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Beta Tuffle is a race created by Thaxander12, they're a free usage race found inside the dark galaxy. They are all a subdivision of the tuffle race.


Beta Tuffle's are made from the Omni-Computer, a giant sentient computer found somewhere in the Dark Galaxy. This computer has gathered data all over the universes, converting the deceased remains of others into energy that they'd use to reshape. Beta Tuffles have been found in Universe 6 and other places, it is common that they seek out the strongest to convert and transform.

Constantly, beta tuffles came to the attention of Champa, and Vados. Though they have MOST been related to saiyans, being the cavalry to assist saiyans on CONSTANT times..



  • ​Tuffle Revenge
  • ​Tuffle Knight
  • ​Super Tuffle 1
  • ​Super Tuffle 2
  • ​Super Tuffle 3
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