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This article, Nikad, is a Role-Play article.

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This character, Nikad, is a main Lookout RP character!

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Nikad J. Michael
Name Nikad J. Michael
Gender Male Male
Height 6'4
Weight 345 lbs
Blood Type O+
Occupation God of Life
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Relatives Lumakai


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"Who am I.....who am I? Lemme give you a short description. I am strong mentally and physically. Once I set my mind on something, I never give up. I am always eager to test my abilities. I was born on 737. I have no dream. But my goal is to protect this earth until the end of this life. And I will keep trying and trying and trying to do so, no matter what. You may have already guessed, but I'll tell you anyways. I am Nikad. The Legendary Clone of Goku. Last Survivor of the Z-Fighters, and one of the Sole Protectors of the earth, working alongside constantly with the Lookout Crew. You should've known who I was by now, But I told you anyways."
— Nikad

"You have been chosen to learn the ways of the universe, folded and compressed into a little ball known as your eye. You shall become one of the five who will rise to the top and share your wisom with others. You shall be one that will save this universe from it's corrupt ways and make it come to an end to create eternal peace. You will be one that will stand tall against the many and lead them to victory. You will learn to be peaceful, unless threatened. You will learn to help others that are in need and help yourself in the process. You will learn to become one with the universe and become it, then turn the bad inside you into good. You will become the universe and learn the ways...of the Nexus."
— The 1st Nexus Master to Nikad

" It takes more than a fist to make evil submit, sometimes it takes all you've a god, I'm willing to accept that and protect the universe. I will go out of my way to make evil submit. I am the God of Life, but to evil, I am your End."
— Nikad's Oath to Nikdia

Nikad is known as the God of Life, King of Nikdia, also the 3rd Nexus Master. Nikad is 363 years old. He was born in 737 during the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z, he is currently the last of the Z-Fighters.

Full Story of Nikad (redone)

This is the full origin of Nikad and how he has came to be.

Age 737

Krillin, Bulma, and Yamcha sit in a meeting room in Capsule Corp. They are thinking of new ways to beat Cell. "I know this sounds crazy, but what if when Goku faces Cell, he loses and Cell kills him? It sounds ridiculous, but we need a backup just in to be safe." Krillin suggests.

"So what do you think the backup should be?" Yamcha says.

"I think it should be another clone. So that other clone can fight side by side by the other Goku and we can have a 2.00x chance of winning!"

"That is Genius I must say, but currently Goku is in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gohan, so tomorrow we shall start that process." Bulma says.

"You have a cloning device?" Krillin asks in confusion.

"Yes, I always have one of those prepared, and now I finally get to use it!"

One day later Goku and Gohan step out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber stronger than ever. After Goku and Korin chat for a bit, Bulma talks to Goku about the cloning, and he reluctantly accepts.

The cloning takes hours and hours to complete, when Goku comes out of the cloning chamber, the first thing he says is "I'm starving! How long have I been in there?" Bulma responds with "About 7 hours." The cloning process finally finishes and baby Goku comes out of the cloning chamber, immediately it is picked up and surrounded in rags. 

"Crap, the cloning chamber bugged out. And this machine can only be used once...oh well, I guess we'll just have to raise it and cretae another Goku." Bulma says.

"Hey hey! I have other important stuff to do than raise this baby up! I need to train for Cell, and grab a bite to eat!" Goku responds. 

Bulma sighs. "I guess...I'll call you...Nikad."

Age 767

Goku disappears with Shenron, off into the distance. Nikad is now the head of the Z-Fighters, finally ready to go out into the battlefield, more ready than ever. 

Age 777

Peace has been on the earth for 10 years now, but a new enemy has now landed on earth. His name, is Kinacha! Nikad senses this new energy, and pursues it on his own. Will he be able to stop this new threat to earth?

Part 2

Nikad now faces Kinacha, Kinacha faces Nikad with his insane power level. "Well well, why are you here?"

Nikad responds with "I am here to find out your goal for coming here. Why do you come here? You seem mysterious and dangerous so I am extremely curious to see what your motives are."

"My goal here is to take over this world. I have heard from across the universe that this planet is relatively weak, but it has survived, and I wanna see that for myself by taking over the world, and testing the world's abilities." Kinacha responds.

Nikad grunts. "Well, lets just see if you're gonna be able to do that!" Suddenly Kinacha disappears. Before leaving he whispers to Nikad in the ear this "I'm going to take care of you last."

~ 10 hours later ~

Nikad starts flying back home to Capsule Corp, then seeing the building destroyed. "Whaaa, what happened here?! Where's Bulma?!" Nikad lands and runs into the Capsule Corp. He sees the dead bodies of the Z- Fighters, and Bulma is on the ground, almost dead. "What...what?!? What happened?!?! Bulma!!"

Bulma responds with whispering, "Not too loud..It's time I finally told you....It was Kinacha who did have to protect this earth....your purpose for being created was to protect go and fulfill your duty....for me.."

Nikad slams the ground with his right hand. "Damn!! Isn't there anything I can do to stop you from dying?! I've already lost the others...I can't lose you..."

Bulma says "Don't focus on me right have to focus on the earth...I'm just one have to save the entire world from complete destruction...also...and one more thing...d-don't...di-" Bulma couldn't say anything after that. She had stopped breathing. She had died.

Nikad stares at her dead body, looking at the images of Kinacha, and multiple tears falling out of his eyes. "...BULMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nikad then got up, trying to suck up all of the tears, but he couldn't, they had just keep flowing out. "'re dead!"

Kinacha was looking at a city with his hair blowing in the wind, the city is completely destroyed. He has his eyes closed, smiling. Then Kinacha heard a walking sound, it was Nikad. 

Nikad stood there, standing straight, tall and strong, but inside he was bursting in anger. "You know...Here's one question. Why are you doing this?"

Kinacha opened his eyes and turned around, he could sense that he was gonna get serious soon, and that he had gotten stronger than last appearance. "...I am doing this so I can revive the saiyan race with my girlfriend, so we need space for that. I know there was other saiyans, but why would I want saiyans that don't have full dna? That's disgraceful."

Nikad then said, "..You, you can do that on some other planet. Why would you choose an inhabited one?"

Kinacha didn't respond. 

"So that want to kill me also?"


"Well, I wanna live like a strong guy, with a strong will to protect my friends and the planet. I have goals like you do, and ya know I'm gonna achieve them. So that means I won't die, no matter what. That doesn't mean I can forgive you easily, you're dead." Nikad then got into a stance ready to fight Kinacha.

Part 3

Nikad then ran at Kinacha with full force immediately and charged his Kamehameha with one hand. Kinacha stood there, smirking. He charged his most powerful attack, Red Kamehameha. Nikad and Kinacha ran at each other with full force, Nikad didn't want to kill him, but he wanted to make him suffer for what he did to his loved ones, where as Kinacha wanted to kill him and take over the planet, so naturally Kinacha didn't have any reason to hold back and from there he had the upper hand. 

Nikad's Blue Kamehameha and Kinacha's Red Kamehameha clashed and a huge crator formed with a purple aura around the explosion. As the beam was expanding Nikad and Kinacha struggled to win the beam clash, and Kinacha was about to win.

Then suddenly something began to dawn on Nikad. He had remembered what Bulma said before she had died. "Don't di-" Suddenly Nikad's eyes turned turqoise and he had gained a golden like aura, he was getting stronger by the second. Kinacha stood there in amazement, seeing how much power he is getting from absolutely no where. 

"Nikad would not die. Nikad will never die unless he chooses too." That's what he said in his head before he went Super Saiyan. He started pushing Kinacha back easily but Kinacha refused to back down.

Kinacha then started growing in power also, but it was not enough. The battle struggle was back to even and the intense fight was still going on. Kinacha was starting to lose balance, he looked at Nikad in surprise with his eyes wide open, he feared Nikad's power. He saw Nikad then looking down struggling as well and he looked straight at him again, then Nikad looked up at Kinacha and yelled "I will beat you down! No matter what it takes!!".

Then Kinacha lost balance and he was rammed in the stomach with the Kamehameha Nikad had made. Nikad then fired the Kamehameha completely at his stomach, letting the blast send him flying through the sky into space. The fight was over.

Nikad returned to base fully exhausted, he was breathing heavily, but he was happy that he was able to avenge Bulma and The Z- Fighters.

From now on, Nikad trained everyday for the rest of his live to get stronger than how he was before. He still had the Z-Fighters and Bulma in his hearts, and he would never give them up for anything.


Nikad's Ki Sword and Lighting/Fire Staff

Lighting/Fire Staff

Origin of Lighting/Fire Staff

Nikad was just walking when he sees a giant lighting strike hit on a tree in a city in the forest, he runs over to the city to see if anyone was killed or hurt, but turns out it was just a ghost town, he walks around the town and sees a tree branch on fire. He then picks it up. He swings it around and points it towards a tree. Then a big fireball flies to a tree, and destroys half the forest. Now he holds it in his hand whenever he goes somewhere, no matter what, so he can protect himself, even if he loses ki.


Base: It looks like a normal tree branch with a fire on it, but turns out it is an eternal flame, and it shoots a huge fireball that can destroy almost anything in it's path.

Stage 1: The upgraded version of the base. But this time the "huge fireball" is like a GIANT. And it can destroy a planet easily, Stage 1 can also be duplicated, and used as dual swords also.

Stage 2: This is the fused version of a lighting strike's electricity, and the normal Fire staff. This one can summon lighting strikes and shoot fireballs at the enemy at the same time. However the lighting strikes are not unlimited, they are limited to 20 strikes. Once you get above that limit, the staff burns out the energy and has to recharge for 30 minutes.

Final Form: This is the Final State of the Staff. To be created/obtained you must duplicated all the stages of the Staff, and fuse them all together to make this final state. There is no limit to what you can do with this, you can do 500 lighting strikes at once, or summon a giant fireball to annihilate the enemy. This is clearly the strongest you can go with this staff, well you can upgrade it one more time, but no one has ever thought or did this before, so it's still unknown to how strong this staff can really become.


Ki Sword

Origin of Ki Sword

Nikad was fighting Kuzon on Earth, when Kuzon threw a tree at him, he grabbed a tree and ripped off a piece of the bark on the tree, then he carved it into the shape of a sword, then he enhanced the sword with his ki, he fought Kuzon for 30 minutes with it.


Stage 1: This is the first stage of this sword, it's pretty much always like this.

Stage 2: This is the upgraded version of the sword, it can be obtained by putting more ki and power into the sword.

Stage 3: Pretty much the same as Stage 2, but it is 100x stronger than Stage 2. this is also the final stage.



Kamehameha; This is his main attack. He uses this attack whenever he is fighting an opponent, or to boost himself away.

Super Kamehameha; This is a powered up version of his main attack. Basically he uses this whenever he is fighting an opponent, or to boost himself away. This attack can be used at any of his forms. The rest of the Kamehamehas in this list are just even more powered up versions Nikad happened to develop and learn over the course of his life.

Kamehameha x10

Kaioken 1-45 - Kaioken boosts his base power by 1.5x every single time.

Instant transmission; This can help him teleport all over the galaxy in a split second. However this does require concentration, but since Nikad has mastered this he can use this almost instantly without much concentration needed.

Final Kamehameha

Explosive Wave; This is a kiai and an explosion force releasing from his body all at once. It effects a certain area and gets even more stronger as his power level increases.

Super Explosive Wave; This is an enhanced version of his Explosion Wave. It basically just makes the effects of the explosive wave even more devastating.

Spirit Bomb; You know this from the canon series. So there is no point in explaining it.alsoknow all the spirit bombs unless the ones that Nikad developed himself.

Super Spirit Bomb

Large Spirit Bomb

Ultra Spirit Bomb; Now, instead of gathering energy from all across the galaxy like the current canon strongest Spirit Bomb is, this is gathering energy from all across the entire universe. However this does require a lot of concentration and no interruption or else the Spirit Bomb will go away. It requires a lot of concentration because of the amount of living things in the universe that Nikad has to telepathically talk to to get the energy in the first place. It needs a lot of time because, well, the whole universe is very large and full of creatures and living organisms.

Regeneration; Nikad has got regeneration from one of the buffs Nikad was given when he was created as a clone.

Instant Transmission Kamehameha

Dragon Fist

True Kamehameha

Angry Kamehameha

Super Dragon Fist

Ultra Dragon Fist; Pretty much the same concept of Ultra Spirit Bomb. It requires energy from people all over the universe, but instead of making a spirit bomb the energy is concentrated into one fist, then hypothetically Nikad turns into a red and orange dragon and goes through the enemy.

Wind Style: Rasenshuriken; The rest of these are Naruto Moves that Nikad happened to learn on his own since learning how to use Chakra by Ultra Ian.

Shadow Clone Jutsu; Basically creates clones of himself.

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu; This creates over 200 Shadow Clones which help him fight in battles.

Lightning Style: Chidori; This is not a normal Chidori that is used in the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series, when Nikad uses it, before it hits it creates a spiral effect and creates a gravitational pull from everything around it, and sucks it all in, then after 2 seconds it releases everything out, plus electrocuted the enemy. But as time goes on the electrocution comes back every 2 minutes, but it's strength doesn't stay the same. As time goes on and on the electrocution gets stronger and stronger, eventually getting as stronger as the Chidori hitting you again every 2 minutes, in a matter of 10 minutes.

Wind Style: Power of a Thousand Punches; This has been created by Nikad. Whenever he uses this ability he can make a giant fist rise out of  the middle of the ground and grab the opponent tightly, making them unable to move. Then Nikad charges a punch, that has the same power of a thousand punches by Nikad packed into one, then he charges at his enemy and punches them across the face, causing a devastating explosion and knocking the enemy back, plus breaking a bone in the jaw, if not, almost knocked out and severely injured.

"...Nexus. Activate!" - When Nikad activates the Nexus transformation, he has access to this attack. When Nikad is using this, time freezes and everything around Nikad is frozen, except Nikad himself and the enemy. However this enemy cannot move whatsoever due to the paralysis Nikad gives to the enemy on eye contact due to his newly achieved eyes. Then Nikad slowly walks to his enemy and charges a huge point blank Destroyer Kamehameha at the enemy's stomach, then fires it, but due to time being frozen the blast goes nowhere, then Nikad unfreezes time and shoves the Kamehameha to their stomach even further, causing an even more devastating and strong explosion, and the damage dealt to the enemy is very huge.

God of Life: Rebirth - In this ability he is able to summon in any deceased entity that has ever lived before. But consuming a huge part of his chakra and ki.

3 Lives! - Something not even Nikad knew until now, is that Bulma had 29 Failed Clones, and they were all stronger than him, because they were born with more power than him, but since they were unstable, Bulma put them away as fails and shipped them away onto different planets. There they got even stronger than the Current Nikad, the strongest is 1st Nikad, the first failed clone that had more time to grow and train to become even stronger than the other ones. Then As soon as Nikad met them, they formed a mental and physical alliance so they could technically become one being, but with 30 Lives. So when one died, it went to another, and so on. However, during Nikad vs Erebus Nikad fused 30th to 21st Nikad together into 3rd Nikad, 20th to 11th Nikad into 2nd Nikad, and finally 10th Nikad to 1st Nikad, all namekian style fusion. Nikad gained a massive increase in power after this, and Erebus admitted that even he could not win with that.

* Mad Nexus Stage

Nexus Eye Stage 3 - He has got this in 1094 while training ultra hard in his other clone. The Stage 3 Nexus Eye gives you the ability to transform into another form. A form called The Nexus. The Nexus gives you a firey purple aura around your body and purple flames surrounding your body. It also increases your Nexus Abilities by 3x and your strength speed and every other statistics (except for intelligence) by 50x.

Nexus Eye Stage 4 - He got this in 1100 while training really really really hard in his other clone. The Stage 4 Nexus Eye gives you the ability to transform into the different form as the 3rd Stage, but this one is more powerful. This one increases your Nexus Abilities by 10x and your strength speed and every other statistics (except for intelligence) by 500x.

The Way of the Universe - Nexus Eye Stage 5 - He got this in 1100 as well while training in the HBTC. The Stage 5 Nexus Eye gives you the ability to transform into the different form as the 3rd and 4th Stage, however this one grants you the ability to be immune to time slowing down, fire, frost explosions and immune to all forms of energy for the first 30 minutes of the awakening. This Eye increases the Nexus Abilities by 50x and every other statistics (except for intelligence) by 2,000x.

Ejumo Sozamoso - This is a forbidden technique learned by Nikad at the age 1094, when Nikad's chakra points are blocked, he is paralyzed, he runs out of Ki or he is severely damaged, he has access to this new type of energy, called Ejumo Sozamoso. Originally when you learn it is weak compared to ki and chakra, but once you master it you can do unimaginable things. (This is not compatible with the 30 Lives Technique Nikad has, but on the 30th life it will be activated/accessable) When Nikad uses it, he regenerates in a matter of seconds back and he gets his full strength, speed and power back, meaning his ki and chakra fully replenish and on top of that he now has this new energy source, called Ejumo Sozamoso. The aura is a good and dark red.

Full Counter - Originally from the anime Nanatsu No Taizai, Nikad can forge his Ejumo Sozamoso into his sword and completely counter the attack and send it back at them 10x the speed, force and strength with his sword. This cannot be used on only one attack, it can be used on up to 50 different attacks all at once, and if it is used on more than 1 attack, the attacks combine then get their multiplier.

COMPATIBLE WITH: Nexus Eye God of Life Form Kaioken

Summoning Jutsu: Gammahaki The Turtle Of Life - Nikad developed a new animal he can summon that could help him in battles, help with his regeneration and guard him from attacks, this animal is a turtle called Gammahaki. This giant turtle is capable of negating any effects that disable anyone's regeneration passively as long as he is touching the person, in this case, Nikad. He is also capable of shrinking down and getting bigger at anytime. He could use this to dodge attacks, hide into Nikad's pocket or crawl into his shell to roll and bump into an enemy to knock them out with one hit. Finally he is capable of going in and out of his shell to protect himself and Nikad from any attack possible unless they are capable of destroying the universe. And Gammahaki doesn't have holes where his head and legs can go out of when he goes into his shell. Nikad with Gammahaki's permission modified his regular holes he had and put huge circles of brown (the color of his shell) where the holes are and whenever Gammahaki wants to get out of his shell the circles will just go in and slide, like a sliding door.
Nikad SSSJ3
The Forbidden Technique: Eight Gates Release! - These gates are the chakra gates which limit a person's full potential. Once unlocked, it can bring about great power to the user, but will have consequences if pushed too far. Nikad can unlock the first 7 gates of the technique.

Mad Nexus Stage 1 - This is the first stage of the Mad Nexus. This can increase your power by 1,000,000x. Everything will be enhanced and your intelligence of everything will seem much more wider and stretchable.

Mad Nexus Stage 2 - This can allow you to see into the future by 20 seconds, enabling you to see what your opponent's next move will be and to avoid it. It can also enhance your ability of Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, and Taijutsu and can allow you to copy almost any move of your opponent and learn it instantly just by looking at it.

Mad Nexus Stage 3 - Unlike the previous version of Nexus, you do not get a new form. Normally you would get a Mad Nexus form, but it is preserved in order for its energy to be passed on to...the Next form. Your power is enhanced by 10x, but nothing special.

Mad Nexus Stage 4 - Your power is enhanced by 10x also, but your intelligence drastically increases.

The Way of Space/Time and Omniverse - Also known as Mad Nexus Stage 5, this makes you near GODLIKE. It makes you able to see into the future an infinite amount of time forwards and backwards, enables you to step into people's minds and see what they are thinking, able to absorb and convert any type of energy of any sort of power, and makes your aura insta damage your opponent. However, the one major drawback is, it consumes your ki so fast, you can only use it for 2 Minutes. During 2 minutes of this, you are GOD. When the time limit runs out, you either die or you're severely injured. It depends on your actions during your godlike form. If you hurt people for the wrong intentions or destroyed any planets with living things on it, you die permanently and cannot be brought back. If you're doing it for a spar however, or you're protecting someone, you will be severely injured. He got this eye as a gift from the God of Nexus.

Ultimate Nexus Stage 1 - This stage is stronger than the previous one, Mad Nexus Stage 5, however it does not have as much or any of the abilities that the other one has. But this one makes you far stronger. He got this eye as a gift from the God of Nexus.

Ultimate Nexus Stage 2 - He unlocked this eye during the battle versus Kuzon Jr. It makes you 10x stronger, faster and more durable.

The Way of Existence - Also known as Ultimate Nexus Stage 3, this is the final stage of the Ultimate Nexus and also the final stage of all of the Nexus Stages. Meaning this is by far the strongest. It gives you unlimited energy (Unlimited Energy, not Unlimited POWER, people) and also makes you 50x stronger, faster, more durable. And with this eye you can teleport yourself wherever you want, as long as it exists without using any energy. And this eye doesn't have any drawbacks and doesn't use any ki/chakra, so you can keep using it FOREVER.

Mystic Nexus - This is the Bonus Stage he had earned after killed off Meledor, and a big percentage of the gods. This Bonus Stage enhances his power by 5 million. He also gained a new attack called Multiversal Rock.

Multiversal Rock/Ignite - This attack allows Nikad to form a huge rock a size of a Multiverse, by taking huge bodies of rocks from other multiverses and combining them all together, and then Nikad condenses that rock, so that it is only the size of a galaxy. He then focuses that rock onto you, and then it crushes the galaxy you are on, as well as you.The impact is so colossal that you can't keep track of what is what, and everything is all around you, pebbles, planets, entire solar systems, they're all breaking and turning into rubble. But then, Nikad says "Ignite". Suddenly, everything turns white as a supernova. It all explodes, every single pebble, planet, solar system, whatever it is,explodes with the force of an entire multiverse exploding. To prevent entire multiversal destruction, Nikad condenses the explosion so that it is only affecting you, making it even more damage.

Super Mystic Nexus - This is a Super Bonus Stage, that he earned after all Nikads from Uni 1-12 potara fused, It enhances his power by 5 billion. It also gave Nikad a new, enhanced version of Multiversal Rock, called Super Multiversal Rock.

Super Multiversal Rock/Ignite - This is the same concept as the previous Multiversal Rock, except this one is 12x stronger, 12x bigger, and 12x more impactful.

Kamerasendori x100 - It combines the powers of a Kamehameha, Rasengan, and Chidori and combines them all into one blast, then enhancing their power by 100x.

Kamerasenshuridori x2000!!!!! - Nikad uses this as a final attack against KJ's Ultimate Attack, ripping 20% of the Universe and its fabric off, and doing immense damage. This combines the power of a Kamehameha, Rasengan, Rasenshuriken and a Chidori all in one blast, then enhancing it by 2 THOUSAND!

U.K.R.S.D x24000!!!! - After fusing with all 12 Nikads, he gained a new attack, called Ultimate Kamerasenshuridori x24000, or U.K.R.S.D for short. He also mixes in every single attack he ever had and puts it into this blast, and then fires it all at you. This is currently his strongest attack.

Exult Eye Stage 1 - This eye is only the first stage, however it is most definitely stronger than any previous Nexus Eye stage before, it has the same ability as any of the Nexus eyes and is stronger in both raw power and strategy power (abilities) than any other Bonus or Super Bonus Stage from Nexus Eye. This multiplies your power by 1,000,000.

Exult Eye Stage 2 - It enhances your abilities and raw power by 10x, and your senses are enhanced as well.

Exult Eye Stage 3 - Everything is enhanced by 50x and you bulk up a little bit.

Exult Eye Stage 4 - The second to last Exult Eye, this eye is a bit different from the others. It multiplies your reserve of ki and chakra by 100x and your abilities damage or effect is multiplied by 1,000x. It also multiplies your raw power by 10,000x.

The Nexus' Surpassor - This is Stage 5 of Exult Eye, and it multiplies your raw power by 1,000,000x and multiplies everything else by 1,000,000x as well.  You gain a huge blue aura, and everything around you from a 500 mile radius is vaporized (excluding your enemy).

Mega Exult Eye Stage 1 - This eye enhances your power by extraordinary amounts, and your power keeps increasing as time passes. This eye is 10x stronger than the previous Stage 5.

Stage 2 - All this stage does, is multiply your previous eye by 50x, and also gives you a new ability to teleport yourself to any location in the Multiverse (excluding Universe 13).

Stage 3 - This eye allows you to manipulate any body of space (planet, quadrant, solar system) to your will, and even throw them at your opponent with telekinesis, it also multiplies your previous eye by 100x.

Stage 4 - With this eye, you are able to instinctively dodge whatever comes your way, unless it comes at you with speeds you can't even normally dodge, this eye also multiplies your previous eye by a whopping 2 Million.

Stage 5 - This eye multiplies the previous by 10 Million, and also every ability from the Bonus Stages of Nexus Eye are carried over to this stage, so you can use the same abilities you did from the previous Bonus Stages from this stage of Exult Eye and beyond.

Mystic Exult - This eye gives you a new technique, called Kesum. Kesum allows you to successfully resist negation of teleportation, absorption, power, magic, ki, energy, regeneration, and intangibility. However, this comes with a cost as Kesum drains every single type of energy, and slowly but surely drains life force as well.

Super Mystic Exult - This eye gives you another new technique, called Desum. Desum allows you to negate teleportation, absorption, vectors, intangibility, invulnerability, and even immortality. It drains every single type of energy, just like Kesum, but it drains life force a little bit quicker.

Godly Regeneration/Durability - With this technique, he is able to focus 90% of his entire energy pool consisting of ki, chakra, and mana and empower his regeneration and durability with it and multiply both by 1,000x. However, this is short-lived because this can only last for a couple minutes at a time, and when it is done, Nikad (despite most likely having Unlimited Energy) will be tired and not prepared for battle for a couple minutes, because his normal regeneration takes time to make up for the life force he lost during that stage.

Pesum - Allows Nikad to equally divide 90% of his power to all of the people in his radius, of his choice. The radius is 150 Planets.


Full Power Basic Form - Full Power Basic Form. Multiples power by 4,000. You can also use Super Saiyan Transformations to double. Like if he turned Super Saiyan when he was using Full Power Basic Form his Super Saiyan form would Multiply 4,000 by 50.

Rage! - Multiples Nikad's Full Power by 2.5x.

Nexus - When Nikad uses this transformation, he gains a huge purple aura and purple pupils. His energy strength speed and his other statistics (except for intelligence) is increased by 100,000x, but this form doesn't just increase Nikad's power in general. His purple eyes increase his vision, can paralyse an enemy on eye contact, and freeze time for how long Nikad wants it to be frozen, but this cannot go on forever. These eyes have a cooldown and take a toll on Nikad's ki in general, and can sometimes go out of control. These eyes can only be activated once every week, and the more you use them, the more it's buffs/boosts will continue to decrease as time goes on. However, there are different types of eyes. Nikad only has the basic eye for Nexus. There are 5 types of eyes. Beginner, Basic, Normal, Master, and Nexus Master. Only one person has Nexus Master in the universe, which is unknown currently. Nikad found this transformation out when he was in the universe training after he had been defeated by Hikari in the LookoutCup!, and he learned how to use it and mastered the Beginner Nexus Eye with the help of an ancient God long forgotten in the universe.

Semi God Form - When Nikad uses this transformation, he starts glowing white and has white pupils for eyes, all of Nikad's statistics (except for intelligence) is raised by 10x. In this form he is able to spawn any kind of race at his will but with a certain limit since this is a semi-version of the real thing. The Semi God Form eye can also sight any matter, from the size of a universe, to the size of a top quark from the radius of 0 to 100 million light years away. The Semi God Form eye can also sense when he is in danger so he can react quickly, however this skill is limited because again, it is not the real eye, but the body as well has a limit to how fast it could react, if the body can't react fast enough that skill is no good.

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS)

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 2 (SSGSS2)

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3 (SSGSS3)

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 4 (SSGSS4)

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 5 (SSGSS5)

Omega Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (OSSGSS)


Nikad vs KJ, The Long Awaited Battle!

After many years of fighting, training, and longing to prove himself as the strongest in the universe, He finally came across a person like KJ. KJ had asked Nikad if he wanted to fight, Nikad easily accepted as this was just another obstacle to become the best. KJ led Nikad to the LookCoutCup! fighting arena, which is a parallel universe but absent of Life.

The battle of ages begun. Utilizing and making full usage of every technique, years-worth of worthwhile training put to complete advantageous usage while also squeezing out every ounce of energy and power packed within them, the two would create universe-rippling shockwaves with each strike. KJ made exceptional usage of his techniques, which he had been training for years upon years, and even created new ways of getting what he wanted out of them during the battle. Nikad used his Nexus Eye technique, which raised and swelled his power beyond what most would consider the beyond. Many opponents wouldn't be willing to face the wrath of the Mad Nexus Eye stage, but KJ took it with no sweat (or very little?). His training was put into full usage and defense. KJ would eventually be forced to enter his Complete Form, and eventually, be pushed to introduce his brand new transformation;Super Kuzon. KJ amplified all of his most powerful techniques to high-levels and put them into full usage, which forced Nikad to upgrade to Mad Nexus Stage 2 and eventually 3.

As the battle, or 'spar', progressed, both opponents increased their power over a thousandfold. KJ used his hidden energy reserves to kick up to over 1000% his normal power, followed by Nikad doing the same, as he slowly transitioned into his Ultimate Nexus Eye, a technique few have dared to challenge. KJ's aura soon become a sphere around him, drenched in millions upon millions of godlike energies that not only stored the ultimate power to rip through the universe itself but represent decades of training condensed into it. Nikad was at 7500% his normal power, while KJ was at 1325%, which climbed to finally 2000%. However, they were on par. KJ had sapped all his own hidden energy reserves, along with his extra backup senzu beans. By now, they were throwing planets at each other, and teleporting to other sides of the universe just to launch basic strikes. This was by far, the farthest KJ had ever been pushed in a battle, and the second-farthest Nikad ever had. Nikad called upon his defensive companion Gammahaki to fight for him for a bit, which KJ proved well, as he was the first to make even a scratch on his shell (which even Leogian and Ian could not achieve).

The time now came to end it all. Both teleported to opposite sides of the universe to prepare usage of their strongest attacks, all of their techniques merged together x1000 tenfold. KJ prepared his Complete Ultimatum (which amplified to this level is enough to destroy a fraction of the universe alone) merged with every other of his most powerful techniques. Nikad did the same, and they unleashed them. Each of their attacks destroyed 20% of the universe and its fabric alone, and when they struck, a large rip/smack was made that destroyed another 20%. KJ and Nikad nearly completely drained their energy and lifeforces, using every last ounce they had left in them. Things then got intense, as Nikad absorbed all of his friends' power mentally, and KJ merged with the other members of the entire Kuz Clan, and poured power into the beam. Their attack beams (which were millions of miles wide) exploded and dissipated from the enormous power. Nearly the entire universe had been destroyed.

Nikad had been fully drained of his energy outtake, and declared KJ had won, then went unconscious. KJ, who went back to normal, had an important business meeting at 5, but went unconscious anyway, ending their great battle.

(Most of it was copied and pasted from KJ's page, but I wanted to put my perspective on it, so I changed a little bit of it, props to Kuzon for putting work into this, check out his page )

Nikad vs Trias Connar

Probably one of the most intense and old school fights in Lookout history. Trias started the fight against Nikad with classic Melee combat, only resorting to energy attacks at long range. In the first half, Trias has full control, as Nikad felt that Trias wasn't strong enough to handle his unsurpressed power, but once the fight carried on, Nikad soon realized Trias had fully mastered his power, and decided to stop playing around. The two power up once to about 10% of their respective power, and began to decimate otherworld with their presence alone. It was still clear Trias was still in control of the fight, as he swiftly dodged and caught attacks Nikad through his way. But Then Trias decided to get cocky and decided they should fight at full power. Nikad jumped to(for the sake of simplicity) Omega Supreme form, and Trias assimilated the Multiverse into his being, and became "The Final". The fight dragged out for several minutes, close to an hour, with Trias showcasing his superior regenerative abilities. At this point, the fight had become an even match, with each exchanging blows that shook the very fabric of space time. At the final leg of the fight, Trias offered a challenge. Nikad must defeat him within 3500 seconds or die. And with classic move by both fighters, an all out beam struggle was performed. With his Existence on the line, Nikad put everything into his Kamehameha, while Trias kept him at bay with his Rainbow Wave. As Nikad's end drew closer, Nikad gave one final push, but it didn't prove enough as his beam was being overtaken. However, in a sudden turn of events, Trias' power suddenly began drop like a stone. Noticing this Nikad gave one last push. With Trias unable to supply the power to keep the beam in check, he was quickly overtaken, and destroyed. Nikad defeated Trias with only 12.3 seconds to spare. As for why Trias' power began to decrease, it is simply because he was firing way to many energy attacks into his Rainbow Wave to keep it going. He simply used too much energy, so much so that his regeneration couldn't keep up and it began to damage his body. The winner is Nikad.

Nikad's Basic Nexus eye

Nikad's Battle Theme Song

Nikad's Battle Theme Song

Beware for Epicness

Nikad's Turning Point

Nikad's Turning Point

Nikad's Turning Point