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The Great Universal Revolution, also known as the War of Existence, or the Multiversal Revolution, was an extremely massive upheaval revolution superwar that took place between the Universal Superstate of Alliances (System) and the Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces (GUAOF), across all planes of existence, including all twelve universes. It began following several years of raising tension and rebellion across Universe 7, in response to spreading Lookout Crew and democratic influences and the coming of the Great Hokai, a rare existential comet giving the elite Eldreyn elves great power, who had secretly been running the entire universal system for billions of years and were going to use the Hokai to take it even further, believing they are the master race. Lasting from 1113 to 1125, the time period of the revolution was a bloody mess of complete chaos, disorder, genocide, anarchy, opposition, insurrection, and total revolution that ripped the existence apart.

Overall, the conflict remains the largest and most complex multiversal conflict that ever occurred at any point in existence. Starting off, both sides of the war comprised half of Universe 7 (hundreds of billions of galaxies worth), but expanded to all 12 universes. It succeeded the First Universal Revolution and the Herulean War as the largest wars ever. The Lookout Crew played a large role and defeated the final villain, System leader Ninthalor. The aftereffects of the revolution affected all facets of both mortal and divine society; socially, politically, economically, diplomatically, etc. The entire universe's old system collapsed and was replaced with the new, more democratic Universal International.

It was an RP superarc by TheGreatKuzon!, which ended off Lookout I. It began on 22 September and ended on 29 December 2015.

Disturbed - Down With The Sickness

the Multiverse


universal conquest map


typical universe map (Universe 7 shown)


These are the numbers for Universe 7. Similar statistics for the other 11. Other multiverses effected (probably a lot) are not considered.

  • GUAOF = 50 bil galaxies owned by 8 superempires (pop. 350 duodecillion)
    • TGE = 3 bil galaxies (pop. = 85 duodecillion / mil pop. =  25 duodecillion)
    • Edenia = 20 bil (pop. =  110 duodecillion / mil pop. = 55 duodecillion)
    • Other 6 empires  = 27 bil galaxies (pop. 135 duodecillion / mil pop. = 85 duodecillion)
  • System = 50 bil galaxies owned by 5 superempires (pop. 350 duodecillion)
    • Each empire = 10 bil galaxies (pop. 35 duodecillion each / mil pop. = 20 duodecillion each)

Total casualties

  • GUAOF = 87 duodecillion estimated
  • System = 100 duodecillion estimated
  • Universe 7 total = 187 duodecillion (out of 700 duodecillion universal population)
  • Multiversal total = 22 tredecillion (out of 200 tredecillion multiversal population)


Insanity. Chaos. Terror. Death. Those are only some of the words that come to mind when most think of the Great Universal Revolution. Such an event crippled the foundations of existence itself. The great supersystem that everything ran on for so long turned against itself.

The Supersystem (or System) had billions of years to amass its multiversal strength, meanwhile the loosely-organized GUAOF had 4 months (gaining strength through courage and willpower). In reality, most of the revolution wasn't even the System vs GUAOF. It was all 12 universes worth of galaxies exploding into anarchy and rebellions (or just war for no reason), and most didn't identify as System or GUAOF (though they were labeled anyway). Both sides played their cards right though and knew every move worked in either's advantage.

The Eldreyn elves (specifically the Duur Clan) of the Universal Supersystem waited over 500 billion years for the next Great Hokai, which they'd use to gain ultimate power and take over existence as the superior masterrace. They spent all that time planning the war in which they'd do so. It was to be 5 years, but what they didn't plan on however--was the Lookout Crew. They were there at the exact right place and right time in history. The result was an extended, 12-year cataclysmic conflict, and in the end, the Eldreyn lost by a scratch.

The Gods and the entirety of the divine (and mortal) realms were either thrown off balance or destroyed. Their powers and influence were rendered useless. Eventually most of the gods would destroy each other in battle or be absorbed by a mortal being to obtain power--the ultimate goal of Ninthalor (and was almost successful).

Due to death existing but there being no 'afterlife' concept anymore (Other World being destroyed), the souls of those who died floated endlessly until captured, and used to fuel a weapon or be eternally tortured in another realm. There was no escaping existence whatsoever.

A full documentary of the entire war was compiled and released in 1131; Revolution. The war was extremely massive and nearly impossible to completely document and organize (as trillions of records were destroyed or lost before it even ended). 


Pre-War (1108-12)

The Herulean War (1100-01) marked the transition into universal interdependence, or universalization--where the universe works together and share political/social/economical/cultural issues. This created a 'uniconomy', the massive network of empires, planets, galaxies, and other governments participating in trade and diplomacy. Kuzon Jr., a renowned revolutionary politician, influenced universalization greatly with his promotion of social democracy and uniliberalism, concepts he proved can work.

During the 1108-10 period, in which Emperor Kuzon Jr. was undertaking his great KJ Over the Universe political tour, much propaganda (anti-democratic) was spread by unknown sources that most suspected were the Universal Supersystem (a very high council system of elites that dominate universal politics indirectly). They would be correct. KJ himself a member of House Farwyn (part of the council), noticed many of his fences and contacts dropped him and suspicious activity was occurring. After returning to Earth in September 1110, KJ faced much praise but also much criticism for leaving Earth for such a long time. Tensions were arising amongst universal noblemen and elite, as much trade and economic status dropped significantly, like a crash. Such a crash occurred on 11 November 1111, which also barely effected the Great Empire's economy. Throughout most of 1111, everything remained in relative peace though conflicts were increasing. The entire supersystem had a temporary shutdown in January 1112, which significantly affected all trade. The system went into complete chaos, and billions of planets began losing power and money, as well as influence. Alliances dropped everywhere. By fall, the entire universe was in chaos and approaching a completely new discourse of events.

Along with heavy tensions, speculation was raised highly in the fall of 1112. Originally having a Grand Council planned for September, it was suddenly put off until further notice (which hadn't happened in over 700 years). This raised suspicions among the elite community of blackmail and fraud, as well as treason. Immediately some planets took executive martial action. Many went into a full state of martial law. The universe was not heading in a good direction at all, and it was about to escalate to a point of no return.

The Meeting (1112)


Several Lookout Crew members, mainly UAGP leaders, arrived to the Universal Embassy of the Milky Way Galaxy on 25 November 1112 after Emperor Kuzon Jr. received a letter from the head Councilman himself asking to meet personally with UAGP leaders. Among those who arrived are Nami and Kasai Minato of the USP, Leogian of the Legion, A'vallach, Zion IV, Kuzon Jr. of TGE, and Aku Cipher of Edenia. As apart of the conduct at the embassy, they were all required to show respect and wear fine nobleman clothes before entering. After doing so quite reluctantly, they entered and were greeted by Haedorn, and brought to a council room where he put a magical seal on the door.

He then informed them of a constant ever-growing universal-wide rebellion and that the system may be on the verge of collapse, and it has been so for the past decade, more than any other time in history. Stating that there are specific 'influences' in past years (glancing at KJ), that are causing large scale rebellion to rise up, he made note that all UAGP leaders should take cautions to prepare for a major crisis that may be on the forefront in following months. After so, he took questions, but acted reluctant and strangely to answer some. Becoming annoyed, he ended the meeting and stepped through a portal and disappeared, unlocking the door seal. Kasai made note that Aku Cipher had taken evil control over Edenia and brainwashed Ian, however it was passed off by everyone as an issue for a later time. They then left the embassy.

Christmas Council


Exactly one month after UAGP leaders were invited to the Universal Embassy, an extremely secretive council-of-powers was held deep in an abandon temple on a barren planet in the South Quadrant. The most prominent and powerful universal leaders were invited by KJ a day earlier, and told to not tell anyone anything about the meeting or what would come of it. Several UAGP and Lookout Crew members also were invited. This would be known as the Christmas Council, for it took place 25 December 1112.

Everyone showed up (including Avallec'h, Nami, Kasai, and Erebus), and KJ met them in a secret room locked with a magic seal in the temple. Here, KJ told them his thoughts and theory on what was going on. He had seen strange soldiers and bases open up weeks earlier around the universe. He said he suspected that the Universal Supersystem (which most of the people there were unaware of, as usual), the backbone of control within the universe secretly for millions of years, felt it was losing its power in recent years, due to specific democratic influences (brought on by KJ himself mostly), inciting large riots, rebellion and tensions to rise everywhere overthrowing non-democratic governments, and that they may be preparing to 'get their power back' through force. KJ advised everyone to begin preparing for a possible oncoming superwar between major universal alliances. He then proposed, with the leaders, to form a major alliance of the universe's most powerful empires that oppose the System. They organized a system and officially signed the document, officially creating the Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces (GUAOF). Everyone shook hands and left the temple. Now, the future seems even more bleak.

Begin the Revolution (1113)

Times and tensions were higher than ever in the months following the declaration of the GUAOF. Rebellion, revolution, overthrowing of governments, riots, and everything were everywhere--and it was approaching the UAGP now. KJ worked very worried and stressed during this time, as he felt something was up. These would soon escalate quickly. On the morning of April 15th 1113, around 8am, Earth was in a normal state of tranquility, as the full effects of what was going on hadn't struck them yet. However, the sky was gloomy. Above the sky, was the EarthNet (eNet), which was also being normally patrolled by patrolships. Suddenly, a ship's radar detected a huge unidentified spaceship coming straight for Earth; followed by hundreds of other smaller ones.

Action was immediately taken, the eNet was locked, and all cites on Earth went into lockdown. The ship got closer, and revealed itself to be extremely large. The ships warned it to stop or it'd be damaged, but the ship ignored them, and fired a laser that easily tore through the eNet. It then went direct to Supreme City, slowly yet steadily. It landed in the city, and was half the size of it. KJ was asleep in the castle, but was woken by a guard immediately and he rushed out to see what was going on. The ship's doors then opened, and hundreds of elf guards walked out, and began keeping citizens from entering the center of the city. A red carpet was rolled out and 4 higher-status Sentinels walked to KJ, who was on the steps of the ePalace. One was in elite robes, the other 2 guards, and one was in a blue hooded robe, tall, and couldn't see their face.

They stated they were part of a high elite organization known as the Supersystem (which KJ already knew about of course), and that the Lookout Crew had been causing democracy to spread everywhere and thus incite rebellion against what powers the Supersystem (the backbone of the universe for millions of years), and that it was their time to "be taught obedience, and to learn their place". The lead Sentinel then summoned a piece of parchment and a table, and, representing the Supersystem, declared official war on the Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces. KJ summoned Nikad and Leogian to the scene before he signed it. Erebus was there as well already. He then, reluctantly, signed the declaration, officially plunging them into universal superwar and inciting extreme chaos and revolution everywhere. After some more insulting words by the Sentinel about the common people's "place", he then stated that the System would be 'waiting for them. Everywhere.' They then all packed back into the giant ship, and it teleported away, and the city returned to normal but confusion. KJ felt very bad, and had few words to comment. "We will face them as we have others before, and we will defeat them." It was now the beginning of a revolution.

Battle at Phuur



It was silent and dark in the space, near the borders of the Great Empire. The date is 26 April 1113, 11 days after war was declared--and everyone is waiting, just waiting, for something to suddenly happen. No one knows where, or how. Or who. However, a large corecarrier ship orbits just outside the border, hidden in darkness. Elite Guards release charged-up Sentinel soldiers, which are extremely powerful 10 foot tall black mecha-robots that carry 8 foot long superguns (called Tocs). In the thousands, they release from their cells and turn into balls, and shoot to a large grid base that is near the Great Empire warbase, Phuur. The guards then tell them "It is time to teach the rebellionists a lesson of whom is their master." A sentinel fires the very first shot, heard across the universe, at the base, which is half the size of Earth and guarded by on-patrol soldiers.

The soldiers instantly retaliate and begin firing back. The thousands of sentinels fold up into small black metal balls and bullet straight into the base's defenses, transforming back into Sentinels, and begin taking down the soldiers quite easily. The soldiers hold them off for a while. Avallac'h, Erebus, Leogian, Geyser, Nikad, and Kasai appear at the scene immediately, and alerts are send from the base to Earth where KJ/General Olleus receive them and declare Earth on official lockown. All the warriors begin fighting and taking on the Sentinels, which keep pouring in, in the millions. The entire base is covered in them and they mow down the soldiers. They hold their own against the powerful warriors, and the first time the Supersystem's defenses are ever seen is debuted; ability to create energy negation gate, made of hardest metal ever known, not effected by energy, energy voidation, superbarriers, etc. are on every single Sentinel, and there are billions. They continue to pour out into the 10 billions, and take the base quite quickly with their vastly superior technology.

After they take most of the base, a large Mothership comes out of space. Immediately the warriors turn their attention to it, which has a very strong magic barrier around it. Erebus and Avallac'h take down this barrier through force, and everyone piles in. Nikdian and USP jets/ships begin flying in to help defend Phuur, but it is too late, so they go for the Mothership. The Mothership is full of Elite Guards, which are much more powerful than Sentinels, and even fight the warriors 1 on 1. Eventually, the entire Mothership is destroyed by Geyser and Avallac'h by being torn in half. However, just before that, 3 more Motherships appear and begin pouring thousands of Sentinels. Stressed out, everyone goes for them. In the middle of facing them, a ship even bigger than the Motherships comes out of the darkness--the Mastership.

Immediately, everyone goes for the Mastership while Geyser takes care of the Motherships. The Mastership contains important political elites that are being transported safely. It is also full of Elite Mages, the most powerful warriors yet (beyond Elite Guards). They hold off the warriors with large barriers. The Mastership continues to get pummelled by everyone's strongest attacks. The part with important people suddenly breaks off of the ship and blasts off into space. USP EDP probes go into the ship and gather information from the computers. Suddenly, the entire ship explodes and absolutely nothing is left in the area but empty, silent space. Every Sentinel was destroyed, as well as all the TGE soldiers, and, most importantly, Base Phuur. This was a loss, and only a taste of the System's power. This left KJ worried much more than before about what may be coming.

TGE = 75,000,000,000
USP = 1,000,000
Nikdia = 50,000,000,000
System = 14,000,000,000

Election of Master Commander
A GUAOF council was held on 10 May to discuss having a supreme leader, as the military was still new and very underdeveloped, in need of leadership. There were many candidates, most with a good war leading history. KJ was in attendance, and was a candidate. He was voted for as the Master Commander of the GUAOF forces.

Strike on 607-B


Following the System attack on Phuur, the GUAOF immediately took a few months to develop a retaliation plan that would help get them foothold in the West Quadrant. On 1 June 1113, a small invasion force was sent to invade the System base of 607-B, which was right on the border of the North-West Quadrant sectors (West being under elite control). It was a massive battle, millions of Sentinels and soldiers. However, unlike the last one, the soldiers were not completely being mowed down and overpowered. They held their ground better. Erebus and Domon happened to be around when it happened, and decided to help. After learning that depowering the Powercores within the Mothership is the key, they quickly tried to get into the ship. Though much stronger defenses, they made it through. However, inside, they encountered many Elite Guards and Mages that gave them challenges.

Within the hallway, the two warriors caught a weak important elite Justicar and took him to Earth directly to KJ for questioning. The Justicar stated plans to conquer the universe. He then self-destructed and destroyed a small portion of the ePalace. Erebus and Domon returned, and continued mowing their way through the massive Mothership to get to the Powercore. Groups of GUAOF soldiers on the Mothership helped Erebus and Domon, with their powerful gernades and weapons, even saving their ass in a few situations. Eventually, the two made it to the Powercore area, however, it was locked by a very strong forcefield. Behind it, Master Mages. They ridiculed the two, who eventually made it through the barriers and fought the Mages. After defeating them, Erebus snuck into a large room with a floating green cube. He disguised himself as a Sentinel, but the guards were no fools, and went hostile. He fought them all and the soldiers came and helped rid of them.

Erebus then contacted KJ about what to do with the Powercore. After receiving instruction, Erebus shot a powerful Ki blast into the energy cube, and it went gray and dissipated. The entire ship shut down and turned off, and crashed into a large asteroid and exploded. GUAOF soldiers successfully took control of Base 607-B and established territory, their first victory. Erebus and Domon returned back to Earth.

GUAOF = 850,000,000,000 (TGE = 150,000,000)
System = 2,000,000,000,000

Mass Invasion of the West Quadrant



The System had quickly taken control of at least 2/4 of the universe, which a lot of included the West Quadrant. The East was their capital/origin quadrant. GUAOF forces were strong in the South so only half of it was taken thus far. On 25 July 1113, KJ planned for and called for a massive invasion of the Quadrant to re-conquer and claim it from the System (most of it at least). All the GUAOF waited just outside the legal 'border' of the quadrants for several days, preparing for a massive battle. Eventually, he then made the call for launch. Quickly, extremities rose and explosions/bodies were absolutely everywhere. Billions of ships were launching into each other, while billions of Sentinels were jumping on them like insects and tearing into them. However, the GUAOF held strong for a while.

That is, until the System launched their more powerful forces, which were underestimated and unprepared for. The forces quickly mowed down all GUAOF ships, which were occupying nearly 1/4 of the entire universe. All the Lookout Crew leaders quickly retaliated and personally joined the battles, beginning to take down ships and Holonets that were absolutely everywhere. The goal was to get to Planet Taravin and kill Elsyntris Duur, one of the System princes. However, this goal was soon forgotten as the System's forces began to challenge even the Lookout Crew, in this case; Nikad, Leogian, Kasai, and Erebus. Realizing the entire invasion was futile, KJ ordered all GUAOF forces to retreat from the quadrant, having made little progress and being far overpowered. The Lookout Crew stayed to fight, however, were also overpowered, especially when they were suddenly force-teleported out of the quadrant and a barrier was put up by the System.

They then went to the ePalace to discuss with KJ the plans. KJ said it was mostly his fault for failure of planning, but next time, the invasion force would be much stronger and more prepared. Everyone was dismissed.

GUAOF = 25,000,000,000,000 (TGE = 2,000,000,000 / USP = 10,000,000 / Nikdia = 50,000,000,000)
System = 22,000,000,000,000

Further training
Leogian allowed many GUAOF forces to reside on the Legion Planet and train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, KJ and Olleus readied the military to be more efficient and organized, as it was obviously very hard to keep organize of half the universe.

Capture of West Quadrant



Only weeks after the failed Invasion of the WQ, KJ ordered another more planned invasion, this time much more prepared. On 8 August 1113, all GUAOF ships, including USP and Leo's Legion, arrived at the borders of the WQ. After a speech by KJ, all the ships launched. They immediately met System ships and there was great warfare everywhere, just like last time. 1/4 the entire universe was set ablaze by the thunder of revolution. During this time, Leogian, Kasai, and Erebus made their way through the warfare to the capital planet of Tarnava, where there was said to be the Alphacore, the core that powered all technology systems in the quadrant.

Breaking through several holonets and barriers with the help of mages, they made their way to the Planet in no time. Once near the planet, they shapeshifted into Eldreyn, and went onto the planet. The planet was very lush and Earth-like, with a giant political city of white stone buildings and commonfolk. Zion IV and Kuzey arrived to help at this time, being sent by KJ. Kasai spoke down to a Justicar guarding the City Palace, which towered over the city. The Justicar arrested him, and went away from the door. The others snuck into the palace, where a giant nobleman fancy party was going on between elites. They asked a Justicar where the Alphacore was. He questioned them, then went to open the door, before being destroyed by Erebus.

After being told he was important, they waited until they saw another Justicar open the door to the basement with a magical seal. They followed him. In the basement, was a giant glowing blue core; the Alphacore. They shot their most powerful attacks into it, which caused all the Guards/Justicars to go hostile and attack them. KJ appeared to help take the guards while the others focused. After depowering and destroying the core, everyone quickly left and the entire planet exploded. All System forces in the entire universe, including Sentinels, and everything, depowered. It was silent. Everyone went back to Earth.

GUAOF = 22,000,000,000,000,000 (TGE = 10,000,000,000 / USP = 1,000,000)
System = 25,000,000,000,000,000

Invasion of Nikdia



Following the great victory of the West Quadrant, there was a 2-month wait for any major activity. Though there was no very major activity, strange trade ships appeared and entered Planet Nikdia. Claiming they were there on trade, they were easily able to bypass the planet's weak security. Men talked to General Kyunameii personally (though it wasn't the real him), before tricking him and locking him in a cage aboard the ship with a magic seal. Afterwards, they transformed into Eldreyn Guards and then the ship rose, and began bombing the city. A mass invasion force broke through the planet's holonet and began warfare against the Nikdian Forces.

GUAOF ships were soon to follow. Nikad, Kyunameii, the Generals, Avallac'h, Domon, and Zion IV all were present on the planet and helped fight Master Mages and Guards. The capital city of Nikdia was quickly overcome by System forces and Sentinels. GUAOF ships and soldiers helped fight off the System invaders, but the System quickly spread throughout the planet to every major city. There was a long battle, before the entire Nikdian capital was blown to shambles by bombs. Suddenly, a golden warship debuted at the scene, and Golden Sentinels were released. These were extremely powerful compared to normal sentinels. They were able to easily take Zion IV, who fought them. They shot into the ground suddenly, and out of no where, a giant laser the size of the entire Capital shot into space. The entire capital was destroyed and all that was left was a 20,000-mile-deep crater.

At the bottom, Zion IV fought the Golden Sentinels, but became overpowered. The others came to help, however, the System ships began leaving the planet, having already caused large-scale destruction. Nikad left to meditate with Kyunameii, leaving the planet to their protection. By the end, Nikdia's main cities were all in shambles and destroyed. Billions were killed. However, it was considered a GUAOF victory as the System did not conquer the planet.

GUAOF = 75,000,000,000 (Nikdia = 5,000,000,000)
System = 120,000,000,000

Breaching of Base Unnsei (1114)



KJ called forth Kasai, Erebus and Leogian to help with a major mission that would greatly help in the war effort, on 18 January 1114. However, this mission would require great stealth and secrecy. The plan was to get a hold of extremely important documents with crucial war information. The location was the heavily guarded System Masterbase Unnsei. Probe ships were sent to extract the documents, which were laminated in a special energy only the probes could cut through. The warriors accompanied them.

They appeared on the planet, and immediately hid their energy and Erebus turned into dark energy. The others kept watch of guards while Erebus teleported into a probe. The probe went through an air conditioning vent to a dark room with filing cabinets. KJ contacted Erebus with info, telling him to wait until approximately 8:26pm (1 min), when a guard will come through the door into the room with a key, which must be pickpocketed off of him. The guard came in and checked ledgers. Nikad swiftly stole the key and gave it to Erebus. The guard left the room turning the light back off and Erebus opened the cabinets, got the papers, and all of them returned to Earth. However, just as they left, guards discovered the other probes outside and knew someone breached the base. The base went on lockdown and began attacking GUAOF ships thus beginning a battle.

Erebus gave KJ the papers without reading them first. However, KJ looked at them; they were blank white. Erebus grabbed the wrong ones. Everyone sighed and returned to the base, this time bringing Kuzey along (who wanted to help). They piled through Elite Guards and mages, entering the palace on the base where the filing room was. They fought their way through, with Kuzey leading the way with advanced magical skills (recently graduating from Nu-Del). They broke into the room, however, it was burned and emptied. They saw guards with all the papers running down a hall deep in the palace. They chased them but got surrounded by Master Mages. After a short challenging fight, they got the papers and teleported back to Earth.

KJ and his scientists (EDI Department) examined and studied them. Leogian translated and deciphered them. There were many great plans in them and important file info of System plans and concepts for later usage.

Siege of 771-D - Battling Elsyntris



A week after the important files were stolen from Unnsei, the time had come to face the first System Prince--Elsyntris Duur, who was discovered after reading through the papers. His location was to be Base 771-D on the border of the North-East Quadrant, on 25 January 1114. GUAOF forces began gathering there and the Lookout Crew (Kasai, Kuzey, Leogian, Nikad, Domon, Zion, Erebus) also went, for the specific purpose of facing the Prince. KJ went himself as well, in his gi (as he rarely takes part in war conflicts). Warfare was instigated, and everyone began taking on and piling through Sentinels. While ships entered warfare, the Crew immediately turned their goals to getting into the giant Palace Tower on the base to face the Prince faces-to-face. Piling through millions of Mages and Guards, they broke the magical seal into the palace, which was mostly empty except for some Master Mages. After defeating them, they continued into a giant hallway which had giant doors at the end.

After trying to pry them open, the doors opened themselves, and everyone entered into a giant blue room with lakes in it, that went on for miles. In the center of the room, there was a platform with a throne, and a man sitting on it. The door shut behind everyone. The man stood up and walked forward towards everyone, talking about how they made it that far, and the System would always be superior. He then revealed himself as Elsyntris Duur, Prince of the Universal Supersystem. He became hostile, and everyone attacked. His skills were shown to be very great, as he dispatched the warriors quite easily. Not far in, he wanted a bigger battle space, so he ripped the roof off of the Palace and they all went into space. Like Broly, Elsyntris merely dodged every attack every Crew member threw at him at once, just standing there. He released attacks that destroyed thousands of planets and drained energy from them. Afterwards, he flew to where the warfare was going on, and competely destroyed the entire Base, including al GUAOF and System forces, to 'get them out of the way'. Now the fight was really on.


After several more hours of fighting, the warriors began to transform. Elsyntris went ahead and carried the tradition, and transformed into a giant blue shell. The shell kept growing until it was the size of Earth, then released. Out of the smoke revealed Elsyntris as a giant blue fox-like creature that was extremely powerful with 50 huge tails, the size of Earth. He rushed the crew and took all of them. When they attacked, his tails did the work for him and dodged then. All non-magic attacks didn't work, and magic attacks barely worked on the beast. Elsyntris released giant waves that destroyed hundreds of galaxies at a time. Leogian, Erebus and Nikad all ganged on him and forced him to descend back to his normal form. Nikad them created a 100,000x Kamerasendori in Ultimate Nexus and fired it at full strength. Elsyntris took this using much of his own energy.

Meanwhile, Erebus and Kasai tried to kill him while he was clashing. Elsyntris suddenly locked Kasai to him and said 'if I go, you are going with me'. The beam collide engulfed them both and ripped off Kasai's arm and leg and destroyed Elsyntris, along with the Multiversal Rock technqiue created by Nikad which barely effected him as well. Everyone was tired by the end of the battle, but the first prince was defeated. KJ and Kuzey helped as well with the beam collides. They all returned to Earth to discuss what comes next..

GUAOF casualties = 200,000,000,000,000
System casualities = 76,000,000,000,000

Congress of States



Several months after Elsyntris' defeat, the time had come for the entire GUAOF to host a large political meeting to discuss further plans and actions, as well as generate new concepts and ideas, study the Unnsei files, and more. KJ, as Master Commander, hosted the meeting on the political planet of A'Shai, inside of the Great A'Shai Palace, from 10 to 17 July 1114. Exactly 400 of the most important key GUAOF leaders went, excluding the Lookout Crew (Kasai, Azura, Decaun, Bisani, KJ, Kuzey, Domon, Leogian, Avallac'h, Ulysses, Nikad, Erebus, and Mars). For 1 week, they sat at a giant political round table, covered with a forcefield, and discussed ideas and war technology improvements.

It was very crowded and the meetings gathered attention all over the universe. There was much media hype. Quadrillions of people all over the universe tuned in to watch it live as well. By the end of the week, everyone was tired and droopy. All the members had lodging and food paid for. KJ stayed n the Hotel de Lu'ville, a famous 5-star royalty hotel, during his stay.

The following ideas came out of the meeting:

  • Creation of the GUAOF Magical Forces
  • Creation of the Superagents (spy/ninja force)
  • Bisani to use his 'special abilities'

System Implements Slavery
On 30 July 1114, the System officially declared slavery to be legal across all conquered planets, for the remainder of the time the war continues. Trillions enslaved into abusive harsh conditions.

The Magic of Dayn-Sol



Following the Congress of States, the GUAOF recognized their next target; Planet Dayn-Sol. They learned from the Unnsei documents that Dayn-Sol was an extremely powerful System base and colonized planet. It also held many many magical energies and was the home to the Supercore, which powered all Alphacores, which powered all Powercores. The entire planet was said to basically be magic. Its defenses were great, too. KJ realized that if they could wipe out the Supercore, that would be a critical hit to their forces in the South Quadrant. So on 9 October 1114, GUAOF forces, including USP and Nikdia, gathered before the planet. Several Lookout Crew members (Zion, Leogian, Kuzey, Avallac'h, Nikad, Domon, Ulysses, Pierce, Azuth, Android X) did as well. The planet was a staggering 10,000x larger than the Sun, and completely went over everyone. It was greenish and gray, with a magical feel to it.


Upon KJ's word, they launched. All the warriors and armies clashed. Kuzey led everyone as they piled through millions upon millions of Sentinel forces. Havng advanced their technology, GUAOF forces held very well and even had special advancements. However, as they neared closer to the planet, Kuzey entered a green mist smoke that began making him lose energy, have hallucinations, and go off balance. He also almost lost his ability to fly. Everyone else was stumped as to how to continue past the gas. Suddenly a GUAOF ship came by and sprayed a special mist that got rid of it. Everyone continued. KJ messaged them saying they may lose their flying abilities entering the planet, as the planet disabled all forms of teleportation, flying etc. With that, they all lost gravity and shot into the planet's atmosphere like meteors on fire.


They landed. Upon landing, Zion, Nikad, Avallac'h and Kuzey were the first. They landed in a giant desolate gray desert, with a colorful sky. The planet was massive and nothing was in sight. Zion used his powers to create a large RV, and they all travelled in it, before Kuzey wrecked it and they walked. They found a map pointing to the capital Uuorshimokanoka. Soon, they saw the 400-mile high walls of the city. They climbed them and broke the barrier. They saw a massive city that was apparently 400 million times the size of Earth. They broke into the city, which was mostly black and had cars going super fast. It was like night-time city blitz. They began running and stealing Tron-like motorcycles to get to the center of the city where the Supercore was. KJ lost all contact by this point. Kuzey developed a plan for everyone to purposely get arrested for speeding and put in jail so Android X (who was alrady at the center) could break them out. So they did.


After being broke out, they were surrounded by guards. They fought them and gained entry into the Palace where a giant blue beam was shooting into space. Inside, it was coming from the ground. They all jumped inside of the hole. Kuzey accidently had his leg torn off by the beam but was healed by Nikad. After freefalling 400,000 miles, they landed in an underground cavern next to the core it was coming from. Suddenly a man on a throne got up and revealed himself as the Master Justicar. He teleportation-negated the room and fought everyone. He was very strong and capable. Eventually, after hours, him and Android X continued their fight out of the Palace into the city. Everyone else was locked underground. Kasai appeared suddenly and created a black void meant to swallow the entire city. The MJ stopped it however, with advanced skills. He fought Erebus and Leogian on par as well. After a long fight, the void continued to swallow but MJ stopped it. Suddenly Kyunameii also came, and fought the Justicar, followed by a mysterious man, who also rescued the LCrew from underground.

By now, the planet was in chaos. It was falling apart and about to explode. The man helped everyone escape but the planet was teleportation-negated. He used a strange magic to break through though. Instantly, the entire planet exploded and everyone was saved with milliseconds to spare. The MJ was killed in the explosion. Kuzey, Ulysses, Azuth, and everyone underground was out of energy and weakened from the planet's radiation, which harmed the entire Lookout Crew, and brought to a strange planet by the man. KJ appeared and had everyone return to Earth, where they discussed what happened..

GUAOF casualties = 340,000,000,000,000,000
System casualties = 900,000,000,000,000,000

The Great Ikimono



KJ was talking to his advisors on 28 November 1114, mainly General Olleus, about specific discoveries found while translating the Unnsei files. It was just then that Ryuge, Leogian and Erebus appeared in his office. KJ told them of a high power level and disturbance detected far off in Sector 17, near the East Quadrant border. It was unknown what it was, so he told them good luck as they teleported there. Leo and Erebus stayed behind though. Upon arriving, the space was usual, dark and silent. Though it appeared many planets were missing or destroyed. Ryuge picked up the high energy level and began flying towards it, though it was harder than he thought. As he drew closer, he heard loud "NEEARGH" roars and whale screechings and wheezings in space when suddenly, a giant monsterous space worm wrapped around a large planet and ate it in one bite. As Ryuge, surprised, prepared for battle, Domon arrived to help.

Both of them rushed the giant worm, who simply used its tail to flick them away with their attacks.  They kept doing futile attempts to take the worm, but eventually gained hold of it. After an hour of fighting the giant disgusting thing, Domon noticed a blue ball of energy in the back. Ryuge used this to his advantage when he used his most powerful 'Dragon's Roar' technique. ADD MORE

Invasion of District 4 & Hesos conflict (1115)

10/15 - 24/15 


KJ called the Lookout Crew forth to announce late plans/intentions to launch an invasion of District 4 of the South Quadrant, which would conquer a lot of the half-System-dominated quadrant, and allow GUAOF to cut a clear pathway to conquering the whole quadrant. Everyone had short time to prepare and get ready. On 1 February 1115, GUAOF forces were stationed along the border of the South Quadrant (through the conquered West). The GUAOF forces were revised and included the new Magic Armada, of professionally trained mages, many from Nu-Del. The invasion then launched into action; Leogian, Nikad, Domon, and The Lost One all were there to fight as well.

After 4 days of fighting, the GUAOF forces made little progress and were being badly beaten by the opposing forces. In the midst of the giant Hesos incident, which kept the Lookout Crew focused on it and not helping GUAOF, and Edenia preparing to wage war on TGE to make matters worse, on 5 February, KJ and the Kuz's were on New Earth helping heal nearly all Earthlings (who were evacuated there) when GUAOF Generals at District 4 recommended they retreat immediately. KJ told them to retreat, thus losing the battle due to outnumbering and outpowering, as well as not having many assets as before (the LCrew, etc.). However, he said they would prepare to launch another invasion very soon.

GUAOF = 3,000,000,000,000,000,000
System = 750,000,000,000,000,000

Hesos Incident

February 5th was a very chaotic day. A powerful monstrous villain named Hesos fought the Lookout Crew, in the midst of all the chaos, only making it worse. He was eventually destroyed by the Owari Star by KJ.

Captured: Avallac'h
On 8 Feb 1115, Avallac'h and Domon visited a System base in South Quadrant District 8. There they were met with hostility, and were locked in a magical sealed cage by guard torturers. Just before they were about to be tortured, the guards were called elsewhere. Suddenly the cage appeared inside of a giant Toxic Waste Dump room on the same base. Ava used his power to break through the cage with Domon. They covered their faces as large dump trucks with steampunk-looking Guards drove around moving large piles of toxic chemical waste from the engineering factory above. They disguised themselves as Justicars and took an elevator to the top of the base. After a guard told them of all the secret System bases, they traveled there and discovered an invisible/intangible giant Engineering factory base. They gained entrance inside (wearing thick armor and gas masks), and told a guard of GUAOF rebels.

The guard ordered the entire base on lock down, and mages were ordered into check every factory worker's lifeforce. They got to Ava and Domon, sensing they were not true Eldreyn, and immediately turned hostile and fought them. The mages successfully held them both down as they dragged them to a large room with a Powercore, which emitted toxic radiation. Ava was taken and Domon broke out and called the Spur Army there to help fight. Ava was sent in a probe to another base, where he was locked in a specialized high-security prison cell, and fully drained of fighting ability. A Master Justicar came by to inform him that he had been captured. Domon returned to Earth to inform everyone.

February Accords
KJ and other GUAOF Emperors formed an independent socio-diplomatic peace organization called the Universal Peace Initiative on 25 February 1115, with the goal to nourish and improve negotiation between the System and GUAOF, in hopes to persuade them to end the war (which KJ knew deep down would fail, but tried nonetheless). The UPI needed 5 Ambassadors, and KJ wanted them to be LCrew members:

  • Ambassador of Warfare/Trade - Leogian
  • Ambassador of Health - Nikad
  • Ambassador of Economics - KJ
  • Ambassador of Intelligence - Melusines
  • Ambassador of Science/Energy -

Invasion of District 4 Part II


  • GUAOF launches re-invasion of District 4 on 1 April 1115 (better prepared)
  • Hesos reappears in Perfect Form, multiplies into millions, ravages battlefield + attacks Earth (KJ defends) --> sends in Magical Armada
  • USP suddenly turns against GUAOF and attacks. Sora controls them; creates Dark Nebula of corruption.
  • Domon, Kuzey and Kuzynthia (who wanted to fight) fight against it; Domon succumbs to corruption.
  • Kuzynthia fights Sora, but Domon joins and helps fight Sora. She soon gets a little corrupted, Kuzey saves her and puts on Medic ship and teleports her elsewhere in space. He fights Domon. Meanwhile, KJ fights Android X in the Nebula.
  • Leogian fights Hesos the entire time, eventually desroys him.
  • KJ destroys Android X with C.U. His clones attack, which Leo offers to help with. Clones later form back into X, but is destroyed by Leo. KJ goes back to lead GUAOF, who are now out of the scene.
  • Nikad not present but talks to Leo from Nikdia.
  • Sora expands Nebula to GUAOF forces, but KJ intervenes with an Owari Star the entire time.
  • Portals open and trillions of Hell denizen souls pour onto GUAOF ships and attack. Leo, after destroying Hesos, rushes there and destroys them all.
  • Kuzey finishes off Domon and knocks him out.
  • Erebus appears and puts the Nebula into a void and destroys it. Kuz's return to Earth. Leo and Erebus destroy the Mastership core (which Sora is on trying to join MJ system) and GUAOF conquers District 4. Sora saves MJ and escapes. Everyone later meets to discuss further plans.

GUAOF = 888,000,000,000,000,000
System = 21,000,000,000,000,000,000

The Eldreyn Reformation
In the midst of the war, the System increased its efforts to recolonize the Eldreyn race, which was virtually extinct for millions of years, across the universe within their territory. They used scientific methods to create genetically-modified fetuses and some cloned adult Eldreyn members of the System. The Eldreyn lived on their own personal planets free from other races, and had great hospitality. Over time, quickly and steadily, the race would repopulate rapidly spreading their masterrace ways of life, oppressing others' religions and ways of life. Other races conquered by the System would stay on their planets or be force-relocated to giant overcrowded ghetto planets.

Levelling the South Quadrant



May 8th 1115 marked the Lookout Crew's 75 year anniversary. Many gathered on the Lookout to look at old photos and nostalgize. Then KJ announced it was time for the planned second Invasion of the South Quadrant, this time clearing 5 districts, and allowing GUAOF to conquer almost half of it. Nikad died of old age 2 months earlier, and was in Other World fighting (making Kyunameii King) Trias during the battle, and Trias went back and forth to help the GUAOF. 

  • GUAOF forces launch full on invasion of small Districts 5, 10, 11, 13, and 15 through newly-conquered District 4. Each has a Mastership.
  • Meanwhile, Edenian forces invade the Shizen Gaiden planet and Eclipse fights him.
  • Shortly into the battle, the System launches a secret counter-invasion of the West Quadrant. Kyunameii sends extra forces there to help push them back (which is successful).
  • "Queen of the South" Mastership encountered; strongest yet. Kuzynthia, Domon, and Erebus take it. Very high number of mages/guards. Alphacore destroyed and all System forces collapse, thus allowing GUAOF to successfully conquer further in. Only one more step until they conquer the entire Quadrant (minus the Verevi Pact independent area); District 8 (also where Avallac'h was held).

GUAOF = 400,000,000,000,000,000,000

System = 433,000,000,000,000,000,000

Conquering the South Quadrant



The GUAOF launched a third invasion of the south, now encompassing mainly District 8, the capital district. This is where the Supership with Sora and the Master Justicar would be. On 22 September 1115, all GUAOF forces, Leogian, Domon, Kuzynthia, Kyunameii all gathered in the now-conquered Districts 5-9 to launch the invasion. There were many new System technologies introduced here. Kuzynthia's primary goal was to find and end Sora, who now had connections with the System.

  • Leo, Domon, Kuzynthia, Kyunameii all make it into the Supership, which is Earth-sized but strangely empty and abandon. Flying abilities are disabled.
  • There is a prototype statue of an 'Ultima Sentinel' in it
  • The inside of the ship is mostly composed of a giant city, however made of completely plastic, with no citizens. A prototype for a System utopia.
  • Large teddy bears and plush System dolls lurk around the empty city and attack everyone.
  • Sora reveals himself and launches the entire ship into a giant sun. Everyone escapes onto a planet, and tries to fight him. Kuzynthia demands she fight him to prove herself, and force-teleports them to another dimension.
  • Kuzynthia fights Sora shortly until he reveals he is a fake copy of Android X and the real Sora is in the East Quadrant. She loses interest in fighting and returns them back.
  • The fake Sora suddenly locks everyone down and explodes with immense force of 1/4 of the universe exploding in a 20 feet radius. Everyone is hurt but makes it. Kuzynthia disappeared.
  • Everyone flees elsewhere. Domon returns to Earth and tells KJ. GUAOF forces all are gone from the Quadrant, as they won.

GUAOF = 445,000,000,000,000,000
System = 700,000,000,000,000,000

Universal Expansion Program

Kuzon Jr., as the informal leader of the universe by this point, revealed a new plan he had in October 1115, known as the Universal Expansion program. KJ envisioned the universe having a brand new start, beginning after the war was over. Every major empire would be funded with brand new, newly-refined technology and defense systems. A great era of peace and reconstruction, fixing the mistakes from before the war, would follow. A new University of the Universe, a concept of a college for the entire universe, was created. Everything would be much more efficient, run smoother, and the universe would be much safer. Meanwhile on the far reaches of the Multiverse Trias trained intensely with Nikad and his master, David Vafer. As a result of this extreme training, Trias has managed to gain a form that unlocks his full potential. He has become "The Final". 

The Alcoin Insurrection
The Ersrep Superempire is a major superempire in the universe, and a major member of the GUAOF. Part of them is the smaller Alcoin Empire. However, on 5 November 1115, the High Emperor Erygg arrived unexpectedly at King Throd's palace with a large army, which took control of the city. Erygg and Throd were previously friends, until this day that Erygg turned on him, took control of the planet, and expressed his support for the System. Erygg stated that the Ersrep would be leaving GUAOF and joining with the System, having reached "negotiations" with one of the Princes. Throd and the Alcoin Empire, which still supported GUAOF, rebelled and great chaos arose on the planet. The entire capital city was sacked and burned that night, and they launched into a civil war with the Ersrep. This was a major blow to the GUAOF forces.

War in Everspace



On 3 December 1115, KJ was giving a speech on Planet Yovar and the Crew listened in. After it, he returned to Earth and contacted everyone (Domon, Leogian, Ryuge, Zion IV, Erebus, Mellusines, Gozed, Kyunameii) to the ePalace. He informed them of reports of strange radiating emitting from somewhere in the Toyva Galaxy and for them to investigate. They went there to find a large System base opened up. Leo broke in and allowed the others in, and it appeared to be abandon. Kuzynthia, who decided to pop in and join following her reboost after her fight with Sora, found several Justicars and Guards and Mages in a room hidden under the base under a glass dome. However, they were around something; a giant blue portal that ships/guards went in, being held up by the Mages. Everyone snuck up and broke through, taking on the mages.

  • Everyone successfully defeated the Master Mages and entered the portal. After entering, there was no way to escape at all.
  • Inside was a storming dark blue wormhole. They noticed that physical manipulation and sound waves didn't function properly here, so everyone had to talk through telepathy.
  • The end of the tunnel was chasing behind them. They noticed System ships far ahead, in mass numbers, flying through the wormhole at high speeds.
  • They engaged in battle with the ships, who shot rapid fire back at them forcing them back. The ships tried to push the LCrew into the walls.
  • GUAOF forces suddenly unexpectedly began entering the wormhole through a hole that formed. KJ, who was holding the portal open from the outside base, was allowing GUAOF ships to enter to help everyone. He stuck his head in and telepathically told everyone that outside the walls is a black void, which means instant permanent death.
  • Everspace is basically an interlocked hyperdimension.
  • Kuzynthia interrogated a Justicar, who revealed that the Energy Matrix is at the end, and they'd have to solve it to go past, as well as break the Nanocore. He also said all energy attacks in Everspace were reduced in damage by 75%.
  • GUAOF Ships and System ships continued to fight inside of the quick-moving extremely loud wormhole that appeared to never end. This proved challenging to the LCrew, whom found it hard to communicate and think.
  • Motherships and a Mastership were waiting towards the end. Everyone took them down after a long and strenuous battle.
  • The Lost One joined during this by sneaking in with GUAOF ships

After all the chaos, the System ships were finally destroyed and the LCrew saw the end of the wormhole. There was a very large base floating there. They went deep inside it to find a Master Justicar inside a giant room gaining energy. He began speaking to them.

The Master Justicar revealed that the Lookout Crew were actually travelling in a nanodimensional realm, and were microscopic. He revealed the Nanocore would have to be destroyed to escape, or they'd all die permanently in a void (followed by the light at the end of the tunnel that was chasing them, to catch up and nearly get to them). But most importantly, he revealed that the System was planning to use Everspace to control fundamental elements of the multiverse, and lay the stepping stone to breaking universal barriers -- the "Master Plan".

Following the talking, they all engaged in a lengthy long battle with the MJ. The circumstances were harder due to them being in such a thin and difficult environment, and could get knocked through the wormhole walls and permanently killed. The MJ created a massive black void and nearly klled everyone, however, Domon and Erebus saved them and destroyed the void, and were sent to a black dimension with a floating cube and sphere in it. They solved the Energy Matrix by blasting each side until it turned green and stayed green.

They then destroyed the Nanocore once and for all. Upon being released back into space, the group encountered David Vafer, who swiftly revealed himself to be the first named Master Justicar. Shortly afterwards, he left and Trias stumbled upon the group. Trias asked what had happened to them, as they looked worn out. They informed him only that they had an encounter with David Vafer, and nothing more. The Lost One revealed himself to be Emperor Haul. They then proceeded to head back to Earth.

GUAOF 150,000,000,000,000
System = 173,000,000,000,000

After the Lookout Crew were forcefully returned to Earth, the entire planet was in chaos. It turns out they were in Everspace for 2 weeks of real time. KJ was extremely worried about everyone, and had very bad news; while everyone was gone, and without him or the rest of GUAOF even noticing, the System had implemented a Universal Superlockdown.

The Universal Superlockdown


During the battle in Everspace, in which nearly the whole Lookout Crew was away for 2 weeks without them even knowing, much chaos boiled in the outside universe. The System had deliberately set up the trap to get the LCrew away so they could carry out their biggest and most complex plan ever; a colossal massive universal lockdown grid. This grid was basically a giant array of forcefields, 500 times more powerful than holonets, combined that also negated nearly anything, making it impossible to teleport, communicate long-distance, etc. It was powered by a massive complex system of Supercores. Dimensions were also transversed (locked up) and made travelling by dimension nearly impossible. The Universe was divided into 1,000 districts by the System using this method. Due to the war becoming increasingly complicated, KJ was forced to put the entire Great Empire into martial law and have every planet put on emergency holonet lockdown (no one enters or leaves).

This was by far the largest event in the entire revolution thus far, and incited extreme chaos and turmoil that raged across the universe quickly. Immediately, hundreds of thousands of GUAOF alliances dropped and the war turned in the Supersystem's favor. KJ had compiled official census estimations as well; the official approximate universal population was 700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (700 duodecillion).

Trouble on New Haggar (1116)



The ExpoUniverse is a major universal exhibition event that attracts much media attention annually. The 1116 one would be quite special, and in a new location. Emperor KJ told everyone of it for several months and on 23 March 1116 he set off on ship. He sent a probe to Domon, Ryuge/Shizen, Gozed, Zan IV, Trias, and, surprisingly, Ian, to get ready. They all arrived on Planet Haggar at a giant state-of-the-art complex building, along with millions of other people. Kuzey was also there.

Inside, they explored the exhibits that showed off top technology. However, there was some strange activity going on and Trias investigated. Eventually everyone was called to a large room where a new spaceship model was revealed. Several men left the room suspiciously and Zan IV used his Sharingan to see where they went. He followed them along with Trias. Guards blocking the doors didn't let them past. Meanwhile, unknown to the LC, David Vafer, the first Master Justicar, attended the Expo. He messed with KJ and Domon, but other than that, he showed no hostilities. It's quite apparent he was just there to mess with the LC. KJ then notice what was going on shortly after David's appearance. The LC gathered together outside and waited to see the System's next move.

Everyone in the Expo had to sit outside. The parking lot was massive. Suddenly, a man in a thick coat with a beard walked up to everyone and greeted them. He revealed himself as Kuro. KJ noticed white figures climbing up the Expo to the roof nearby with elf people on top. He immediately got everyone on guard and rushed up. Suddenly 4 massive System ships landed in the parking lot on all sides of the expo. The doors opened and tons of large white robotic figures stormed out in formation. Then suddenly, a figure dropped from the sky and landed on the ground hard.


A voice revealed itself as Priestess Khan, a System special-ops mercenary and Master Justicar, sent to end the Lookout Crew. She began insulting and calling everyone vagabonds. David Vafer watched as it all went down.

  • Asura covered the entire Expo with his Avatar to protect it.
  • Kyunameii was the first to engage in combat with her. She showed great versatility and persistence. Shortly after, Ian joined the fight.
  • Mars landed on the planet on a golden motorcycle with wings, and greeted the LCrew, after many years of not being involved in anything
  • Shizen, Domon, Trias, and Gozed later closed in on her, however, she was not effected and showed no signs of backing down.
  • After a short bit of fighting, she revealed she is out of freetime, looked into space, then suddenly the entire planet exploded with great force. The Grid around the planet went into lockdown and prevented escape.
  • Mars broke a Grid cube and everyone escaped back to Earth.

Khan escaped this time, but now, everyone had even more to fear.

Priestess Khan


Cunning, prideful, bossy, masculine, and strategic. A natural leader. These traits are required to be a System Master Justicar, Special-Ops Agent, and Master of Weaponry and Physics. Priestess Khan is one of the few female Eldreyn that have any political power or status at all. She serves as Master Priestess as well to the High Eldreyn Church, thus her title. She is also extremely powerful. She planned out the Systematic infiltration of the ExpoUniverse to gain important GUAOF files and other technological concepts. She also used it as a way to trap the LCrew, face them, and defeat them. She escaped after their first encounter on Haggar.

Ultima Sentinels

While on Planet Haggar, after the System ships landed and infiltrated the Expo, the crew noticed something they never saw before; large white, thick robotic figures, who formed formations outside the ships. These were Ultima Sentinels, which were smaller in number than Golden or normal Sentinels, and much more powerful. Their job was to mainly accompany important officials such as Master Justicars and Princes. There was no combat however, so they had yet to learn of their strength.

Assassination of Ocarin


At approximately 7:00am on 22 April 1116, advisors were walking through the hallway of the ePalace's Private Chambers, when they discovered Ocarin's body lying in a pool of blood on his bedroom floor. Immediately KJ was alerted and the EDI/police investigation unit. KJ rushed there and Ocarin's body was put on a stretcher and brought underground to the EDI department to be autopsied. They discovered a small sliver of a foreign substance inside of his brain. Shizen Gaiden was there, and tried to read Ocarin's mind to gather his thoughts, however, his brain was emptied. The rest of the Lookout Crew showed up as well, including Mars. His death was ruled an assassination by the enemy, whom Earth was in war with at the time.

Ocarin's funeral was held on 23 April, a mass procession in Supreme City. KJ mourned over the loss of his friend and was silent on the issue in following weeks. After the procession, a private funeral was held on Planet Namek, along the lake where he was hatched. Many Namekians from his village attended. KJ gave a speech commemorating Ocarin, before dumping his ashes into the lake. KJ later named his successor Callum Hawthorne.


David arrived on Earth roughly 10 AM bored out of his mind on April 27th, 1116. He came dressed in a black pullover, black flat cap hat, and Khakis. During the morning, David wondered the city for a little bit, turning several people to stone and smashing them up. David then stumbled upon Zan IV's house, where he proceeded to try and nap on the roof, but Zan wouldn't allow him, in which Zan transferred himself and he house to a different location. Davd, now even more bored, decided to see if he could have a chat with KJ. Upon arriving at the palace, he turned one Guard to stone, and announced to another that he was the First Named Master Justicar. This prompted KJ to interrupt a meeting to confront David. However, David was highly relaxed, as he knew that there wasn't really anything KJ could do about him being there. At 7:45 PM, David was declared an official enemy and is now Recognized as a Master Justicar by the GUAOF.

Other Key events include:

  • Trinex Joins the Lookout Crew.
  • Trias has discovered a way to disrupt the Grid.

Siege of the Empire


The Empire was in relative peace for most of the war thus far, though it began gaining tension, as did all planets. Most of this was successfully calmed by King KJ, who kept Earth among the most peaceful planets that are still in existence. He had also recently helped develop new hypersatellites, which could bypass the Lockdown's effects shortly. On 1 May 1116, KJ left Callum to his duties as he went to inspect TGE bases. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing elsewhere in the Empire..

  • System armada forces began appearing from thin air where the Lockdown grid ended, near TGE Base 05-992 (the farthest-out base). This was due to the ships being invisible while inside the grid, but not in the path of the TGE radars.
  • All bases were alerted. The Ships instantly began attack and nuking the bases. Ground troops were deployed and fought. The entire empire went under siege.
  • Quickly, System ships tore through blockades with their goal being Earth. Chancellor Callum immediately deployed to a base where he controlled TGE operations. His plans worked but became futile as they made heavy use of the grid.
  • Domon, Ryuge, Zan IV, Thorlex and KJ all helped fight the ships. KJ took care of Earth from the ground. David Vafer however, was present, and got in fights with everyone and watched everything go down.
  • System ships made it to Earth but TGE pushed them back constantly. This was, until, they put the grid into Lockdown (giving them power), shot beams into Earth making holes in the eNet, and allowing other ones to enter while everyone was distracted fighting.
  • Ships filled Earth's atmosphere. Several ships began pouring thousands of small lizard men in tight suits, later revealed as Xoclovians, into the holes. The Xoclovians overtook the entire surface of the planet. Every city was on lockdown, however.
  • Azuth helped KJ hold up a barrier protecting Supreme City. Xoclovians kept getting on it, however, eventually Trias and Shizen Gaiden appeared and wiped them completely off the planet.
  • System ships nuked and bombarded Earth. Kuzey and Kuzynthia tried to help. However, ships broke through to West City and completely scorched it. Azuth used a barrier spell to help with Supreme City, however, it was futile, as the System used a technique to somehow open a portal inside the barrier and allow ships in. The entire city was scorched and burned.
  • David Vafer suddenly called all System forces off and told them to return back to their bases. Everyone landed on Earth, in the ruins of Supreme City, and asked for a fight.
  • KJ felt extremely horrible for letting this happen to his planet. He and Callum left to discuss further action.

GUAOF = 17,000,000,000,000
System = 11,000,000,000,000

The Xoclovian Insurrection

During the Siege of the Great Empire, System ships successfully tore through to the atmosphere. It was then that thousands of small green lizard men began pouring out into the atmosphere. Everyone took notice, but it wasn't until they looked a bit closer, that Shizen Gaiden noticed they were Xoclovians. Using the same tactics they used during the Herulean War, they fall onto Earth and scattered the entire planet with their quick agile speed. After the battle, KJ informed everyone of who they were, and that TGE liberated the Xoclovians after the Herul War. GUAOF later collected information that the Xoclovs were secretly working with the System the entire time, 15 years, started a massive rebellion and overthrew their TGE government, as well as gave info to the enemy. This was known as the Xoclovian Insurrection. Now an old enemy of UAGP would be in the new war.

Taking Fort Hyald


Ford Hyald is a massive floating GUAOF ship fort located in the West Quadrant, District 10. On 13 June 1116, System forces arrived with high gunpower and advanced units of artillery. Sentinels overtook the base, which used high dome defenses and newly-created satellites to deflect their energy. System forces kept arriving, however GUAOF closed them off with a massive blockade. The remaining forces led ground troops onto the base, where thousands of soldiers were gunned down with intense gunfire and overtaken. The fort was overtaken and GUAOF was outnumbered. System forces then conquered District 10, which meant an easier path to take surrounding sectors.

Genocide of the Innocents

11/20-21/15 (7/10-13/1116 in RP)


On 10 July 1116, Earth was still in the process of rebuilding. It was going extremely slowly. KJ received news that an important System Justiciar, Abur-Dal, was captured in the West Quadrant. He later called everyone (Domon/Prince Eggorilla/Ryuge/Avallac'h/Mars/Dominus/Ian/Ulysses) to the ePalace and said they would later be going to a Universal Master Court trial on Planet Noder to testify. They all went (along with David) to Noder, in a massive political building, where 10,000 people watched as several Eldreyn testified to the court. Domon was called to testify. The Judge later concluded for Abur-Dal to be imprisoned for 80,000 years and interrogated. Immediately after the court was adjourned, David shot and killed Abur-Dal.

While they were in the waiting room, the planet was suddenly sieged by a massive System air raid, a toxic gas covered the planet and it went into chaos. Everyone was fighting David and Sora, who appeared, when this happened. Suddenly, a gargantuan black creature came from the sky and shot the planet with a beam, completely destroying it. Everyone escaped back to Earth, where they continued to fight David and Sora, who tried to destroy the planet. KJ tried his best to protect it, and his efforts paid off.

  • Massive System universal-scale invasion.
    • Hundreds of millions of planets being nuked and seiged a second. Thousands of galaxies wiped out by raining jets and ships firing extreme gunpower.
    • Massive toxic radiation gas plague begins spreading across the universe rapidly. Wipes out billions of planets and exterminates all life on them.
    • 700,000,000,000 people dying a second from the gas. Mass genocide. Puts people through intense pain. North/South/West quadrants 15% wiped out after several hours.
    • System Ship lands on Edenia, and an MJ talks to Phoenix about a possible alliance
  • Everyone fight on Earth
    • Corruption spreads Earth by Sora (Asura stops it)
    • David tries to destroy planet several times but is futile
    • Domon/Ryuge/Mars fight Sora/David (Ulysses later joins)
    • Moon destroyed by System ship
    • The Kuzlings appear (David tries to kill them) -> Kuzek saves them and returns to secret Kuz Clan planet
    • KJ uses Owari Star to eat away the Plague + destroy shitload of system ships -> returns to Earth
    • Egnifium arrives during fight, releases gas -> everyone transported to other dimension (Realm of the Wisps)
  • Everyone transported to a massive infinite green realm..

Read the next session for more about the fight with Everin.

  • KJ and Leogian protect Earth with domes after Everin is defeated
  • David ascends to his 3rd and 4t Forms
  • Hikari, Ulysses, Nikad, Avallac'h, Tocal, Leogian, Asura Shinhan fight David,
  • Eltrio, Kuza, Zang, Jun all dead
  • 20% of universe completely wiped out (Shizen replenishes some biological life)
  • David kills Trias/Trinex
  • Universal Lockdown torn apart by Ryuge (but not completely)

GUAOF = 884,000,000,000,000,0000,000,000,000
System = 76,000,000,000,000

The Egnifium - Battling Everin


While Earth was in complete chaos and nearly wiped out, KJ, Dominus, Ryuge, Domon, Avallac'h, Mars, and Ulysses were fighting David and Sora, preventing them from destroying the planet. Suddenly, the Egnifium came down from the sky over the planet, making a great shadow. David anticipated this. It released a gas that engulfed everyone, and warped them to another dimension, green, with an infinite ocean. They all wondered where they were. Suddenly, a giant dragon flew to the podium they were on in the ocean, which extended. It landed and a man jumped off. He revealed himself as Everin, the eldest Eldreyn Prince.

Everin was very casual and spoke with a laid back tone. It was a while before everyone actually began fighting him. When they did, he showed what he could do. Everin used many tricks to throw them off and cause them to use other attacks, so he could get a better measure on their power, and also be able to better copy their technique later. They discovered he did not have a physical body. After several tricks and hours of enlonged waiting within Everin's realm, the weight slowly increased and poisonous gas was much more fluent. Everyone began to get impatient and try to rip dimensional holes out. They ended in the same place; that is, until Ryuge ripped open a portal to Hell. Everyone went into Hell, where David appeared and continued fighting them. However, they noticed System forces had taken over all of Other World. Ryuge destroyed all of their forces. Everin then came through the portal onto Snake Way.

Hikari and Nikad, both dead, suddenly appeared. They fought Everin, who showed off his massive power for the first time. Mars also appeared, along with everyone else after David left again. He easily outdued all of them, before all of OW went black and thousands of dimensional rips appeared. He used his ultimate ability, Freeze, to completely freeze all of them no matter their defense. He then escaped back to the universe and strengthened the Lockdown grid. He went into Everspace, and the Freeze spell worn off. Everyone followed him back to the universe. Leogian, Hikari, and Nikad all ripped into Everspace and had a 2-hour long duel with him. He showed extremely skilled feats, and nearly destroyed them permanently several times, making use of nanohyperdimensional voids and black holes. Everyone began searching for Everin's soul to destroy it, as it was outside his body, the only way they could think to defeat him.

Meanwhile, David and Sora were busy fighting everyone else on Earth, while KJ tried hard to protect it from destruction. Tocal appeared and helped for the first time in years. Suddenly a massive tear opened in space and Hikari, Nikad, Leogian, and Everin came out. Everin had a massive spherical storming wind aura filled with magic. He assisted David as they assaulted the Lookout Crew. Meanwhile, Leogian used his advanced senses to tear through all of Everspace searching for his soul; he found it. He then tore through thousands of dimensions and found his soul encased in a glowing magic star. Leogian engulfed it in dark magic, and then completely ripped apart all of Everspace and destroyed it. Everin appeared to defend his soul, and tried to fight Leo, who tore through Everin and the star with one attack. "The Eldreyn..will persist" said Everin as his soul was blown into oblivion, into a black void, thus ending him.

The Plague


The Egnifium released a massive amount of extremely poisonous and toxic radiation and gas that quickly spread across the universe, wiping out all forms of biological life on thousands of galaxies. The gas broke through Holonets and planetary defenses. It lasted several days, and by the time it was over, over 500 quadrillion beings had been wiped out. The universe was silent. There were planets everywhere that were in ruins, with cities on fire, and dead bodies lying everywhere. All the planets not effected were in absolute chaos. This was known as the Genocide of the Innocents, the System tactic to put fear into the GUAOF, and show them what they are capable of.

Battle of Gung-Fi


On 1 September 1116, System regiments launched an assault on the 115th Parallel, also known as Gung-Fi, a massive System artillery base. Callum led GUAOF battalions immediately for a counter-assault and amplified defenses. The battle lasted around 3 hours and was intense. System Ultima Sentinels successfully tore trough the base, killing dozens of soldiers, and stole computer chip files holding important information. However, GUAOF Elite Armada backup forces arrived and cleared out most of the System invaders and retook control of the base, turning it in their favor. System forces retreated, with 70 billion casualties on both sides.

The Christmas Massacre


KJ held a Royal High GUAOF Council on 25 December 1116, to discuss future plans for taking System Districts. He proposed a plan with Emperor Dohl that would allow GUAOF to ambush and take back not only WQ District 10 but several System-owned bases in the East Quadrant. Suddenly, in the middle of the council, the planet was ambushed by a massive array of System forces. The entire hall was overtaken and KJ himself took part in the battle. However, outnumbered, the entire hall was burned and the city was sacked. Emperor Dohl was captured and executed, leading to the Dohli Empire's collapse into insurrection. System forces led an organized massacre of over 750 thousand people, lined up and shot. Others were taken as prisoners. System forces overtook the planet.

Joining the System
The Holy Edenian Empire allied onto the System in October 1116, with all forces being deployed/stationed onto System bases. The Jiral'han Empire allied with the System in January 1117, and immediately afterwards, millions of giant brutish warriors were stationed on all System bases.

Espionage of District 19 (1117)

KJ called Domon, Ryuge, Erebus, and Leogian to the ePalace on 25 February 1117 in talk of extremely important information collected on System Base Alka'ii in District 19 of the South Quadrant. They all traveled there, stealthily, to infiltrate and receive the files. Base Alka'ii was a massive man-made planet made of offices and factories. It was heavily patrolled by Ultima Sentinels, Edenian Knights, and large Brute warriors.
  • Everyone arrives outside the base, activate stealth, and enter the base through ship port exits. Ryuge sends trillions of microscopic cells to absorb any lifeforms it comes across.
  • Ultima Sentinels scour base + Edenian Knights/soldiers + Brutes
  • A black shadow follows everyone within the base but no one knows who it is; Leogian discovers it is Kuzynthia
  • Base Alka'ii is massive and made of thousands of hallways and bureaucratic offices patrolled by Edenian and Brute Guards
  • Everyone finds a large room in the middle of the base where King S is giving a speech about escaping imprisonment. He exits through a portal.
  • Priestess Khan, Ian, and a dark-cloaked System Prince Varvi all arrive on the planet in giant royal ships and attend a ballroom reserved for important officials. King S joins them. They talk. David arrives on the planet, sensing the Lookout Crew, and tells all of the officials about their presence.
  • Prince Varvi leads all of them to the giant secret room in the core of the planet, where a table is sitting in the middle with the important files in a book. Varvi takes, seals the book, then leaves the planet, to make sure it stays safe.
  • Erebus informs the Lookout Crew the files have been removed from the base and their efforts were in vain. Everyone begins exiting the base and returning to Earth immediately.

Fall of the Planet of the Gods

As of 8 April 1117, Earth and much of the rest of the universe was beginning to undergo reconstruction. KJ decided to visit Nami on Planet of the Gods, which he did, and also looked around and inspected everything on the planet. She informed him of the new Android X 3.0's that are being placed on all GUAOF bases. David showed up as well to annoy her. KJ left the planet shortly afterwards. Shortly after that, small red dots began appearing in the sky.
  • Thousands of large katchin-encased super nukes begin raining onto Planet of the Gods. Large domes go over the cities. Nukes release thousands of Guards and Ultima Sentinels. They begin attempting to break through barriers.
  • David Vafer tries to stall Nami. Ryuge and Erebus make their way for the planet.
  • 4 massive Motherships surround each side of the planet. Ultima Sentinels blow massive holes into the ground, going to the planet's core. They begin shattering all planetal defenses. Massive white strands of energy begin concentrating through dimensional vortexes and shooting from the ships into the holes precisely.
  • Nami goes to the core and uses Blade of the Gods to calm it and fight the Sentinels.
  • The ships begn releasing strings of energy through Everspace that manifest back into the Universal Lockdown Grid, which is stronger than ever. They begin shooting poles into the planet and releasing poison that wipes out all biological life.
  • Prince Varvi appears at the core with David and Nami. He begins to corrupt the core with dark magic. She attempts to kill both of them but fails. Suddenly 5 dark-cloaked beings working under Varvi appear on the planet, and the planet turns black and hard as coal. They black Nami out and put her to her knees. They then destroy the core.
  • Nami apologizes for her people and commits suicide. The entire Planet of the Gods explodes and is destroyed. The entire population of over 100 million Saiyans is teleported to Earth by Nami at the last second. KJ leads them to camps.

Siege of Ton Hyon Min


GUAOF forces, led by Callum, led a major full-on invasion on major System SQ District 21, known as Ton Hyon Min, on 30 April 1117. The district was slowly overtaken but System forces proved a force to be reckoned with. Each side was continuously pushed back and forth, but GUAOF forces finally broke through and overtook the entire base planet. They massacred mass numbers of System forces and captured Justiciar Ratah-Soh attempting to escape in a probe. However, major System backup arrived and GUAOF proposed a negotiation. The battle became a stalemate and there was a ceasefire. The Treaty of Ton Hyon Min was signed, in which the System agreed to remove forces from the District so long as GUAOF removed themselves from EQ District 7.

The GUAOF Terracus

During the meeting at Earth Congress Hall on 25 August 1117 between KJ and the Lookout Crew, KJ revealed plans for a conceptual massive supership called the "GUAOF Terracus". The Terracus was currently in its beta phase and was in pieces, scattered on several bases across the universe. He announced that the ship would be completed the following January, and would be the most deadly and largest warship ever constructed, and that it would significantly help GUAOF gain the upper hand in the war. 

Period of Hell - Infiltrating Base Norad



On 20 August 1117, the Edenian sun was aligned perfectly on spot. Ian activated his Eclipse Nexus and performed a ritual, and brought an extremely powerful ancestor, Eclipse Cipher, out of the sun, revived. Travelled to Earth to mess with the Lookout Crew before disappearing. This was an entire new obstacle they'd have to face. In the midst of all of it, suddenly, the majority of the universe suffered a fatal economic and social collapse. Thousands of empires collapsed into chaos. KJ immediately worked to deal with it all. Melusines was promoted to GUAOF Ambassador of Intelligence as well.

  • 25 August = KJ has LCrew meet at Earth Congress Hall. Domon, Kuzynthia, Kyunameii, Gozed, Melusines, Ultima, Eggorilla. Bisani makes surprise appearance after over 10 years of napping/training and joins meeting.
  • 1 September = Everyone meets again at the hall. Everyone heads to Base 06-775 to meet up with a powerful ninja mercenary named Jafar who will help them on mission. They travel to 3 other planets to pick up more ninjas then finally make it into Base Norad (Dis. 9 of WQ).
  • Everyone goes through massive base planet of halls, offices, etc. Fight guards/mages/sentinels.
  • Prince Varvi arrives on base.
  • Ryuge talks to KJ then heads to the base to open a wormhole like Jafar and enter. Gets captured by the System after tripping a laser. Escapes and gets into the base to help.
  • Everyone discovers large shaft in middle of the base with floating scrolls. They take the scrolls and exit the base. Kuzynthia notices the dark-hooded Prince looking back at her, but he does nothing.
  • Ryuge, Kuzynthia, Ultima, Domon, Melusines, Bisani, and Gozed, and Eggorilla return to Earth with the files.
The Norad Files were placed in a receptacle and slowly deciphered. After 2 weeks, they were mostly completed. They revealed the history behind the Eldreyn and another ancient race named the Uzbekians, whom were once one race, but split off into 2 for reasons unknown. They then revealed System plans to reunite with them to 'form one flesh once again', by "force", and that they'd be weak and unwilling. The files revealed information about the Great Hokai and how they plan to use it to their advantage, as well as detailed information of how the System has concepts of breaking universal boundaries to form one universe, so that the System may rule it easier.

"The Uzbekian race is a massive race of dark elves who were once one with the Eldreyn many eons ago. The races split for unknown reasons. However, we wish to become one flesh again. The Uzbeks forgot of their once-ties with the Eldreyn, they have become weak, especially in magic. Most live in poverty. However, they hold great potential deep down. We will use that potential. They will not willingly conjoin with us, so we must launch a mass full-scale rape and pillaging assault on them. By force. Reuniting with them, we will gain the power to conquer the universe once again, and even the multiverse. This will be done within following months.

PS note: We hold all the fileage on Base Daryn within Q3. We also contain important information regarding Elusk'nava. We believe you will find it to be of great succelege, especially with your education on metaphysical componental theory. We expect your arrival by 23 September. We will not disappoint. Signed, Ezzidar Alcan - justiciar leading Sector 6 out of District 18, Quadrant III.''"
— the scrolls

Universal Blackout

Shortly after the scrolls were translated on 15 September 1117, Earth's entire electric grid blew out of power. This was quickly followed by thousands of other planets beginning to lose power and the entire electrical grid blacking out universe-wide. KJ believed it was caused by the Lockdown Grid interfering with electrical signals. For the next 2 weeks, Earth and nearly the entire rest of the Empire was without any power. Generators barely worked and were very limited. Rationing increased and poverty increased, along with the economic depression that struck. KJ worked around-the-clock to ensure the Empire stayed on track and didn't fall too deep into chaos. He attended a GUAOF meeting council on 6 October to discuss important issues and rationing. Meanwhile, the Lookout Crew helped supply aid to several planets, including Melusines, who had resources stacked up in a pocket dimension for people to get.

By this point, the universe was mostly in a chaotic mass depression and was death-ridden. Hopes were extremely low and the System was also somewhat effected, but had the upper hand. Much of space was silent. Thousands of planets were littered with dead bodies and burnt cities caused by the Plague. GUAOF annexed and allied much of the Verevi Independent Pact, which took up 10% of the universe, in October. The pact was independent most of the war but finally decided they sided with GUAOF. This helped a bit.

Sack of Daryn - Retrieving the 1st Scroll (1118)



During the transition from 1117 to 1118, the universe was in a deeper level of destruction, death, depression, and deadlock (DDDD) than ever before. KJ called the Crew to his office to discuss the wherabouts of the final 2 scrolls, the first 7 of which were retrieved on Norad. KJ told them everyone would have to disguise themselves as Eldreyn Guards and board the fancy royal ship, the USS Alnor, which was landed on System Base 06-B22 , and on route to Planet Tera, a massive System embassy political planet. On Tera, the crew would sneak into the Embassy and meet up with a fence KJ had set up named Tarvin Azzla who would guide them the rest of the way. They suited up in fancy Eldreyn armor and set off for Base 06-B22.

Leogian, Melusines, Kasai, Kuzey, Zan IV, Ryuge, and Decaun all landed and boarded the USS Alnor. They witnessed elite soldiers walking around and drinking while a female one played the harp. Suddenly, David Vafer showed up and everyone laid low. The ship let some important Justiciars off on a planet and kept going. It soon landed on Tera, a planet covered in massive golden-white cities. "Experience the new universe...the Eldreyn universe...coming soon" said advertisements. Everyone got off the ship when it landed in a giant empty area surrounded by important political buildings. They headed to the Embassy.

The embassy was a large hall full of guards. Planet Tera had no important figures on it because they were out on an outing elsewhere, so it was all guards. The disguised LCrew slipped through the Embassy Hall to the back, where there were private quarters and hallways. The hallways were crawling with guards. The LCrew's goal was to find the basement, where Tarvin Azzla was located. No guards would help them so they split up and found it on their own. Melusines stayed outside to keep guard. David Vafer showed the others to the basement, he knew who they were, but they didn't know that. Everyone found a small wood door in the back of the halls. A voice asked a secret question and Kuzey answered correctly. They entered.

Tarvin Azzla was an average looking man in fine clothes sitting at a desk in the basement. It was cluttered with maps and books on Eldrayic history, language and anthropology (which Kuzey took home for KJ). Everyone talked to him and he gave them books and a map leading to the scrolls. One scroll was in the top of the Cydylyc Tower, the other on a magical jungle planet known as Agicho. Kuzey, Decaun, and Zan IV left to the tower through secret entrances. David also did, secretly. Everyone else stayed guard. Cydylyc Tower was the tallest on the planet and nearly went into space. Zan and Kuzey climbed the massive staircase, while being chased by Guards who forced them down. Kuzey took another route, and broke into the top room where the scroll was. There were no defenses, but he saw the receptable the scroll was in. He tried to bust the door open from inside for Zan. He grabbed the scroll and blew a hole out of the tower, and they flew into space.

They contacted everyone notifying them they got the scroll. Domon was waiting outside the planet but couldn't get in because the Grid locked. Guards were chasing after everyone. They blew a hole in the Grid, and flew out into space, back to Earth.


Within Agicho - Retrieving the 2nd Scroll


The crew returned to Earth after retrieving the first scroll. However, David Vafer came following at them--with a massive System Armada. The armada was quite large but didn't get close to Earth due to GUAOF forces pushing it back. The Lookout Crew (Domon, Ryuge, Leo, Bisani) fought it, however, Kuzey and Zion IV (who offered to go with him) went ahead and snuck past, off to Planet Agicho to get the 2nd scroll. Eventually David retreated, and the other LCrew caught up to them. Planet Agicho was densely jungle-covered and had no System activity on it, but was System-controlled. It was inhabited by massive magical dinosaur beasts and purple quicksand, as well as high water and sharp grass (similar to Vietnam). The crew searched for an entrance to a cave, where the scroll was. Kuzey randomly came across a cave (which happened to be it) that was guarded by a dinosaur. Him and Zion fought and killed it. They entered. The others followed suit (Domon and Ryuge).

The temple was dark and blue-lit. Kuzey was wearing muddy TGE elite armor. Zion came across a blue gem, which Kuzey suspected was a key. Ryuge found a puzzle to open a door, and figured it out. They entered into a passage of hallways covered in ancient Eldrayic writing/mythology. They searched for more clues or passages to the scroll's location. David Vafer was within the temple however they didn't know. They soon came across a large empty room with stone pillars, and the door closed behind them. (read section below for more).

Final Battle with Priestess Khan


Khan's ultimate form

While Kuzey, Kasai, Domon, and Zion IV were in the undersanctum of the temple, they found themselves locked in a very large empty ancient stone room. They thought they were trapped, when suddenly, a magic portal opened on the floor and Priestess Khan arose, in her typical golden armor. She stated to get the scroll, they had to get through her first. They initiated battle. This time, she intended to win. She showed off skilled use of her magical power and skills, and quickly overcame fighting everyone at once. They entered into a chaotic battle that made use of many types of magic. Eventually, the temple room was destroyed and they were in an underground cavern with lava. After an hour of long strenuous fighting, she appeared to not be weakened, but the others were. Kasai snuck up on her however and used one of his extremely powerful bone attacks, which blew her into the ground and created a 5000-foot deep crater that filled with lava. Her energy was gone. Everyone assumed she was dead. However, suddenly a massive golden orb rose from the lava. Priestess Khan was within it, and looked like a goddess, with super long hair. The orb forced everyone down with strands and released tons of power. The battle was gridlocked. Kuzey tried to break cubes to allow everyone to fight back. She grew several arms, named the Supremum Armum, which attacked everyone using highly powerful magic.


Zion IV's sacrifice

In the midst of chaos, Zion IV took advantage of this leeway, and quickly rushed behind Khan while she used the Supremum Armum. He locked his energy onto her, then released a massive explosion suicide, completely incinerating the entire temple, destroying the planet, killing him, and sending Khan's soul to eternal oblivion. Everyone, worn out, quickly rushed to Earth to give KJ the news. Zion IV was a great warrior who had not had the chance to make a legacy for his life before sacrificing himself to destroy Priestess Khan. He will be remembered as he lived, "crazy" by friends and family. 

Sphere of Elusk'nava



On 11 May 1118, Earth and the Great Empire was celebrating Emperor KJ's birthday (which was actually a day later). KJ was in Supreme City watching the parade and clapping. Everyone else was there as well, and he talked to them about meeting at the ePalace. The 2 scrolls retrieved were finally translated after 4 months. He read them, revealing information about the previous System leader, Axaloi, who died as a mortal and ascended to becoming the King God of the Pantheon (as all System leaders do) centuries ago, died as a God. It revealed that Ninthalor, son of Axaloi and father of the 4 Princes, was the heir to the throne and had a master plan to absorb all the Gods including Elyus, and become the existential Super God.

The scrolls also revealed information of a massive metaphysical super condensed magic ball of supesu named "Elusk'nava" being held in an ancient Eldrayic sanctuary named Da'Nith, in the East Quadrant. That was also the burial place of Axaloi. They revealed the System had plans to tear apart all 12 universal boundaries and make them all 1 superuniverse, so they could easier conquer it. It also revealed that Axaloi was going to rise from the dead and merge with the Elusk'nava to make it more powerful. They decided to head to Planet Da'Nith and find out what was going on.

Kuzey, Leogian, Domon, Zion III, Ryuge, Pierce, and Decaun all left for Da'Nith. It was in the East Quadrant, which was full System territory, so they'd have to lay low. They crossed the border and found the planet, which was gray. They landed. It was barren and abandon. They searched it and found a temple area with a magical door. Decaun helped take it down and they entered. KJ showed up just then because he wanted to see the ancient knowledge.

Everyone got into the temple. They searched around the huge place. Kuzey got sucked into a vent and washed up on the other side of the temple, and went to look for the sanctuary on his own. The others split up to do so. Zion III came across a skeleton stuck in a moose's corpse. He revived them and the man said he was a treasure hunter who died in the moose and had a map to find the sanctuary. He let him out but the man ran off and was killed by a trap. Zion III got the map, and now him, KJ, Ryuge, Pierce, Leo, and Domon headed where it said the sanctuary was. They found a casket titled "Axaloi" but it was empty. There was a door behind it they headed into.

Meanwhile Kuzey and Decaun are on the other side of the temple following a robed floating skeleton who went through a door they can't get past. Decaun used a spell to get past the door. Upon entering, they noticed a massive blue glowing bright ball of energy and magic. However, there was a thick barrier ward blocking them from getting to it. They saw the robed skeleton float around it, and absorb himself into it. The ball roars and exerted tons of energy. KJ and the others came across a stone door with a magic rune on it. He used magic to explode and enter into it. They saw Decaun and the others on the opposite end of the room, with the giant shining ball of magic separating them. They were also blocked by a ward. The entire temple led to the room.

KJ recognized it as the Elusk'nava. Suddenly it started speaking and everyone was froze, with a whispery voice.

"Your efforts are in vain. It as already begun. You wish to avoid what you are not yet aware of. Events now spiral quickly to the inevitable center. You seek knowledge. You will not find it. The Eldreyn, Ninthalor came seeking knowledge as well. Power. Power to take control of the universe to his will. Your paths will soon cross with his. No, prepare to face the shining. The cleansing."

Suddenly that barriers went down, and everyone was attacked by rapidly spawning black shadow Sanctuary Guardians. Ryuge, Zion, Pierce, Melusines and Kuzey fought them off. Leogian and KJ noticed System Guards watching from behind the exits, which were blocked by insurpassable barriers. They tried to take the barriers down. Meanwhile, the Elusk'nava roared and hissed. It grew larger. It became extremely bright and hindered everyone's visions. Its radiation sapped power from everyone and bypassed all defenses. Meanwhile, David was helping it and fighting everyone.

Pierce became engulfed in strands that tried to pull everyone in like a magnet. The Guardians beat him mercilessly along with Kuzey. He kept fighting them off, and his youth was drained quickly until he was an old man. Everyone kept trying to save him, until...Ulysses showed up! He fought off the Guardians and David. However, Pierce's lifeforce was drained, and he was absorbed into the Elusk'nava and killed.. Everyone continued to fight it, and Kuzey was held down and beaten mercilessly by Guardians. Everyone was tired and drained of energy. Suddenly, the Elusk'nava exploded and destroyed the entire temple and left a 5 mile-deep crater in the planet.

Everyone luckily survived and were next to the crater, worn out. KJ had Kuzey on his back, healing him. David was still ready to fight. Everyone rushed in, though weakened, and fought him. KJ returned to Earth with Kuzey. It remains unknown the whereabouts of the Elusk'nava..

Elusk'nava is a massive extremely condensed glowing metaphysical hypertranslucent orb of supesu energy acts like the Sphere of Uchu Sozo, it contains the key energy and lock to all universal barriers to hold it together and reality itself including Other Worldly Gods. It is unknown how the System managed to get a hold of it but they plan to use it to their advantage. The former Eldreyn God King Axaloi rose from the dead (the floating robed skeleton) and merged with it, therefore merging an Eldreyn's Godly powers with the Nava and tearing through much of the universe's boundaries, making it easier for the System to tear through and control/manipulate. It also allows an easier passage for Axaloi's son Ninthalor to ascend to God King and attain ultimate power to allow the Eldreyn to take control of the multiverse and eventually all of existence.
  • Soul Virus - while fighting David after the EN exploded, everyone soon felt the aftereffects it left on them. Due to being touched by the brightness, their souls were automatically struck with a virus that spread and weakened their body more over time. Whenever energy attacks were used, sharp pain could be felt inside. The longer waited, the more damage taken, until death. It could only be removed through a long tedious metaphysical process.

Visiting Uzbek


A week after what occurred on Da'Nith, on 18 May, KJ was still at Kuz Manor tending to Kuzey's wounds. He called for Domon and Zion III, to travel with him to Planet Uzbek to personally establish relations, as well as find a cure from an alchemist for the Soul Virus. Domon declined as his wife was in the hospital. Zion III and KJ flew off to Planet Uzbek. The planet was large and brown. The Uzbekian people were short dark elves who were very religious and hobbit-like. They lived in large tree villages and had light festivals. KJ spoke fluent Uzbekian, and ate kabobs. Zion used Clairvoyance to lead to the village leader. KJ went to him atop a giant tree and spoke of the ancient Eldreyn and Uzbekian ties, how they used to be 1 race who split up. Now the Eldreyn want to be 1 again to gain their full power. They then went over to the alchemist, Toka Nofa, and retrieved a small potion that could heal 7 people and take a few months to come into effect. They then left the planet to cure the others.

Domon and Ultima Vafer's twins Xeraph and Mikino were born on May 20th.

Night of Tears


Elite GUAOF forces were sent to protect Planet Uzbek, due to them being a weak religious people, and not having a formal army. On the night of 11 November 1118, the planet was mass-invaded by a System armada. They had special ships filled with chamber cells specifically made for kidnapping. The GUAOF forces held them off for quite a while, managing to push them back. However, through strategic planning, System forces managed to come from the back side and fire beams into the planet. Ships landed within the mountains and villages of the Uzbeks, and soldiers sacked villages and violently forced the Uzbeks down. It was raining that night. The Uzbeks were put into large pits naked, and violently raped and tortured by Eldreyn guards and Justiciars. Others were kidnapped and led into ships in chains. Those who rebelled were executed, including leaders. Due to bad planning, GUAOF backup forces arrived too late. This event became known as the Night of Tears.

For the next few months, there would be very little System activity or war activity. This was primarily due to the Eldreyn being busy force-breeding and waiting out pregnancies to fulfill their wish of reuniting the 2 races. Not only that, they also absorbed the Uzbek's souls to gain power. Upon their return, they would be much stronger.

Destruction of the Daar Galaxy (1119)

12/20/15 (some)

On 28 February 1119, Ryuge and Deju visited the ePalace to talk to KJ. KJ was now very gray, and aged from stress of the war. There had been little System activity for nearly 4 months. They knew why. KJ had actually wanted to talk to them about a recent spy breach that occured in the Daar Galaxy's defenses. Daar Galaxy was an extremely large supergalaxy, located in the dead center of the universe and took all 4 quadrants. It was allied with GUAOF, and was a major trade and political capital. KJ wanted the crew to go investigate and visit around Planet Centro, the center-most planet in the universe.

They travelled to Centro, a planet which was basically a massive bustling supercity. On Centro, Deju and Ryuge traveled around and ate, but noticed random dark figures appearing in their sight and disappearing. Soon, Deju became suspicious and went to investigate. He noticed a EasyFlight spacetrain leaving off. He went and showed them he was an LCrew member, and they let him ride to one of the military bases outside the galaxy. There, a Captain met up and told him about the breaches. Suddenly, enemy ships began being reported to have been spotted around every side of the galaxy. Immediately investigating, it was cut short when a massive array of nukes and bombs began raining down on all defenses, mowing through them. The LCrew began fighting off ships. GUAOF forces fought against them valiantly. System forces however were redesigned and much more stronger. Master Mages flew off the ships, extremely more powerful than ever before.

Noticing this power, more LCrew members showed up and GUAOF forces. The largest galaxy in the universe was being mass-invaded in the largest superbattle ever fought. Proving toom much for GUAOF, System forces began taking control of planets and landing down, establshing bases on them. Planet Centro contained important GUAOF files. The LCrew immediately recovered these and tried to get them out of the galaxy, but were stopped by a mass array of ships and Master Justiciar. He distracted them while System forces tore through the galaxy and eventually took energy control of Centro. Soldiers flooded the planet searching for files and executing everyone on it in a bloody mess. Every planet was searched within minutes. Realizing the LCrew had escaped with them, the MJ signalled his men to install a Supercore on Centro. Immediately the galaxy began being filled with an Egnifium-gas.

Seconds later, the entire galaxy exploded, releasing a flash of light so bright the entire universe saw it and felt a massive shake and earthquakes. Since Daar held many GUAOF power nets, much of GUAOF-controlled holonets and sectors around the universe fell and died, thus allowing a complex network of System platoons to take them over within minutes. The LCrew eventually escaped the MJ and returned to Earth with the saved files. This was a massive System comeback and strike against GUAOF.

GUAOF = 500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

System = 230,000,000,000,000

Great Battle of Chanin

Not done in RP



Immediately an action plan was devised as a counterattack against the System. By closely re-examining the Daryn scrolls, Kuzek had found a secret map encoded onto the back of one of the scrolls. Using lemon juice and heat to do so. This map led to an abandon temple on a planet. Kuzek and Domon journeyed here. After crawling around, they found a room with a large thick stone wall. After solving a puzzle using magic gemstones lying around, and combining their magics by doing a funky dance, a traced glowing map appeared on the wall, in Eldreyn language. After transcribing it, they discovered it pointed to the massive galaxy Chanin, located within the East Quadrant. Chanin held many sacred and ancient Eldrayic sanctuaries they hold dear. However, escaping, a stone door fell and the room filled with Temple Shadow Guardians. They fought them off and returned to Earth.

KJ and GUAOF forces began planning a mass invasion of Chanin. They still had the resources to do so, and it would be a critical strike, set for June 2nd 1119. GUAOF needed time to replenish. On that date, forces had been organized just outside the border of the Quadrant. They moved forward, officially entering enemy territory and being attacked minorly. They soon found the massive Chanin Galaxy. Doing the same methods the System did to them, GUAOF rounded it from all sides, with KJ personally leading them. Suddenly, the galaxy turned into a massive spiraling vortex, destroying millions of galaxies around it and wiping out shitloads of GUAOF forces. However, they held strong due to newly designed fan ships that countered the forces of hypergravity. The galaxy was sucking in ships quickly, destroying them with speedforce. However, using special GUAOF-only energies, they were able to fire them into the vortex like glue to stop it from sucking them in so hard. The ships slowly entered the vortex.

Entering it, the LCrew and ships began tearing through planets and liberating them. Billions of System soldiers and citizens were mass-executed and killed, in an extremely bloody mess (which GUAOF were later criticized for). The battle was the longest in the entire war, spanning 25 days. The vortex sucked power from the crew and they had to leave commonly to 'gain air'. On June 27th, extremely tired and worn out System forces finally surrendered. GUAOF liberated and took control of the galaxy. They pushed the System back extremely hard, along with their will.

GUAOF = 850,000,000,000,000,000,000

System = 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Hack of the Basilica - Meet Ninthalor




Extremely massive bloodshed occurred in the following 6 months. Tensions and violence was at an all-time high. Genocides and galaxial destruction was rampant. On 27 December 1119, the Lookout Crew (Domon, Zion III, KJ, Kuzey, Ryuge, Deju) responded to a massive breach in GUAOF defenses in the West Quadrant. Upon going, the base was sacked and the enemy fled. This was until a massive Mothership they saw moved out of the way--revealing a massive death-star looking spherical supership, named the Assix. They immediately began raging through the ships to get to the Assix. The ship was packed full of mages and guards.

The ship fired a massive green laser at a fleet of GUAOF ships, completely incinerating them. All hope seemed lost for a second, until Deju discovered a magic deciphering fountain within the Assix. They stormed through soldiers and mages and Ultima Sentinels that guarded its massive network of hallways, some powerful enough to push them back hard. The Crew made it to the center of the ship and took control of it, and fired a massive green laser at a System fleet. The cockpit was then flooded with soldiers and the crew fought them off. A strange voice told them to go a certain way, leading them to a room with a portal. They jumped in. The Assix then exploded and self-destructed.

They fell into a large infinite barren desert. The voice told them there was "something special" in it they would find. For hours, they searched but nothing but sand. Then suddenly, Kuzey noticed something appear as he walked a few feet closer. He stepped back and it was gone, then he stepped up again. It was a giant massive palace, a Basilica, in the middle of the desert. Everyone flew at it. The palace was very grand, with large opening sections and patios. It was silent. They walked inside, where light was shining in from windows above. They were confused.

Suddenly, a short elf man in blue robes walked out from behind a column.

Meet Ninthalor

He revealed Ninthalor. Everyone knew the name, without words, that it was the leader of the System. Ninthalor acted very witty and rather strange, insane. But they knew there was something about him. He had a sharp daring about him. After a 5-minute chat, he told them byebye, and before they could, everything turned white. Everyone appeared back on Earth.

KJ announced that a Hall of Justice was planned for May and for everyone to be present, to organize what was going on..

Ninthalor Duur


Meet Ninthalor

Subtle, short, somewhat daring and strange, Ninthalor Duur was the Master Emperor of the Universal Supersystem--leader of the System. The true face behind everything. The war. The violence. Though his debut to the Lookout Crew was shortlived, it was enough to tell he would be an extreme threat later on. It was difficult to estimate his power just by looking. Or anything about him. He looked at the Lookout Crew with a very dark, sharp, daring eye, that just said "come at me". He would later become a much greater threat..

The Hall of Justice - Midpoint (1120)


Domon, Bisani, Ryuge, Melusines, Sora, and Gozed all made their appearances at the ePalace on May 8th 1120, 80th anniversary of the Lookout Crew, to begin planning for their next move. First off, KJ officially announced he was resigning as King of Earth, due to no longer being able to handle the pressures of both Emperor and King, due to his increasing age and war stress. His successor would be the newly-establshed President of Earth, the office of King dropping after 1,800 years. There would be an election held later that year of who would become President. He announced it on TV to Earth later that day, inciting much sadness and sorrow amongst his people.

Secondly, they began planning for the Invasion of Edenia. Edenia had attacked them earlier in the war but they were too busy with other things to get back at them. Bisani stated the SSS would launch the first assault, and for no GUAOF forces to do it until they did. Suddenly, Sora walked in on the meeting. He said he no longer aligned himself with the System, as they betrayed him, and wanted to rejoin the GUAOF. Everyone was critical, but KJ, with better judgment, chose to let him stay and help them. But he would have to face punishment afterwards. Sora said he would help with the Edenian invasion plans. It was set for July 8th, 2 months from then. It concluded.

Evil Rejoices - The Missile is Launched


Ninthalor arrived on a System base in the bottom of the South Quadrant, with great intentions. His guards left his side, and he stood on the end of a platform, where he began glowing white and gaining great power. He grew several feet taller and took the appearance of a built human male--his 'Super form.' Suddenly a ship floated by and locked to the base he was on. Ninthalor touched a large black cube magically, which it then began expanding a shitton. He launched it with extremely condensed power, launching a massive missile through space. It soon grew to be 50,000,000 galaxies long, and 10,000,000 wide. It tore and ripped through the universe destroying thousands of galaxies per second.

Instantly the Lookout Crew, Domon, Kuzey, KJ, Leo, Ryuge, Asura, were alerted. Asura put a protective dome around Earth using his Avatar State powers. Kuzey, KJ, Domon, and Leogian all teleported to the missile to divert it from Earth's direction. Instantly they teleported to the top of the raging missile. System soldiers and mages began popping out of holes and attacking them. Kuzey tore a hole and jumped in. His plan was to take it down from the inside. The missile was nearly indestructible. Leo followed suit.

The inside was packed full of factories and System engineer mages. Everyone fought them off in a raging battle. KJ escaped into a pipe network that led to giant engine fans, that controlled it. He began trying to lock them up. Kuzey, Leo and Domon went further in and destroyed hundreds of Powercores that powered it. Suddenly a System Justiciar attacked and transformed into a giant metal monster. Domon fought him but was pushed back. KJ suddenly was attacked by Ninthalor himself, who easily disabled his arms before disappearing. KJ then used his legs to fire large ice sickles into the blades.

Suddenly the missile tore through into Universe 6. System soldiers atop it began firing magic blasts off into space that created an entire universal grid system. The missile tore through universes 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Suddenly the universe boundaries, broken, began merging. The entire grid became multiversal. A massive vortex opened and the missile entered it, entering Universe 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8. Kuzey, Leo, and Domon successfully shut the missile down but it was too late though. The missile shrunk immensely and crash landed onto a desert planet, where it exploded into pieces. KJ jumped out and landed, weakened.

Leo, Domon, and Kuzey got out and helped KJ, then flew home at intense speeds, through the universes. The supermissile was the debut of Ninthalor's power.


Multiversal Superlockdown - One Universe


With the missile tearing through all universal barriers and releasing Egnifioxide into them, the System established a multiversal presence and thus implemented the multiversal supergrid, with the same capabilities as the original universal one. Also the war was extremely (12x) larger now.

Due to the barriers being permanently torn between universes, they would now begin slowly evolving and merging into 1 superuniverse. This would allow the System to take control much easier, without the useless barriers between them. They are 'one Eldreyn world'.

Ninthalor's 'Super Form'


Before the Supermissile was launched, Ninthalor magically transformed into what he calls, his 'Super' form. Though he was hardly seen in his normal Eldreyn form so its hard to say much differences, it was clear this was far more powerful. In this form, Ninthalor was tall and looked like a male Human, a muscular build, with long hair and a long goatee. He wore massive royal robes.

Invasion of Edenia Part I


July 8 1120 - The SSS came as the first wave of GUAOF as the others watched closely behind, preparing to attack after the SSS was defeated. The SSS summoned Arackhan which began to wreak havoc on Edenian defenses, however two Holy Knights appeared and Arackhan split itself into over a billion blood clones. These clones continued to destroy the solar system, before the Holy Knights threw miniature suns at them, which exploded into supernovas, and then imploded into Black Holes. These black holes proved useless as Arackhan simply used his appetite energy to absorb it. After a while of the Arackhan's destroying Edenia, Eclipse came out and properly dealt with a large number of Arackhan's by using his powers to erase them from existence; from then the main Arackhan absorbed his remaining clones and became much, much stronger. After a brief struggle, Arackhan was destroyed along with Edenia inside it. This led to Eclipse afterwards recreating the entire Solar System and the planets that were lost.

GUAOF = 20,000,000,000,000
Edenia = 150,000,000,000

With that, the Invasion of Edenia failed. GUAOF forces however were sidetracked and left instead of going back for more.

Great Battle of Korn

3 days after the failed Invasion, a massive Eldreyn-Edenian regiment launched a full-scale invasion on defenses outside the Milky Way after successfully tearing through to get there. Massive GUAOF defenses fought make making use of the Terracus, which used a new special type of energy-nuclear energy to craft hyper-condensed cannon bombs, which would seek into cracks on System ships and melt their defenses. However System had some new tricks of their own. The battle lasted for 2 days and ended in a ceasefire.

GUAOF = 297,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

System = 276,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


the first President of Earth, Mordecai Torrin

First Earth Presidential Election

On 6 November 1120, the very first election was held of who would become the first President of Earth. Zion was running for office, though had a weak campaign, as he had no formal political education and most people had forgotten he existed up that point. However, the most popular opponent, was the extremely popular Governor Mordecai Torrin. He was also preferred by KJ. In a tight election, Mordecai won the title of first president, and would be inaugurated at the ePalace on January 1st 1121.

KJ Over the Multiverse (1120-24)


KJ Over the Multiverse was a massive sociopolitical, business, and military tour undertaken by Emperor of the Great Empire and Master Commander of Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces, Kuzon Jr., from 1120 to 1124, during the second phase of the Great Universal Revolution. It was his largest tour ever taken, with over 2,000 stops on planets across the multiverse (all 12 universes), whose barriers were broken by the Universal Supersystem into a single sphere. It is the sequel to KJ Over the Universe.

The tour was undertaken in the midst of the most bloodiest, violent, aggressive, complex, and brutal revolutionary war in multiversal history. KJ began the tour on 27 December 1120, following the election of the first President of Earth. The tour was underpromoted as to keep it secret from the enemy. KJ not only gave speeches and participated in summits with trillions of allies, he worked and negotiated with leaders, scientists, mages, and strategists to develop solutions to key victories. It ended on 30 November 1124. It was a massive success, causing an influx of motivation and hope, and helping secure GUAOF's victory when the war ended a year later.

There were many events. Many stops were interrupted by System attacks and invasions. On one occasion, an Egnifium gas factory spilled and killed millions, and harmed KJ (who underwent medical treatment). The Lookout Crew were sometimes present. Amar Corps, a major weapons manufacturer, was taken down after a speech. The Amatryx was the largest project to come out of his collaborations with scientists/mages.

Unlike his previous tours, KJ stopped at multiple planets a day, every day, taking breaks no longer than 3 days, for 4 years straight. It was extremely stressful and rigorous, as he had to command half the universe's power as the war became increasingly violent. The tour contributed to his sleep deprivation, and physical/psychological issues.

Year of War (1121)

With the war at its greatest zenith of chaos, violence, and tension, the gravity was beginning to weigh down on the Lookout Crew. Age 1121 and 22 were full of war and massive bloody genocides and battles. Such a one was the Battle at Ton-Hok, or Military Junta of Sassiuex. The crew trained hard this year, especially now knowing who the leader of the System was.

The Amatryx was created by a team of scientist mages and KJ in October 1122. It helped balance matter and create psuedo-walls between universes. It was a massive success.

Realm of the Aetherium - Dawnfang (1122)

During the long 2 year period, Kuzek, who is now an old wise hermit mage, worked on transcribing ancient stone tablets he found on a System planet. On 16 December 1122, Kuzek showed KJ the tablets and his discoveries he made. They went to his house where he contacts the Lookout Crew.
  • The Eldreyn sun Assikananos will hit the top of a magic staff that day. Kuzek uses spell to make the sun appear and prepares for it to hit precisely.
  • Told them of an ancient magical blade known as Dawnfang, which was eaten by Axaloi Duur 10 million years ago to gain ultimate power. The Crew will be transported to a realm known as the Aetherium, which is actually an Eldreyn planet in 10,000,000 Before Age, 10 minutes before Axaloi gets it. Their goal is to retrieve Dawnfang before Axaloi can eat it, so they instead gain ultimate power.
  • Domon, Kuzek, KJ, and Ryuge are warped to..the Aetherium. Bright forested planet. They immediately begin searching for the blade. They separate. They soon find traces of magic in a cave and go there. Finds a portal in the cave.
  • Kuzek says him and Domon cannot go into it because they are too magical. Ryuge, however, is not magical at all, and has to do the dirty work, his goal = to retrieve Dawnfang and shove it into the Cipher of Justice. He only has 10 minutes.

Priests fighting raiders in the Chapel containing the Dawnfang

  • Ryuge runs in. Appears in an ancient Eldreyn Chapel temple that is being raided by dark elves riding on giant hogs. His sight is blurred heavily and everything's green. He doesn't exist however to the priests and raiders. He searches for the blade.
  • Finds a room with Dawnfang floating in a red dome. Breaks the dome and retrieves it. As he is heading back towards the portal, with only 10 seconds left, Axaloi, who is young, can see him, and chases after him and attacks him. He escapes the portal before he gets him.
  • Kuzek realizes Ryuge forgot to put it in the Cipher of Justice. He creates a new portal and sends Ryuge back in with only 10 seconds to do it. He quickly finds a hole in a wall and a giant portal. He throws Dawnfang into the portal. Everything turns white.

Suddenly everyone appears back on a System planet in the main timeline (no longer in the Aetherium). Ryuge successfully prevented the System from gaining that power 10 million years ago. Kuzek, however, has a modern copy of the Dawnfang (from the main timeline). Everyone agrees, to give it to Domon. They then return to Earth.

Battle of Moiverre (1123)

System forces invaded the GUAOF colony of Moiverre, Sector 8, on 10 August 1123. Moiverre was very unoccupied territory and would make good use as a fueling ground. However, they planned badly, as elite GUAOF forces were stationed there temporarily at the time. Relying on quick strategy, the System planned around it, sending their power into floating cells that fired beams at GUAOF ships. The elite mage forces rushed in and worked together in the hundreds to deflect the beams back at the ships. Suddenly, the System ships merged together a massive magic beam that would decimate and ensure their victory. Just then, Domon rushed in with Dawnfang, deflecting the beam back at them, backfiring on them. The remaining ships fled.

GUAOF = 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

System = 24,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Most of 1123 and early 1124 were spent domnating and conquering System sectors, making use of Dawnfang. Domon trained hard with Dawnfang to master it and its potential abilities. By February 1124, GUAOF had turned the tides in their favor.

Universe 11 (1123)

Universe 11 was the subject of significant conflict, experiments, tension, and stress. It was fought over most violently until the System managed to gain a hold of it as a whole. Doing so, they put it within a 'power bubble', in which they controlled every single aspect of it, including physics and the lives of its beings. All System large-scale experiments were done here. Eventually, over 50% of the life in the universe was wiped out. However the dead didn't go anywhere, but were sucked into a System-made void that siphoned their power to Ninthalor (and after he lost, the souls would fall permanently lost in nothingness). KJ saw the only way to end it all was to virtually destroy the universe, thus eliminating a large System target as well.

GUAOF used all their resources to surround the universe from outside dimensions, like layering with TNT. They then pulled the lever, imploding and nearly destroying absolutely everything within the universe. Little to no planets, stars, or proper physics remained. Any life remaining were on giant floating chunks of rock, and were quickly devolved to insane barbaric ash spawn-like creatures. Universe 11 had perhaps the most tragic story of them all.

Earth Anti-Immigration Bill

Since the war began, Earth was a mass safehouse for billions of universal refugees forced to leave home. This was tolerated for 10 years. Earth's population, originally 8 billion, was now 27 billion. Every city on Earth had massive ghettos and slums outside, crime was rampant, and disease was beginning to spread. Overpopulation and overcrowding were large problems. Most of these slums were virtually ungoverned, as well as conflicting cultures and religions from different people didn't mix, causing violence. President Mordecai signed into law the Earth Anti-Immigration Bill, which banned anymore immigration to the planet, as it couldn't handle it. The foreigners settled elsewhere.

First Invasion of the East Quadrant - The Quantum Network (1124)

  • Dragon Ball's deactivated and dragons killed by System (Dende and Kuzynthia craft new)

Varvi's insane face

On 5 March 1124, Kuzek showed everyone (Domon, Kuzey, Sora, KJ) map of Network Entryway Cubes that controlled the Grid, and brought everyone to one during the East Quadrant Invasion. He plugged his PC into the quantum network to try to hack it. Inside was made of a virtual reality similar to the matrix. Suddenly a window opened with Varvi in it. Crazed-looking, starving for power. He began sending wires and System guards made of numbers at the LCrew. He taunted them heavily, and opened floating PC windows with porn and kittens to distract the Crew. After nothing but talking, he was having a full on conversation with them, and even played Minecraft with them. David, who was in the QN, was getting pissed at Varvi, but then Varvi insulted him and threatened him, saying he is not a true Eldreyn.

David tried to end Varvi but kept failing. Soon Varvi logged off to let the LCrew defeat David 'for him'. Varvi wasn't seen again.

GUAOF = 760,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
System = 130,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

David Vafer: The Supreme Battle


They all stood there. Varvi has escaped, and David stood in their way. e cracked a smile, then proceeded to bow. Behind him was Ultima, crucified on a cross. Domon lets out a cry to get her attention, but it is for naught. David laughs. Leo, KJ, Star Serelinity, and the others stand beside Domon. They all ready themselves for the final showdown against David. David readies his staff. Here it is, the Penultimate battle. David Vafer versus the Lookout Crew.

Stage 1

the Lookout Crew fights David in his base form fiercely. Letting out all their pent up rage against him. However, David is also quick and powerful. Easily managing to subdue two of them while holding off the others. The battle is long and hard. Eventually the LC gained the upperhand and overwhelmed. He stands up against a pillar, panting heavily. Then he begins to laugh. This catches the LC off guard as David mutters the words, "Collapse".

Stage 2

Reality collapses. Existence around everyone falls into darkness. They enter free fall, flight entirely negated. Everyone finds themselves in what appears to be an enclosed dimension. Ahead they see a light, and approach. David is there, except this time he is not in his base.
Collapse of Existence
They attack. Another long battle, except this time David was not overwhelmed, He quickly changed into multiple forms, before achieving his true power.
Upon entering his final form, he grew bored. The LC was exhausted. So David beat the shit out of Domon, then gave Domon the lance, and then Domon took the lance and impaled David. The lance severely weakened him, but did not kill him. A testament to David's power, able to overwhelm and negate the absolute.

Domon's encounter with Varvi - Soul co-ownership

After the battle, everyone was returned to Earth on a beach. Domon was ready to go see Ultima and his children (Xeraph and Mikino) again, but suddenly an invisible force began beating him mercilessly and held him down. He could not control it at all. An insane voice kept laughing, tell him "you're mine". Ultima ran to save him. Suddenly Domon was teleported to a rogue System planet on a ritual circle, surrounded by black-hooded men with knives. The invisible force manifested itself, into Prince Varvi. Varvi's true form revealed, a skeleton in black robes. He stared into Domon's eyes as Ultima tried to save him. A swarm of 3,000 flies and nats stormed from Varvi's mouth to Domon's. Domon was paralyzed and could do nothing. The hooded men rubbed the knives along his body, making small cuts. Suddenly, Domon woke up in his house, not remembering anything. Varvi had successfully took half-control of Domon's soul, but he didn't know it..yet..

The Hokai Begins (1125)


The Great Hokai finally arrived into universe 7 on 5 January 1125. It was extremely bright, yet dim, and etched across the space sky like a paintbrush, for everyone to see. Many around the universe had their telescopes out to see it, including KJ and Kuzey atop a hill at the Earth Observatory. Sora, Asura, Leogian, Mars, Kyunameii, and Zion were there observing as well and asking questions. The Hokai was sent by Elyus every 50 billion years to signal a multiversal retcon is coming in 8 months. However it gave Eldreyn ultimate power, so they had to stop the System before then.

KJ then brought up the next and final GUAOF Hall of Justice. He said the council had proposed and voted on drafting a new constitution of the universe, one that would craft a brand new system and network of trade, politics, money, immigration, and how things work. It would officially declare independence from the Supersystem. Zion, Kyunameii, and KJ agreed to spend the next 7 months drafting it, while GUAOF forces hit the System hard.

The Second Hall of Justice - Constitutional Congress of Independence


20 August 1125. Trillions across the universe watched on media, radios, and TVs as the great GUAOF Constitutional Congress was held at the Earth Congress Hall. Millions were in attendance, making it one of the most publicized events in history. Kyunameii held the master Constitution that was finally finished, as a scroll. KJ gave a speech and then told Kyu to lay the Constitution of a New Universe on a long wooden table in the center of the room. Hundreds of universal leader, even including enemies to Earth (outside the war), went up to sign the document. KJ and The Lookout Crew did as well.

"Shall this document serve the universal people well and craft a new unbreakable System that should last eons of generations" Independence was officially declared from the System.

After the document was signed, planning for the final and hardest GUAOF move was made. It was established that a massive superinvasion would gather and strike the Capitol Sector of the East Quadrant on 5 September. Callum Hawthorne immediately left to lead regiments. They were now ready.

Constitution of the New Universe


The Constitution of the New Universe, or the Constitution of Universal Independence, is among the most important documents ever drafted in written history. It was 20 pages long, explaining in-detail, a brand new entire network of trade, socioeconomics, military, health, and other systems that would make up the new sociouniversal system. One that would unite all people from all quadrants. With the signing of this, the Lookout Crew officially became legends in universal history. The document would last for thousands of years, as the new system was meant to.

Ultimatum Initiative


Kuzon Jr.

The final day of the Revolution, 5 September 1125, was the most chaotic, eventful, and exuberant day in multiversal history. System forces were being threatened by GUAOF and at this point it was all-or-nothing. Every single move would make a massive difference and had to be planned out strategically and perfectly. KJ, a domineering warrior figure clad in armor, teleported to hundreds of planets across the multiverse to get quick strategic updates and prepare the 'final strike'--the Ultimatum Initiative. Millions of beings all over every planet and in Other World gathered and awaited news and updates, knowing everything was concluding. System forces led their final attack, a conglomeration of all their forces and efforts from all 12 universes combined into one, on GUAOF forces. It was incredibly and viciously violent, brutal, and bloody, with everything being ripped apart, thousands of galaxies being destroyed by waves of firepower.


Aboard the Odyssey ship, KJ rode at light speeds to Planet A'min, where the planet was hit by a System warning they were 'coming'. A'min was a refugee planet with trillions of beings pleading for help, and gathered around KJ's ship as he stormed off, and began leading them onto it. The ship rose back off of the planet, with KJ riding atop the ship, thousands of people behind him. For the rest that couldn't fit, KJ created a massive magic wave that lifted them off of the planet. He, in a heroic fashion of leadership, personally led the final revolutionary military assault as the Odyssey zipped through the multiverse. The ship landed on Planet Ysman'vi, where the people were safely dropped off. Decillions watched the event on large crystal balls from Other World. KJ then immediately commanded a fleet of 80,000 elite superships equipped with the best technology to hit each System point within the multiversal power grid--the center one being Capitol Planet (System HQ). This was the most pivotal and chaotic moment in existential history. With this, KJ ditched his armor, and teleported to the ePalace per a telepathic message from Kuzek. He knew it was time to end it once and for all--the Lookout Crew's final battle with Ninthalor.

The Ultimate Finale - Lookout Crew vs. Ninthalor Duur


The final showdown between the Lookout Crew and System Master Emperor Ninthalor came to be on 5 September 1125. The Hokai was in full effect granting Eldreyn ultimate power and bringing in the multiversal retcon. GUAOF forces were also preparing for the final superinvasion of the System Capitol.

KJ and Kuzey were called to the ePalace after Kuzek and GUAOF mages reported a breach in Other World. The entire crew (Avallac'h, Domon, Mars, KJ, Kuzey, Kuzek, Ulysses, Ian, Nikad, Kyunameii, the SSS, Hikari, Ryuge, Sora, Zion, Melusines, Gozed) gathered and went to OW, where they discovered it dark and torn apart. They went to the God Realm after a massive rip tore open, and began sucking in Gods to permanent death by the thousands. Their power was being absorbed into Ninthalor, who was ascending to Super God. Everything, all of existence, was collapsing and tearing apart all at once. Overwhelmed, the Lookout Crew ran out of ideas. Elyus was no help, as Ninthalor technically was all the Gods himself, so he did nothing. Ninthalor began taking control of the universe, and Kochaku was released to wreck havoc. Kuzek tried to call upon ancient texts and Elyus for wisdom but it failed. The crew, completely overpowered and worried at this point, had little other options. Planning to go face Ninthalor and likely die, suddenly, Elyus appeared as a white ball and told them there was a 50/50 chance, that if the entire crew committed suicide and brought the multiverse with them, the multiverse would reupload into a brand new retconned multiverse, and Ninthalor would be defeatable. The other chance was existence would be permanently destroyed and cease to exist.
The Lookout Crew took the chance. Kuro and all past Crew members appeared just then. Hundreds of warriors. They said their final words, before the great warriors used their ultimate powers onto themselves, and exploded in an act of legacy, bringing and destroying all of existence. Darkness. Silence.


Images began appearing of space, planets, and the multiverse. Suddenly, like pixels, a brand new multiverse began reuploading, by mere chance. Everything within it was the same as before, but the verse itself was new. It was divided into 12 again. The Lookout Crew appeared in the center of it all. They welcomed each other back. Elyus then suddenly appeared back in a glowing ball of light, and said that he used his divine Alpha God powers to make the Lookout Crew un-effected by the retcon, so they are as powerful as before. They thanked him. He then said Ninthalor was now weakened and able to be defeated, waiting in the Realm of Oblivion for them to face him. He teleported them there and wished them good luck.
The crew now were ready for the ultimate final battle. The show down begins. Oblivion was a red realm of infinite lava, with mountains and Earth-sized rocks floating everywhere. A massive royal System warship came out from behind one, with Ninthalor in royal robes riding on the tail end. He jumped off, ripping off his robes into fighting gear, and bursted towards them rushing them into battle.
Immediately the Lookout Crew got in fighting position. KJ formed an Owari Star to charge throughout the battle to use later. Domon made use of Dawnfang. Zion, Kuro, Leo (who used David as a magic familiar), Mars, Ian, and the entire SSS charged to full power. Tocal appeared. For the first time in several decades, the entire crew were back together for their final fight. Ninthalor easily evaded and outdid every attack thrown at him. He effortlessly took everyone down and smiled the entire fight. Ulysses continuously crushed Silver Onslaughts down onto him, while Avallac'h went to Omniversum Dicium state (full). Nacule used Proximity Shift while Decaun used his most skilled magical attacks, though they were all worn out quickly.
Ian made use of Ea on Ninthalor, who used his own arm as a weapon, activating Stoneflesh. Though everyone managed to gain a hold on him, he broke out of it like glass. Ninthalor pummeled Ian and attempted to drain his Divine energy from his body, by placing seals. Everyone tried to stop him, but it was too late. Ian, worn out, fell to his knees. Ninthalor sapped all the Divine energy from him, and Ian said his last words before dying in the arms of his friends. "At least when I die, the Lookout Crew can be called such.."
Ninthalor continued to evade most techniques thrown at him but showed signs of slowing down. It was outstanding for him to last this long however. He powered up, releasing massive waves of force to regain his energy. He escaped into Everspace, running along halls to other grid areas, to teleport and get away to gain power. The fight became so extreme, a tear ripped into the universe, and the fight entered there. Ninthalor hopped several thousand planets in mere instants, and fought the entire crew all at once by himself at instantaneous speeds. Kuzey continued to use his most powerful magic and run in on him using sneak attacks. Ninthalor soon stopped on the top of a giant cliff, and laughed--however Kuzey ran in on him, shattering his defenses, and grabbed onto him like a giant hug. "I must do not only destroy Ninthalor, but release Kyuseishu from within me, to prevent Kochaku from ever being a threat again.

Kuzey's suicide

I always wanted to be known for something in my achieve something..and this is it!!!!" The crew tried to stop him but it was too late. Kuzey commited suicide and exploded himself, releasing extremely massive tons of force that blew Ninthalor to absolute pieces. Everyone thought he was finally gone. But that was too good to be true.

A bright orb began forming and shining extremely bright. They knew he was back, and this time 10x more powerful than before. Outmatched, even the entire crew, there was one other option--Multiple Fusion. Like used on Kochaku years before. The crew agreed to it in seconds before the ball formed into the shape of a man, manifesting back into the 8 foot tall beast Ninthalor. They performed the fusion, and merged into a single being--Savior of the Omniverse (after much arguing over the name). A massive glowing white being, and the most powerful being in all of existential history, Ninthalor smirked, and rushed in confidently. Exchanging blows with SoO, he proved to be nearly on par. However it was clear who was more powerful. Moving at speeds beyond all comprehension, even planck time, Ninthalor and SoO fought in a final showdown, each strike causing a rupture and earthquakes across the universe.


Savior of the Omniverse, the most powerful being in existential history

Ninthalor, outmatched, quicky teleported to the System capital in the East Quadrant. He was sweaty and getting beat up. Soldiers were confused at him. He ran downstairs inside of the Capitol Palace, and opened a seal into a secret room, where he ingested several small glowing magic gems that gave him ultimate power to achieve his True Form. SoO instantly was at the palace, ripping it off the ground and launching it into space. Ninthalor jumped from the basement, attempting to run to the center of the System capital. SoO appeared in front of him. Ninthalor began transforming into a massive, beast elf creature that rivalled in power to SoO. "I am Ninthalor, superior to all others. I am the Masterking. Meant to rule all. I am GOD." SoO merged the entire Lookout Crew's most powerful attacks together into 1 massive beam and fired at Ninthalor. He smashed his hands into it, the power so immense it screamed and vibrated through the entire multiverse. David tried to tear away Ninthalor's body by firing several thousand Lances of Longinus into him. It soon worked.


Ninthalor, in his Ultimate Eldrayic Form, during the final showdown with SoO

Ninthalor escaped into his own mind, Everspace, which was slowly being torn away and destroyed. He quickly ran into a small room but SoO ripped into Everspace. Ninthalor was now standing on the only ground left as it was being torn away to infinite oblivion. He made his final remarks, as on the outside, SoO tore through and ripped Ninthalor completely apart, to ash, warping them to permanent, infinite nothingness once and for all, taking the entire System capital planets with him and obliberating the entire System. All battles and wars all over the universe immediately halted as they could see the light emanating from the battle. SoO then defused, everyone returned to their homes to regain their strength and power.

After Ninthalor was defeated, Prince Varvi escaped the QN in his weak mortal body, fearing his own life in the hands of the LCrew. He tried to escape into Everspace, where he consumed a magic poison, that killed him within seconds. He fell to the ground in front of a fountain.

The next day, the Universal Revolution, was officially declared over. What remained of the System surrendered to GUAOF, which dissipated that same day. Along with K.I.N.G.. Edenia mourned over Ian Cipher, their great leader's loss, as his funeral was held. The Cipher Clan felt great sorrow. Kuzey had an empty coffin buried on a hill near Kuz Manor, with trophies and Bruce Lee things as the Kuz Clan mourned. The crew's power was now mostly back and they reunited on the Lookout for a final reunion. KJ had planned and announced a massive Post-War Ceremony on the Lookout that millions would be attending. Most of them said they'd be there. Later, everything was set up. KJ gave the official post-war speech. Callum Hawthorne was there, in a suit, as was everyone else. Following KJ's speech, guest host John Lennon came onstage, and played Imagine to an entire universe audience.


The Lookout Crew shook hands and said goodbye to each other, as they were to go their separate ways. The gods said they would be spending most of their time in the God Realm for the rest of eternity. KJ said there was much more work to be done in restoring the universe, and the battle wasn't over. The Lookout Crew then officially split up on the Lookout, where it was formed, after 85 years. Their legacy and acts of heroism as protectors of existence would never be forgotten, and be permanently traced into universal history.



As a result of the revolution, hundreds of trillions suffered and went through tragedy, pain, poverty, depression, political turmoil, and were left with the question of who they are. Their dignity was gone. The direct revolution cleanup effort lasted 5-20 years, but its true effects were mostly permanent. Culture and history was changed forever. There are many indepth analyses of the revolution. It had profound, enormous effects on the multiverse. Cultural, religious, diplomatic, social, economic turmoil was rampant as people questioned themselves and their identity. Affereffects of the war are numerous and lasted for millennia.

However, due to it, the universe learned from its mistakes and bettered itself. Emperor Kuzon Jr. was traumatized and psychologically damaged, and underwent excessive stress and sleep deprivation, leading to his eventual death 20 years to the day after it ended. Five years after the war ended, he underwent the Universal Restoration Tour (1130-32) to conclude the major cleanup effort.

Following the Supersystem's defeat and the Duur's end, the universe was left without an organized system and was in ruins, economically and diplomatically. It was evident there was a need for better cooperation and diplomacy throughout the universe. The winner of the war, Grand Universal Alliance of Oppositional Forces, had kept the universe unified and working together to rebuild until they created and implemented a new system. Emperor Kuzon Jr. and millions of other powerful leaders worked for years on a new, democratic, liberal-based system that could not be corrupted, and would be ran on a council, not a dynasty. It would create a 'universal economy'. On 25 June 1128, Universal International was officially ratified, created, and launched across the universe. It was met with much acclaim and support.

In 1180, a massive galaxial shift, due to magic and physics, created the Kadan'ii Ruins. After KJ's death, his message of togetherness and teamwork went away as the universe became a post-war playground for evil empires that were regrowing and taking advantage of the weak. One such empire was Kastair United, which fell in 1500, leading to the War of Unification, also known as the Second Revolution, or Continuation. It is considered the sequel to the war, cleaning up what was left.