Lookout III, also known as Lookout: New Era or L3, is the third and final series within the Lookout RP Universe. It continues the Lookout tradition of natural, casual, and quirky flow, but with its stories divided into tales, all with their own respective theme or moral.



It has been nearly three and a half millennia since the tumultuous conclusion of Lookout II, the short era of the Neo Lookout Crew working to reunite a universe who'd lost sight of its goals. Clearly, much has changed, and now the legacy of both the original Lookout Crew and the NLC lives on through old books and mossy statues. Across the cosmic frontier, the cycle of life has carried on and long resorted to the natural order of things - but, in the dark recesses of space brews a 'predicament of sorts' that may be of concern and interest to everyone.

Planet Earth, as of Age 5000, has went through very radical changes. Humans still make up most of the rural areas, though the urban ones are very technologically advanced and ran by alien space lords in a 'we'll leave you alone if you leave us alone' kind of system. It is not in the top tier of political centers anymore however, and is more known as, essentially, a large satellite for larger nearby planets.