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Meotis Civilwar

Date April 1, 1502  – 

Planet Meotis




  • ___ Victory
  • Crash of Fascist Government
  • 50/50 Support Split between Communism and Democracy
  • Communist Massacre in South Phinan
  • Democratic suppression in Egela
 Lawful Coalition Movement  Revolutionary Reconciliation Union
Commanders and leaders

President Bosko Resnick

Premier Sava Kohout



  • LCM Army
  • LCM Navy(Marines)
  • LCM Air Force


  • RRU Army
  • RRU Navy(Marines)
  • RRU Air Force
Casualties and losses

Total: 4,890,000 casualties

Total: 7,900,000 casualties

7,000 Armed Civilians dead

800 Peacekeepers dead  Total dead: ______

The Meotis Civilwar is a war on the Planet Meotis fought between the two main poliical powers, the Lawful Coalition Movement and the Revolutionary Reconciliation Union. The war has lasted from 1502 to the current day.

Meotis is a civilization less advanced than Earth, lacking proper interspace combat. The war is fought between LCM and RRU backed troops, as well as several groups of armed civilians who vary in support. RRU troops control the Northern and Central most continents, meanwhile the LCM control the Western and Southern most continents. 

In 1500. the planet of Meotis was in shambles. Slowly cracking in half as the Fascist government broke down. In 1501, the government collapsed and fled the Earth, leaving several billion under no government. The people slowly began to unite into 2 political parties, the Revolutionary Reconciliation Union which supported and believed in Communism, and the Lawful Coalition Movement which believed in a proper Conservative Democracy. The RRU formed mostly in the Northern regions while the LCM in the south. 

From the start, neither government was official and competed in political debates, attempt to earn the favor of the population. Tensions begin to rise however, as the Conservatives began to massacre Communist supporters in the South, meanwhile the communists in the North used peaceful force to supress and argue democracy in the North. 

With tensions at an all time high, and the mobilizing of troops and equipment from the previous government's military, the sides began to build their own militaries. Where the RRU won in numbers, the LCM won in technological advances and training. 

Operation Typhoon

Operation Typhoon is a developing GUAOF military operation to be carried out by the 88th Aviation Brigade (GUAOF).

Operation Typhoon is the operation to enter Planet Meotis and act as an interventionist volunteer corp on the side of which is picked by Hanna Rune. For each side has their own plan.

LCM Support Plan

RRU Support Plan