. The shield can be considered a mirror of recollection, being able to absorb and reflect attacks with twice the intended damage. However, this sadly does not apply for those attacks that are non-magical, and this ability does have a cooldown period. The mouth of the lion serves as a augmentation point however, and as the cooldown only applies to those attacks that are incoming all spells channeled through the Aegis automatically multiply in potency/efficiency by 2 producing Azazel's favourite exploit. 

It passively generates a wave of concussive energy to repel an unsuspecting opponent, and when active, generates a forceful blast to send an enemy back through the mouth of said lionhead figure, pushing them back through structures. Perhaps the shield can also represent the fact that Azazel is a mutant? It is unknown at the current moment, because Azazel never bothered to ask it as yet.

The Aegis can set up heat-absorbing plasma to defend from heat and thermal radiation, defend itself with an additional magnetic field which actually grants the wielder a form of, force-field, and even help bend light around the user and rener them completely invisible to all forms of visual perception.


  • The only girl Azazel has ever had feelings for is dead in his native universe, though he has no idea since they were separated when he moved to Bardock. As of April 17, 1500, Azazel is aware of the death of Liara.
  • The real reason Azazel is in the Lookout Universe in the first place is because Gozed teleported Bardock to the universe without telling him where he put Bardock or how to use the teleporter.
  • Azazel was going to be taught how to garden as a homage to Melusines, but thought it would be awkward when their students met.
  • Azazel is a member of his ancestor's army, though he is lost so he blends in.
  • He is a direct descendant of Gozed, with an absurdly strong connection, due to being connected genetically thorugh Huck.
  • The reason his DNA can't be stolen is because he is part-Cosmic Being.
  • He can potentially inherit the reins of power of the N.S.D whenever Gozed gets bored.
  • Azazel's culinary skills are a result of him being a child prodigy, multipotentialite, semi-tramautized (went to mental health facility to recover), practice, and it being the major way he can express his emotions or concepts.