Site Policy

These policies have been created to keep our wiki a friendly, fun, and safe place suitable for everyone to enjoy. All policies are to be followed by all editors, including administrators. These policies cover wiki rules, chat rules, roleplaying rules, and page standards.

General Policy

These rules apply to the entire wiki - including all users and content - at all times.

Wiki and Chat

Any time you break a rule, you will be issued a warning, followed by an appropriate punishment by an administrator or moderator. Repeated or more extreme offenses will result in appropriate punishment.

  • This wiki has a primarily English userbase. Please use English on this wiki, or otherwise provide translations, such as for in-character interactions or character names. Do not excessively use other languages.
  • Do not vandalize, troll, or otherwise deliberately harm the wiki or users, either on the wiki itself, or offsite.
  • Do not intentionally antagonize, insult, or discredit other people or wikis. This also includes trolling and flamebaiting. Criticism is allowed, however please refrain from being excessively harsh.
  • Do not sockpuppet, or make a second account without informing others. You may use a second account - for roleplaying purposes, for instance - with administrator permission only.
  • Do not plagiarize. Please credit the original artist or author, or provide a source.
  • Do not flood or spam the wiki with random blog or forum posts, images or other files, pointless edits, etc.
  • Do not 'farm' edits - i.e. repeatedly edit the same page multiple times, making countless edits for the sole purpose of increasing your edit count.
  • Do not post explicit or illegal content, such as pornographic material, excessive violence, 'shock sites' or other dangerous websites. This includes explicit text or roleplaying.
  • Do not harm or threaten other users, including 'doxing' or threatening to 'dox' other users by posting personal information.
  • Do not joke about rape or suicide in any way, shape or form.
  • Absolutely nothing that breaks Wikia's Terms Of Use or any other Wikia policies.

Posting of explicit, illegal, or threatening material will result in an immediate block, removal of the material in question, and Wikia Staff being informed.

Page Standards

  • All pages must contain at least 500 words of written text, outside of templates, images or headers. If a page does not contain sufficient content, the user will be notified as soon as possible. If the user refuses to expand on their page, or does not provide a reason for doing so other than an inability to complete the page, the page will be deleted without warning. Deleted pages can be restored upon request and administrator approval.
  • Pages, characters, and other content intended to be 'joking' in nature are allowed on user pages or blog posts only. Offensive pages, or pages that otherwise violate our site policy, will be removed and the user warned or penalized accordingly.
  • All pages are to be written as if they were in-universe documents, with no out-of-character references other than citations, sources (such as for images), and other pages on this wiki.
  • The opening section of the page should adequately summarize key points of the article's contents.
  • All images on pages must be uploaded to the wiki itself.
  • All policy pages and significantly powerful or otherwise important characters must be accepted by administrators and other users.
  • All characters must be human, or otherwise related to humanity without being an alien or 'fantasy' race. Any non-human characters are subject to administrative approval.


  • All character pages must have the Characters category. This covers any and all character pages.
  • All roleplaying pages must have the Roleplay category. This category covers any pages currently involved in or available for roleplaying.
  • All setting information pages must have the Setting Information category. This category covers any in-universe information that does not pertain to a specific character, and is solely used to provide information rather than roleplaying.
  • All fanmade stories must have the Stories category. This category covers any pages used entirely for any 'fanfiction' or other fiction written for the wiki that is not a roleplay, specific character, or setting information.
  • All Wiki Policies can be found under the Site Policy category.


  • The majority of our users speak English. Please speak English in chat - if you wish to use other languages with certain users, please do so in private messages only. If you persist in speaking foreign languages, it will be considered spam.
  • Do not spam the chat, such as by repeatedly posting the same message, attempting to 'ping' users repeatedly, post large walls of text, or other forms of spam.
  • Follow all other site policies and Wikia Terms of Service on chat at all times.
  • If an issue arises in private messaging, please inform administration immediately with a log and screenshots of the entire conversation.
  • If an administrator or moderator asks to end a discussion, do so immediately.


These policies cover roleplaying on the wiki.

Character Guidelines

  • Do not godmod, whether it be by creating excessively powerful or otherwise 'perfect' characters ('Mary Sues'), controlling other users' characters ('Bunnying'), or controlling other characters' reactions (such as by stating someone got hit without giving the other user a chance to react).
  • Characters who have achieved or obtained an exclusive technique or power, including transformations, must have an explanation as to how they came to acquire the ability.
  • Characters may die in roleplaying, whether by combat or other causes, natural or unnatural. However, do not kill another users' character without their permission, except in exceptional circumstances with administrative approval.
  • Characters may not have any power to resurrect dead characters. This removes much of the suspense or tension that can be found during dangerous situations in a roleplay. Reanimation, temporary resurrection, or 'partial' resurrection may be allowed with administrative approval.
  • Characters may not have abilities, techniques, equipment and such added immediately before or during a roleplay or fight without other participants' approval. In significant or exceptional circumstances, administrative approval may be required.

Abilities, Techniques, and Combat

  • Do not add excessively powerful abilities, or an excessive number of abilities to your character without explanation or administrative approval.
  • Do not use any abilities that would result in immediate victories without any chance of failure.
  • Be creative when it comes to character abilities and techniques - try to put a new spin or twist on existing abilities.
  • Be descriptive - explain your powers and techniques in detail. However, exact numbers are not recommended, nor are overly complex abilities designed to confuse other users.
  • Be reasonable - if an ability has a large number of upsides, provide some cons - such as difficulty, extreme energy usage, or other downsides.
  • In combat, do not immediately post the results of your action - such as declaring your attack hit. Give the other user time to react, unless the result has already been decided by both users (for example, in chat).
  • In combat, do not automatically dodge or otherwise negate all enemy actions unless it would be reasonable to do so (such as by phasing through physical blows with an ability).
  • During a long battle, characters should show some level of fatigue or other injury that would be reasonable for the situation - if a character has been struck in the head repeatedly, they would likely be dazed, confused or even knocked out.

Manual of Style

  • Roleplaying pages should be done in paragraph format, not script format.
  • Chat-based roleplays are not considered 'canon' (i.e. in-universe) unless posted to the wiki as a roleplaying or story page.
  • Pages should be properly categorized. Uncategorized pages will be deleted.
  • Pages for your creations should be done on your namespace (i.e. "User:YourUsername/YourPage"). This includes characters and setting information.
  • In-universe or 'canon' stories should be posted on the main namespace, rather than your user namespace or blogs.
  • Character pages must have the following:
    • A section that describes the characters' personality.
    • A section that describes the characters' appearance, or an image.
    • A section detailing a backstory, describing your characters' origins.
    • A section listing major events your character has been involved in.
    • An example character page can be found here.