This article, Leohart, is a Role-Play article.

This article, Leohart, is a Role-Play article.

"There are many powerful monsters in this world. Those who stand against them are called Heroes. You, who gathers weaker subbordinates to feel powerful, won't make it. Don't look down on hero's you idiot!"
– Saitama Sensei

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The Second Heir
Name Leohart
Aliases The Lion Heart
Gender Male Male
Height 6'4"
Weight 197 lbs.
Blood Type None.
Occupation Soldier
Education Taught by Eliwood
Address Planet Cecleron.
Relatives Leogian - Father/Creator.

Eliwood Vigil - Adoptive Father

User Leogian4511
Debut Age 1485
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Leohart is the creation of the God of War , and was created to eventually take Leogian's place as the God of War.  Due to Leohart's natural disposition for combat, many know him a fierce yet merciful fighter.  As the creation of Leogian, he is of very prestigious blood.  On the planet of which he currently calls home, he serves as their greatest guardian and hero, and has saved the planet a number of times.  He is known around his planet as a fair and just dealer of judgement.  Of course he only recently achieved such status.  In his youth he was trained by facing a series of challenges put in his way by his father to ensure he could survive in the world.  

After he reached adolescence, Leogian figured Leohart knew all he needed to in order to survive in the world, and thus set a true challenge in his way.  Leogian did this intentionally so that they boy would have to work for his strength.  It will not be until he reaches a sufficient level of strength and reaches a task that will require his maximum strength that he may break his shackles. 

Leohart had and still has many adventures on his own planet, many of which tested his limits and led to discovery of new powers within him. While his exploits on his own planet made him famous amongst them, they go relatively unnoticed throughout the rest of the galaxy. While his battles may have been intense for him, compared to what his creator faced in the past they were nothing. Leohart constantly feels the need to seek out stronger and stronger opponents, often feeling the urge to leave his planet and travel the stars. This urge would lead to his arrival on Earth when a fortune teller (given the vision by Leogian himself) told Leohart that the greatest challenges he could face would be on Earth, leading to a group of Cecleron's mages using their magic to teleport him there.


Act 1: History of Cecleron

Cecleron is a planet with a quite varied and rich culture.  It possesses five main continents, each of which provided a very different style of life for it's inhabitants.  Each continent also possesses unique metals and animals that can only be found there.  Almost everyone on Cecleron was a natually gifted warrior, at least compared to some other planets.  Cecleron possesses very violent natural disasters and gravity 750 times that of Earth.  The wild life of Cecleron is composed of many creatures from real life mythology.  People keeping pheonixes as pets or using griffins as combat mounts is very common.  While dragons were said to populate Cecleron before any of the mortal races came to be, it is said that the mortal god known as Eliwood, who wiped all but one dragon from the face of the planet, and created each of the races that now reside there shortly thereafter.  Whether or not this is true is unknown, but it is a highly discussed legend among the many peoples of Cecleron.  While their actual fate is up for debate, there is solid evidence tha dragons did once exist, as their skeletons are commonly unearthed during massive storms or earthquakes.  

The most highly populated continent of Cecleron is the central continent.  It possesses the most diverse climate of the continents, and suffers from the most dramatic changes from summer to winter.  The creature unique to the central continent was the pegasus.  Capable of high speed flight and possessing a near immunity to magic or any other form of energy based damage, they are very commonly used as mounts in combat.  While they lack the raw destructive power that other mounts have, they are very high in number and are incredibly fast.  Pegasi also possess very potent natural healing abilities, to the point that rubbing a feather over a would can heal it very quickly. The metal unique to the central continent is called Cobalt. As hardly and reliable as those that forge it, Cobalt does not possess any special magic properties but his generally durable and can repel minor energy and magic based attacks. 

The people of the central continent were called the Cain.  They are quite diverse and have the potential to learn nearl any style of fighting they wish.  Cain DNA is very resilient, which also makes Cain the only of the world's races that can interbreed with all of the others as they see fit.  Due to being so balanced, there is not too much that can be said about Cain fighting potential.  They use a multitude of weapons and have a respectable skill in magical techniques.  The biggest advantage the Cain would have against the other races if they were to go to war, is their population.  The Cain in total make up nearly a third of Cecleron's population. There is a special type of fighter amongst the Cain that stand out on the battlefield, known simply as the Heroes.  The Heroes are the best fighters amongst the Cain, and wield massive axes.  Their power came from a unique transormation, and while each race has one, the one of the Cain is arguably the most effective.  Keeping with their balanced nature, their transformation provides a general increase in power rivalling that of a full power super saiyan.

The leader of the Cain was a man named Eliwood, named after the legendary god of Cecleron, as all kings of the central continent had been for generations.  Eliwood is a very capable leader as well as a powerful fighter.  Despite his love for battle, he was very fond of peacetimes, and often personally delt with any situations that could spark war within the nation, or any conflicts with other countries.  Eliwood was very humble and kind around his subordinates, but very quick and brutal in combat.  Despite being a king, he never made decisions alone, and always had a group of trusted advisors give their advice to him whenever he had to make an important decision.  Most of the populace of the central continent approve of their leader, and he even gains great respect from the leaders of the other continents.

The eastern continent is vastly different from the central continent.  While not particularly hot, it is incredibly dry, with there being very little water on the continent.   The people of the land have evolved to need very little water a result.  The creature unique to the east is the griffin. Griffins possess the ability to generate and manipulate lightning and as such, have a great deal of resistance to lightning based attacks, making them usable even during dangerous thunderstoms that would down other mounted units.  Griffins are also quite large, and can be used to transport groups of soldiers at a time.  As for the unique metal used in the east, it is known as Lethicite. Red in color, Lethicite is primarily used in armor as it can nullify all but the most potent of magic and energy attacks that it comes into contact with.

The people of the eastern land are known as the Gaians.  They are not very adept in magic but possess exemplary physial prowess.  Gaians also all possess traits that the wild creatures of Cecleron have as well. They're armor and weapon styles are very similar to real life samurai, and they even use similar armor and weapon styles.  Fights involving Gaians tend to be very quick and brutal.  Their battles are generally decided through single strokes.  As they lack magic or ki, they have become very fast, making them better able to close the distance between them and an enemy mage.  The most powerful fighters amongst the Gains are the Shogun.  They are especially deadly due to the fact that their specialized blades allow them to utilize magic alongisde their already impressive physical abilities.  They are also among the few members of the Gaian race that can access their racial transformation, which grants them the full power of whatever creature they possess traits from.

The leader of the Gaians is an emporer named Sen. Sen was very war happy, and relished in the joys of combat. It was said by many that Lethicite first gained it's red color from Sen's ancestors showering it with so much blood. Sen grows so bored during times of peace that he will actually fight in his own coliseum, willing to face anyone who thinks that they can defeat him.  Sen fights with a single edged curved sword.  His weapon is different from other magic granting weapons due to the fact that it grants him the power of all six variations of magic available on Cecleron.  This makes him one of the most feared warriors not only in his homeland but also across the entire planet.  His relationship with the other world leaders is strained at best, but he does not actively pursue war in other lands, as he knows well it would lead to a civil war within his own.

On to the western contintent.  They are long time rivals with the easterners, and avoid conflict purely becase they have an entire continent between them.  The wesern continent is very hot, though the natives do not seem to mind much.  A large portion of the land is covered by mountain ranges, as such, many cities are actually inside of massive caves systems deep within the mountains.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are very common in the west, making it one of the harsher places on the planet to live.  The creature unique to west is the wyvern.  While not as resistant to magic as other beasts, it boasts a near impenetrable defense against physical attacks, making them far more viable for use as ground based mounted units as well as air based.  The unique metal that can be found in the west is known as Mythril.  Mythril is nothing but an incredibly durable metal, though to a far greater extent than the Cobalt of the central continent.  It is also more rare, and can not be used as regularly.

The inhabitants of the western continent are known as the Regals.  Reglas are the descendants of the last living Dragon.  They were conceived when a Cain someone worked up the brass to literally breed with a dragon, resulting in the Regal race.  Regals possess physical strength dwarfing even that of the Gaians, however they are fewer in number and can not use magic of any kind.  Regals possess incredible physiques, and their speciality is noted by their color.  Red Regals are incredibly fast while gold Regals possess near unmatched physical strength.  White Scaled Regals, which are unique to the royal family, put even all other regals to shame with their might. Some Regals are also capable of using their race's transformation.  They are capable of taking the form of a dragon through a transformation called the Dragon Install, granting them flight, overall increase in attack potency, and elemental breath attacks.  Most Regals fight using swords that are larger than they are; which is saying something, as most regals are about nine feet tall.

The leader of the Regals was a White Scaled Regal by the name of Rapheal.  He and members of his family were always good friends with the royal families of the central continent, since they are technically very distantly related.  Rapheal possesses a great level of fighting spirit.  His will to fight is so powerful that he actually grows stronger the more he desires to win a battle.  While his relationship with most lands is fine, he has a very violent rivalry with Sen.  The two desire so much to find out who is truly stronger that they battle each other once a year, and each fight ends in a draw.  The yearly battle is observed by the leaders of each Continent and their respective champions, to make sure the battle does not go too far. Rapheal's Dragon Install is unique due to the fact that he has refined it to the point where he can maintain his more practical humanoid form, while taking on the increased strength and elemental attacks of the Dragon Install, being able to channel what would normally be a breath attack into his blade.

To the north is a land that is so cold and dangerous, that those that live there live very nomatic lives.  The north is so unbearably cold that most living creatures can not set foot on the continent without immediately dying because their blood freezes near instantly in the more tolerable areas.  There are constant snow storms in the north, with blizzards and hail being as common as sunny days anywhere esle in the world.  The unique creatures in the north are various species of massive insects that are tamed by the locals.  In order to kill their prey, they have evolved to essentially breathe liquid nitrogen at prey, lowering their body temperature and leaving the rest to the cold.  The insects also have so much body heat, that they are used as sources of warmth by the locals.  The unique metal in the north is called Mercury.  Mercury is unique in the fact that it can greatly warm the wearer to a degree that even the immense cold is tolerable, and it augments magic and ki by a considerable amount.  Mercury is often temporarly gifted to visitng royal leaders so they do not freeze to death.

The people of the north are known as the Boreas.   They possess an immunity to the cold due to the fact that their people have lived there for many generations.  They fight primarily using magic due to the fact that Mercury is not readily available enough to regularly be used for weapons, though when employed as weapons, they serve as extremely potent catalysts for magic. Boreas never have to deal with bandits or the like, but they are kept busy by the wildlife. Being told thay they have to go deal with a four kilometer long centipede attacking a village is pretty normal for them.  The unique fighters of the Boreas are known as the Winter's Winds.  They possess their races unique transformation known as the Wendigo, that greatly increases their magic potency, and gives them a natural aura so cold, it can kill those without strong resistance if they are in close proximity for too long.  The Boreas are impossible to invade, as actively marching on the north is literal suicide.  They however can not invade others due to lacking a large population.

The Boreas are led by cheiftan, named Okonkwo.  Due to the reclusive nature of the northen people, Okonwko is among the very few of them that have ever been outside of the northern continent.  He is not a fan of combat though he has to be quite skilled in it to maintain his position.  He is capable of using the Wendigo transformation, and makes extreme use of it's benefits.  He created a style known as the Arcane Monk.  This style makes full use of his magical abilities in order to make him an extremely deadly hand to hand combatant.  Due to the similarity of their fighting styles, Okonkwo is often challenged by Sen to see which of their methods is more efficient, though the former respectfully declines.  Okonkwo despises war, and ignores all attempts at outside contact from those requesting his aid during any sort of dispute.

The sounthern continent of Cecleron is quite unique.  It is almost entirely composed of water and has very little land mass.  Due to the lack of land, everyone in the sountern continent tends to live on ships.  As it is primarily composed of ocean, the residents have to contend with violent storms and even hurricanes on a regular basis.  In the south you can find massive creatures known as Leviathans.  Massive sea serpents capable of generating tsunami's and whirlpools, they serve as a common adversary to the people of the south instead of an ally.  The south is the only continent without a unique mineral, as there is too little landmass to mine from.  The water from the southern ocean however, is unique on it's own.  The waters in certain parts of the southern ocean can be used to rapidly repair almost anything.  It can be used for healing injuries or for repairing damaged equipment.

The people of the south are quite uniqe as well.  They live a very care free live style, without a real distinguished ruler.  The people of the south are composed of Gaians, Cain, and Regals who did not like all of the shackles that came with secruity and order.  They essentially live their lives like pirates.  They have very few rules and generally just do whatever the hell they want.  Despite their destructive tendencies, they are generally ignored by the leaders of the main lands, as they tend to keep to themselves.

Act 2: The Birth of the Champion

Leohart himself arrived on Cecleron during age 1483.  He was created by Leogain a short time before that, and sent to the planet as an infant.  He quite simply just appeared on the planet with no sign of how he got there.  Leohart arrived on the Central Continent, landing with a flash of light like a meteroite, just outside of Eliwood's palace.  He was found by the young king and taken in. While Eliwood would not normally have taken in the child, and would have just left it in a local orphanage, there was something different about this one.  As soon as he considered sending the infant away, he was given a vision of Leohart and Eliwood's own son fighting side by side.  He recieved several similar visions for many days after finding Leohart.  There was something else strange about the boy.  When he was found, Leohart had a quite large silver colored lance next to him when he was found. It radiated great levels of magical power, but seemed to simply be a regular lance whenever Eliwood tried using it.  Due to thecombination of the visions, the strange weapon, and Eliwood's own kind nature, he decided to raise Leohart as his own son.

By what seemed like sheer coincidence, Leohart arrived on Cecleron when the prince of the Central Continent was still an infant, of about 2 years old.  As such Leohart and the young prince (named Eliwood like his father and many of his ancestors before him had been), were raised together, under the belief that the two were actually brothers.  The two had a highly competative sibling rivalry, and their competitions never had a clear winner.  Leohart was always more skilled with a lance while they were growing up, while Eliwood was always more skilled with swords and shields. Both excelled in archery and mounted combat, with there never being a winner in any contest regarding weapons beyond each of their specialities.  The two were very close, as such none would ever question whether or not the two were actually brothers.  The two were raised to lead the army of the Central Continent, and all the soldiers approved as they saw the two young men grow.

However, as the two boys reached adolescense, Leohart began to develop traits of the other races. He gained scales on various parts of his body, which he seemed to be able to make appear or dissapear at will.  His physical strength increased at a very rapid rate, ad he started developing feathers, which he seemed to be able to control as well. He even started to have a much lower body temperature, though he showed no kinds from ill effects from it.  These changes were not at all a detriment to Leohart, as he seemed to adapt these biological changes almost instinctively. These changes greatly increased Leoharts effectiveness in combat and drove his brother to train even harder in order to keep up with him.  As Leohart seemed to possess traits from each race on the planet, his adoptive father had the idea to use him in an attempt to rally the 5 nations together should the need ever arise.

It was then decided that Leohart's changes would be made known to all of the 5 nations.  He would be announced as a gift from the Mortal God as a sign that all the people of the world should be united under one banner.  Of couse the leaders of the other nations were not willing to accept such a claim at face value, and demanded to see the boy in combat.  Leohart was only fourteen years old at the time, however all races of Cecleron reach physical maturity by age 12 so this was not a major deal.  It was agreed upon by the world leaders and Leohart himself that a tournament of sorts would be held.  Leohart would fight the royalty of each nation (the First Mate of the most powerful Captain from the south, as they lack an established government), if he won he would gain the status as a Retainer in each of the lands.  As retainer being a commander with such authority that only the world leaders themselves would be able to oppose his commands.

The tournament went a way none but the Eliwood family expected. Leohart displayed such skill and power that he defeated the princes of the Eastern and Western continents, not quite matching their physical strength, but possessing enough skill to beat their raw physique.  The daughter of the northern Chieftan proved to be more of a challenge, as her potent magic and martial arts countered Leohart blow for blow, with his victory only resulting from his superior stamina.  The battle with the First Mate of the south was settled very easily, as the young Regal relied purely on physique and lacked formal training.  The final battle would be against Leohart's brother and closest friend, Eliwood.  Due to being raised together, the two had very similar fighting styles, and fought evenly for a very long time.  The match between the two continued for a total of 14 Earth days (about 3 days on Cecleron, without as much as a break during.  Eventually, Leohart dealt the finishing blow and defeated his long time rival, both of them emerging stronger from the intensity of the battle.

Role-Play Events

Shortly after the tournament on his homeworld, Leohart met with a fortune teller, and learned of a distant planet called Earth, where a great destiny awaited him.  Utilizing his divine sight to locate the planet, Leohart found the location of the planet and prepared and long distance teleportation spell to send him there, in hopes of battles that would interest him.  The led to Leohart appearing on Earth on the structure known as the Lookout, where several of the planets fighters had gathered for a reason he did not bother to learn. Upon arriving on Earth, Leohart noticed several changes to his body. Due to the lighter gravity of the planet, (Cecleron possessing gravity several hundred times that of Earth), he moved around a bit too easily for his own good.  He utilized gold magic to cause his body to constantly feel the level of gravity he is used to, allowing him to act freely on Earth without having to actively restrain himself.  Leohart stayed very secluded, waiting for the words of the fortune teller to come true, and spent most of his time waiting reading or meditating in trees.

After a short while, a group of local fighters caught Leohart's attention.  Having followed them after witnessing a dispute between them, Leohart found himself participating in a makeshift fighting tournament.  Interested to see if any fighters from this world could pose a challenge to him, he decided to participate.  Having made it to the finals, Leohart quickly lost interest in his match as it was obvious he and his opponent would be fighting for a very long amount of time before significant damage could be done to either.

A while after this tournament, several members were attacked by a small group of robots called the Children of Ultimecia.  Leohart single-handedly defeated and recruited Vern in a short battle.  Shortly after this encounter, Aika was kidnapped and brainwashed, so Leohart set out to neutralize her and remove the mind control effect from her. He then assisted several members of the crew in fighting and apprehending Varvi.

Shortly after these events, a more formal tournament was held called the Lookout Cup.  Leohart entered this tournament out of boredom and ending up being declared the winner.  After this tournament, Leohart decided to return to his home planet for a few years in order to improve upon his abilities and visit his family and friends.


Leohart has a very serious personality and is known to quickly lose interest with people, largely due to the fact that next to nothing on Earth has managed to give him a proper challenge in combat.  Leohart spends most of his time in solitude, preferring to meditate, read, or train in his free time rather than attempt any kind of social interaction.  Leohart takes combat very seriously, even when simply sparring.  Due to his extensive use of Serene Mind, Leohart has an overall very calm personality, leading him to always having a calm outlook on everything and being near impossible to provoke or surprise.  In combat, Leohart almost always remains silent, as he believes that talking in the midst of a fight is simply a waste of time.

Despite Leohart's rather rough and blunt exterior, his is more kind then he lets on.  Largely due to the fact that he has the principles of chivalry ingrained into his brain, Leohart has a very personality quirks that are the loest things people will get to him letting his guard down.  If there is a threat to those weaker than himself, it is Leohart's duty as a knight to resolve the issue. It is this specific ideal that often leads Leohart to fight alongside the Neo Lookout Crew despite not actually being a member of their group.

Powers & Abilities

Biological Abilities

Enhanced Condition: Leohart has spent almost his whole life fighting, and has developed quite the physique because of it.  He possesses immense levels of physical strength and speed due to his Gaian and Regal genes, as well as an exceptionally fast grown rate from his Cain side.  Before his departure for Earth he fought with a spear almost exclusively, as such his physical prowess is nothing to scoff at.

Demi-God Physiology: This part of himself is unknown even to Leohart, and is largely responsible for his strength being what it was.  One of the greatest advantages of Leohart's demi-god status, is that he has nearly inexhaustible stamina.  Even if he were to use every ounce of ki and mana in his body, his physical performance would not waver in the slightest.  His status as a demi-god also gives him access to divine ki, making it so that those without divine ki can not sense his energy.

Cain Physiology: One of the races of Leohart's home planet of Cecleron, it's genetic advanatges mean little on their own but combine incredibly well with Leohart's other genetics. The natural adaptability of Cain DNA makes their grown rates for higher than normal, and makes it easier for them to resist physical attacks that they come into contact with regularly.  Combined with Saiyan DNA, Leohart's genetics allow for far more powerful zenkai boosts than normal. Not only is the raw boost in power he gains greater than avergae, but his Cain DNA allows him to rapidly develop resistance to any sort of physical harm that led to the zenkai.

Boreas Physiology: Boreas possess natural affinity for magic and ki based techniques.  Boreas also boast a natural resistance to magic and mental attacks.  They can completely negate telepathy and telekinetic influences of others of their person, as long as they maintain a clear mind.  They do not have much of a knack for using telekinesis offensively, but they are naturally gifted in resisting such skills used by others.  They have natural elemental resistance, resulting in them taking next to no damage from basic magical attacks.  They are almost entirely immune to cold based attacks, due to their home having temperatures cold enough to freeze the blood of most beings within seconds.

Gaian Physiology: Gains possess immense physical strength and animalistic traits. Leohart is of the one of the most rare breeds of gaians due to the fact that he possesses the traits of a Griffin.  This grants him a near immunity to lightning based attacks, and a very high degree of skill in manipulating lightning.

Regal Physiology: Leohart's Regal DNA adds on to his already impressive strength.  It also grants him the ability to form scales on his skin whenever he wishes.  The scles are incredibly durabale, and can be used to resist physical or energy based forms of damage.  Due to the fact that regular regals are normally quite slow, the scales have evolved overtime to be extremely light weight while maintaining their incredible durability. Regals possess different traits depending on their affinity, which determines the color of their scales.  As a white scaled regal, Leohart can formulate white scales over any part of his body he wishes.  These scales are practically weightless and can be used defensively in various ways.  As his affinity is white, Leohart's scales have the best benefit of each type.  When he projects his scales all over his body, his physical capabilities greatly increase, and the scales are about 25x more durable than Leohart's own body and can distort and absorb various energy types.

Magic Circuits: A unique organ possessed by the beings of Cecleron.  While the six colors of magic can be used by those outside the planet, this unique system within the body greatly augments the potency of magic as it passes through the body.  While increasing potency, it also serves as a limiter of sorts, with several points in the body that prevents magic from released in amounts that are higher than needed.  Magic circuits are near indestructible, and make amputation of limbs nigh impossible.  Someone who masters the Power of the Body and the Power of the Mind can release the limiters of their magic circuits to massively increase the potency of their magic.

Neo Nexus Eye: Leohart gained access to these eye powers during his short time training with Neki.  He is capable of using up to the fourth stage due to his constant training and prodigal nature.  Leohart's form of this eye works entirely different from what is normal.  In it's current incarnation the eye doubles the strength of Leohart's power of the soul, and allows him even greater clarity of sight when Leohart attempts to see through illusions.


Magic utilized on Cecleron is sperated into colors.  With each color being linked to an element, and most having some kind of additional property or effect.  Red magic is linked to the element of fire, and can also be used to amplify the potency of energy attacks.  Blue magic is linked to the element of water, and can be used to effect the soul.  Green magic is linked to the element of wind, and is used to amplify speed.  Gold magic is linked to the element of earth, and can be used to effect physical strength and durability.  Silver magic is linked to the element of light, and is widely based around healing.  Purple magic is based around the element of darkness, and in a way, can be considered to be an "anti-magic".  Most of the element also have advanced stages.  Red also covered lava and solar magic.  Blue has ice and diamond.  Green has lightning.  Gold has metal.  Silver has divine.  Purple has death.  There are certain magics that are not categorized into a specific color, or can be imbued with different colors to alter the effect.

Red Magic: The first and most obvious application of red magic is that it allows the user to manipulate fire for various purposes. It also gives the user access to heat manipulation, allowing them to increase the temperature of anything they come into contact with. Red magic also has the added ability of being able to increase the potency of ki and other energy based attacks depending on how much mana is used. The average red enhancement will turn the attack into a crimson red color, and up to double the potency. Leohart is capable of taking any blast he makes and augmenting it to about double it's normal strength.

Red magic is highly volatile, and can be used to greatly damage those with heavy reliance on energy based techniques.  When red magic comes into contact with a form of energy, it violently reacts, causing an explosion with more than double the energy the the blast or energy source it hits had contained.  This makes red magic highly effective against those with a high degree of control over their energy, as it can be used to turn highly concentrated energy against the opponent.

Like all colors of magic, Red has elements extending beyond basic fire, allowing the user access to Lava and Solar Magic.  While Lava does not have too much use, Solar becomes quite handy. Reaching some of the highest temperatures imaginable, Solar Magic is unique due to the fact that it does more damage the more times the opponent is hit with it.  The highest stage of red magic is cosmic fire, which functions similarly to the regular forms of red magic, but negates resistance one may have to heat, allowing the flames to harm them even if they are immune to traditional flames. The Weakness of cosmic fire, is that it burns very slowly, and the effected area can be removed before it spreads to the rest of the body.

Blue Magic: Blue magic allows manipulation of water and it's respective sub elements. Leohart is capable of generating water, ice, or steam. Due to the highly conceptual nature of Terran magic, Leohart can create water that holds true to water's title as the "Universal Solvent" as such water generated through Terran magic acts a very potent acid. Blue magic also has the secondary ability of being able to damage the soul of the opponent. Damaging the soul makes it highly difficult to channel energy to the damaged area. The soul will eventually repair itself as long as the area does not take consistent damage from blue magic.

Leohart's skill with blue magic allows him to "bend' various forms of energy, being able to move them with his mind as he sees fit.  In order to make use of this ability, Leohart must either be able to use the form of energy himself, or have fought against it to be familiar with it's properties.  Highly complex energies are far more difficult to control than simple ones such as ki.

Green Magic: Green magic allows manipulation of wind as well as lightning. Leohart is capable of manipulating the bioelectricity of himself and others through the use of this ability. He is capable of paralyzing his enemies, electrocuting their brains, or even altering their memories by messing with the flow of electrical impulses in the brain. On himself, he is capable of increasing his reaction times by forcing his nerve impulses to move faster than they should, he can shut of his feeling of pain, and he can manipulate what neural impulses from his senses actually reach his brain, allowing him to combat even highly complex illusions.

Leohart's advanced skill in green magic allows him a limited degree of control over time.  He is capable of stopping time for intervals of a few seconds at a time, as is capable of resisting the manipulation of time by others.

Gold Magic: Gold magic allows manipulation of earth and metal. It gives the user control over virtually all earthen substances. Leohart's primary use of this style of magic, is quite literally breaking down physical defenses. He is capable of instantly determining the atomic makeup of any earthen substance or metal, allowing him to disturb that atomic makeup, and reduce the object to dust. This will not work on magical metals, and only works on materials that rely on conventional durability. Gold curses can also be used to reduce the durability of anything the spell is cast on, or increase the durability depending on Leohart's wishes.

Leohart's advancement in golden magic grants him a level of control over gravity.  He is capable of multiplying the gravity of any area to several thousand times normal, or reducing the gravity in a place to thousandths of it's normal value.

Silver Magic: Silver magic grants control over the element of light. Leohart is capable of creating his own light, should his enhanced vision fail him for any reason, and is capable of making hard light constructs. The primary use of silver magic in the use of Leohart, is that it is the primary element for healing wounds. Silver magic can heal virtually any physical wound. The downside of healing in this way, is that it does not restore the energy of the person being healed as some other methods do.

Purple Magic: Purple magic grans control over darkness and shadows. It allows Leohart to shroud areas in darkness, and create umbrakinetic constructs. One of the very useful applications of purple magic is Leohart's ability to teleport between any shadows within his visual range, as well as his ability to send attacks through these shadows. Purple magic can also be used to dispel and negate other magical effects.

White Magic: Unique to those who possess a white soul, white magic is undeniably the most powerful form of magic available on Cecleron.  White magic put simply, can use all of the abilities of the six main colors, but on a siginificantly higher level.

Empower: A very basic supplementary spell, empower can be used to to amplify the overall attributes of one or many targets to about double their normal limit.  When focused with certain colors, the target loses the all around benefit but gains an extraordinary boost in the specific area.  With a red empower, the user gains a strong resistance to fire, and the potency of all energy based attacks is increased five fold.  With a blue empower, the target gains the ability to breathe underwater, resist cold and freezing, as well as limited control over their own soul, making energy flow far easier and more efficiently.  With a green empower, the target gains an overall speed increase of five times.  With a gold empower, the target gains a five times multiplier is physical strength and durability.  With a silver empower, the target gains greatly enhanced regeneration, as well as great resistance to blinding effects.  With a purple empower, the user can passively absorb minor energy attacks, and only receives 1/5th of the effects of harmful energy based attacks from others.

Empower can be cast on inanimate objects for various effects.  When the basic empower spell is used on an object, it amplifies whatever function that item is meant to serve.  For example, making armor more durable, making a knife sharper, or making a car faster.  Using a red empower on an item makes it highly heat resistant, and in the case of weapons allows it to burn what it makes contact with.  Using a blue empower on an item allows it to freeze things on contact, and in the case of weapons, can cut off the circulation of energy to the wounded area.  Using a green empower on an item makes it far lighter and easier to move.  Using a gold empower on an item makes it far more durable, and in the case of weapons, allows it to half the defense of whatever it makes contact with.  Using a silver empower on an object allows it to function as a makeshift flashlight, as well as being able to heal injuries it touches.  Using a purple empower on an object allows it to function as a shield from energy attacks, and in the case of weapons, create wounds that can't be healed magically.

Teleport: The basic teleport spell does fall into any of the specific colors and can not be imbued with any of them.  This spell is quite simple, as it allows Leohart to teleport himself to any place ingrained in his memory.  As long as he remembers a location he can teleport there freely.  There is a version he often uses offensively known as random teleport, he has no control over where the target will end up, but it is usually good for redirecting attacks.  Leohart can not use the teleport spell on other living beings unless he marks them with a magic sigil, or makes contact with them.

Mind Meld: A basic telepathy spell, this allows Leohart to look into someone's mind, allowing him see their past, their thoughts, etc.  This is not used often, as he only uses it to get information quickly without having to hear long winded conversations.  If the person is willing, or Leohart's mind can simply overpower theirs, he can instantly learn their history, whatever's on their mind at the time, and due to his natural combat proficiency, he would be able to mimic their fighting style and techniques almost instantly.

Ghost Body: Leohart is capable of leaving his body and possessing someone that is weak willed.  When inside a new host, their body changed to be able sustain Leohart's power, making sure that nothing of his is lost when he switches.  Leohart prefers to remain within his own body, but would lose no power or functionality completely switching over.  After swapping to an entirely new body, the old one will simply cease to exist with a snap of his fingers.  If a person is willing to bond with him, Leohart can enter someone's body, granting the person their own abilities as well as Leoharts.  If Leohart remains bonded to someone in this manner for two long, their minds will eventually merge and they will become one being.

Magic Wall: A very basic defensive spell.  It projects a magical wall, the can be shaped in any way Leohart desires.  The basic magic wall's durability depends on how much mana is used to power it.  It can be changed into any color of magic Leohart desires.  This grants it a resistance to whatever element the color is attuned with, as well as the type of attack the colors would be ideal for defending against.  

Divine Sight:  A basic sight augmentation spell, enhanced immensely by Leohart's divine status, this technique makes it so that practically nothing can hide from him.  Divine sight grants Leohart the ability to see in all directions around him, up to a mile away.  He can also see through obstacles as if they were not there.  Divine sight allows Leohart to see through invisibility, as he is capable of seeing a person via their soul, energies, and even life force.  Divine sight also grants slight precognition, allowing Leohart to dodge and counter attacks that would normally be to fast for him to do so.

Strings of Fate: A spell primarily used defensively, this allows Leohart to project strings from his fingertips with the effects varying depending on the color of magic used to form them.  Red strings greatly increase the targets sense of pain, causing even their touch to be as painful as being engulfed in flames would be to a regular person.  Blue strings can capture and even hijack energy protectiles, they can also be used to literally grab hold of a person's soul, being able to remove it entirely if action is not taken.  Green strings move incredibly quickly and the most difficult to dodge as they tend to be the highest in number.  Gold strings are incredibly difficult to break and are nearly impervious to physical means of attack, making some sort of energy attack a must to escape from them.  Purple strings absorb energy and rapidly depelte the stamina and energy reserves or anyone detained by them.  Silver strings are the only ones not used non-offensively, as they can be used to heal the wounds of others on a very precise scale.  White strings are easily the most powerful, and have the most severe effects.  White strings can use the abilities of any of the other colors, or all of them at once.  If one is bound by white strings for more than a few seconds, they quickly lose control of their own body and can literally become a puppet controlled by Leohart.

Power of the Soul

Some of the most powerful abilities in the arsenal of any warrior of Cecleron.  Each resident of Cecleron has a unique ability related to the affinity of their soul.  These affinities are related to the six colors of magic that are used in Cecleron.  Having an affinity for a specific color makes it much easier to learn even without talent for magic.  The major benefit an affinity gives is a unique enhancement that can be used by bringing out the power of one's soul.  Leohart in particular possesses a white soul, which allows him to use all six soul related ability.  It is possible to channel this power into a unique weapon, entirely composed of the concept the ability represents, though this is not needed in Leohart's case as his personal weapon is far more useful.  The abilities of the main six colors increase their respective attibutes by about 300x.  With the Elemental Bearer state increasing everything by about 750x base.

Serene Mind: Serene Mind requires Leohart to clear his heart and mind from all thoughts to the point that his mind becomes entirely at peace.  While in a serene state of mind, Leohart can very easily dodge attacks with hostile intent behind them.  He does force himself to move, nor does he exert any force in redirecting his opponents attack.  A serene mind allows Leohart to see the flow of the world, as well as the waves all creatures release into it.  By sensing these waves, Leohart can allow their force to move him away from attacks he would otherwise be too slow to dodge.  What happens is less like dodging, and more like a leaf flowing down a stream, merely being pushed to the side.  By becoming one with the flow of the world, it becomes easy to avoid things that disburb the flow.  Likewise, Serene Mind can be used to make attacks far more deadly.  Rather than disburbing the flow with his attack, Leohart instead follows the flow that connects him to his opponent.  Known as the Blade of Still Water, it was greatly feared as one of the most deadly sword techniques one could know on Cecleron, said to cut even the strongest of defences like paper.  Those who are aware of the way the technique works, can avoid by controlling their hostility and attacking with less ferocity.  Less harmful intent causes less of a ripple in the flow, making the attack harder to avoid.  The largest downside of Serene Mind is the amount of concentration it requires.  Due to the extreme level of focus required by the technique, Leohart is limited to melee attacks while using it, however is he is capable of causing his melee attacks to lash out at distant opponents as if he were right infront of them.

​Hellfire Blade: This ability is used when Leohart is nearing his limit in a battle. The exact opposite Serene Mind, this ability requires Leohart to put aside all reasons he may have to not fight. Doing so, his fighting spirit reaches it's maximum, and his overall combat efficiency if greatly increased. Leohart's reactions and speed are increased, and he has no wasted movements in his attacks. Unlike Serene Mind, Hellfire Blade primarily relies on parrying for defence. Hellfire blade's primary application is that it completely restores all of Leohart's stamina, ki, and mana that have have been lost in the battle up until that point. This allows Leohart to fight at his maximum potential whenever Hellfire Blade is active. The major downside to Hellfire Blade is that Leohart can not regenerate or use healing magic on himself whenever it is in use, completely sacrificing healing for damage output. 

​Strength of Cecleron:  This ability is Leohart's ultimate defense against controlling effects. Strength of Cecleron greatly strengthens Leohart's body and mind, making it far more difficult to restrain him physically or otherwise. Leohart gains a strength of mind that allows him to resist mind control and any illusions that are cast by altering his mind in any way.  Strength of Cecleron also makes it so that Leohart feels any level of gravity as equal to that of his home planet.  By changing the way Leohart feels the gravity, he will always feel at home on a battlefield.  This prevents him both from moving too slowly in increased gravity, or losing control of his movements in lower gravity.  Leohart also gains access to 100 percent muscle usage, increasing his base strength by about five times. Leohart's durability also increases by the same amount that his strength does. Contrary to Hellfire Blade, Strength of Cecleron does not increase Leohart's skill, but it increases his physical strength by a substantial amount. Strength of Cecleron primarily utilizes hand to hand combat, which benefits the most from the increase in strength. This ability is primarily uses when Leohart matches in opponent in skill and speed, but just needs a bit of overwhelming force to take them down. 

Devastating Gale: This ability is entirely based around speed. Not providing boosts in any other areas, Devastating Gale allows Leohart to move incredibly quickly, both in terms of traversal and combat. While utilizing Devastating Gale, Leohart becomes fast enough to utilize the skill known as Lightning Sword Flash. Lightning Sword Flash increases the speed of Leohart's weapon arm to such an extent, each strike seems as though he is lashing out with dozens of arms at once. Devastating Gale is most useful for parrying attacks, and attempting to keep pace with those would otherwise be capable of outspeeding Leohart. Devastating Gale can be used to increase speed in order to dodge attacks, though it is not as effective in this aspect as Serene Mind, as the dodging is not automatic and requires actual effort.  The advantage of this technique is that is does not require nearly as much concentration to maintain as Serene Mind, and so other techniques can still be used while it is active. 

​Shadow's Embrace: This ability is not designed for direct combat, and usually used for surprise attacks, or to avoid a fight altogether.  It allows Leohart to completely hide his energy signature, making unable to be sensed by traditional ki sensors.  It even makes it so his energy attacks can not be sensed either, and gain a dark purple color, making them impossible to see or sense in dark areas.  Shadow's embrace also grant's Leohart a passive aura of purple magic, allowing him to absorb massive amounts of energy from any attack directed at him.

Fallen Angel Dance: This ability is more of a support buff than anything else.  Fallen angel dance greatly increases Leohart's stamina, and allows him to rapidly regenerate wounds while it is active.  This healing does not restore his energy or stamina, it only heals the wound itself.  Fallen angel dance can be used alongside Hellfire Blade to allow healing of wounds while it is active.

Elemental Bearer: By using all 6 elemental skills at once, Leohart enters the elemental bearer state.  While it takes a fair amount of time to initiate the transformation, and the shift into the state causes a fair bit of strain, the form itself is quite easy to maintain.  Leohart gains the focus of the Serene State, which is most important in maintaining the form.  

Power of the Body

Unlike the power of the soul, which requires at least some degree of skill in magic, the power of the body relies much more on physical training.  Enhancing the user's physical capabilities in various ways, it is mainly used by those who prefer physical means of fighting over magical.  In the case of Leohart, he is capable of utilizing the powers of the soul and body at the same time.  This overall greatly increases his overall combat effectiveness.  Much like the power of the soul, the power of the body has several applications that focus on different aspects.

Limiter Removal: This is the most general aspect of the power of the body, as it greatly augments the body by removing the natural restrictions that the body normally puts on itself.  Despite Leohart's unique physiology, due to the fact that his training has more of a magical rather than physical focus, he is not capable of using the full cababilities of his physique without this ability. When Leohart removes his limiter, all of his physical cababilities are increased about 200 fold, making Leohart even more capable than normal to fight in close quarters, and without the use of magic.  However, due to his Magic Circuits, which normally restrict the flow of magic to a rather high degree, also having their limits removes, his magic, and therefore the power of the soul, increases in potency by about ten times.

Nervous System Control: The second ability of the power of the body, it grants Leohart control over his nervous system, allowing him to greatly increase his reaction speeds.  He is capable of dulling or completely shutting off his feeling of pain, allowing him to fight at full strength even with highly painful injuries.  Leohart is capable of entirely shutting off his reflexes, making things like feints and sudden attacks less likely to cause him to lose focus.

Rapid Counter: The power of the body increases the body's ability to train movements to the point of muscle memory to such an extent that they are capable of mimicking the stances and fighting style of an opponent before the attack even finishes.  Such a degree of perception also allows their body to react to attacks they've dealt with before far more easily than they would otherwise.

Circulatory System Control: The power of the body allows the user to control the flow of their own blood for various purposes.  They can lessen the damage caused by wounds by minimalizing the loss of blood.  They can also prevent the flow of poisons by flowing all foreign pathogens to a single point and bleeding them out.


Champion's Mail: The Champion's Mail is the armor that was gifted to Leohart when he became the Hero King of Cecleron.  While the position was mostly ceremonial, the armor that came with it was anything but.  The armor is composed of an alloy of Cobalt, Lethicite, Mythril, and Mercury.  The armor was melted together with flaming breath of regals, melted into eastern molds, and shaped with central hammers.  After all of this the metal was quenched in the waters of the southern seas, allowing it to self repair should it ever be damaged.  With the combination of all the rare metals within it, the armor is highly durable and greatly augment's Leohart's magical abilities.

Champion's Mantle:  The Champion's Mantle is a cape given to Leohart to go with his new armor.  The cape was made of the hide and scales of a wyvern, along with the feathers of a pegasus.  This grants the mantle great levels of resistance to physical and energy based attacks.  The mantle has also been bathed in the seas of the south, allowing it to quickly self repait if damaged.

Longinus: Longinus was the spear given to Leohart by Leogian upon his creation.  Althought Savan was capable of using the spear, he was only allowed to do so by Leogian so that Leohart could have a test to push his abilities further.  If anyone other than Leohart or anyone given his permission attempt to wield the spear, it will instantly return to Leohart.  This spear possesses several immensely powerful abilities, and is easily the most powerful weapon in Leoharts possession.  One of the most prominent abilities of the spear, is that it can copy the abilities of any weapon it comes into contact with.  As of now it already possesses the power of each of the Six Hero's weapons.  

The spear also possesses a few unique abilities, the first of which is Divine Dividing.  Divine Dividing allows Leohart to halve the strength of anyone the spear makes contact with, and add the power that person lost to himself, temporarily.  Divine Dividng can also be used to reduce the size of something by half. The second ability of the spear is Boosted Gear, which will temporarly double the strength of Leohart.  Boosted Gear can also be used to double the size of anything Leohart wishes.

Magical Familiars: It is very common for mages on Cecleron to have unique summons that assist them in battle or even in everyday life.  Leohart's familiars serve him in all aspects of his fighting style.  Leohart has access to six familiars, each which takes the form of a skeletal hand.  The hands are missing perfect circles that look like they could have been cut out of the palm.  These palms typically glow, which each generally displaying one of the six colors of magic.  At will their color can be changed to all be the same, or be any combination of colors Leohart desires.  Their color can be used to match the color of whatever magic Leohart is using.  They can also be used for simpler purposes like wielding weapons, or blocking small attacks, or simply performing simple tasks for Leohart when he is busy.  The ammout that the familiars increase the potency of Leohart's magic depends on how many are used.  Each hand can increase Leohart's ki or magical power by his own amount.  For example, one hand synchronizing with him doubles his output, two of them triples, three of them quadruples, etc.  The familiars serve to greatly enhance Leohart's fighting capability, and are a major asset to him.  Should one be destroyed, Leohart can quickly recreate it with a burst of mana and a short moment to concentrate.

As the Demi-God of War

Upon retrieving the spear that was meant for him, several powers awakened in Leohart, gained by his status as the Demi-God of war.

Ultimate Combatant: With even the smallest amount of practice Leohart can become a master in nearly any fighting style or in the usage of any weapon at his disposal.  He is capable of using any weapon he picks up as if it were an extension of his own arm, and wield with such skill that it would seem he spent his entire life mastering the usage of the weapon.

Ultimate Adapter: Leogian can adapt to nearly any combat situation. He is capable of becoming immune to even the deadliest of toxins and poisons nearly instantly when they try to effect him. Things like radiation that would normally cause damage This ability means Leogian has no real exploitable weaknesses, meaning skill and power are the only ways to bring him down.

Perfect Smith: Leohart is able to create perfect replicas of any weapon he comes into contact with.  He is cabable of summoning singular weapons, or spamming them en masse to use as projectiles.  

Knight of Honor: Leohart is capable of picking up any object, and turning it into a weapon that can damage and even kill some of the most powerful beings in the universe. If Leohart ever happens to choose not to use his swords, or somehow becomes seperated from them, he can use simple everyday objects to match the destructive capacities of some of his most powerful attacks. This technique can also allow Leohart to use the weapons of others as if they were his own, bypassing things like loyalty requirements and other effects that would limit a weapon's use. When using the weapon of someone else, it's durability, cutting power, and any other special effects the weapon may have is multiplied ten fold. This makes virtually any weapon more effective in Leohart's hands than even the original owner.

One Man Army: Leading an army against Leohart is one of the the most foolish decisions someone could make. Bringing more men will only increase Leohart's power as their numbers rise. Leohart's power is multiplied by however many opponents he's facing.