The Lookout is a community dedicated to role-playing and writing stories, generally within an original universe inspired by anything from anime, to video games, to movies, to real life, etc. If you happened to stumble upon here, welcome. See one of our many reference pages to read about our universe or message an administrator if wish to settle in.

Founded on 8 May 2012, Lookout's origins were rooted in the Dragon Ball series. Gradually, its close-knit group of users evolved in writing and moved onto new and different things. Now, it mostly retains that original community who occasionally jump back in for some fun. Our roleplay (RP) universes include Lookout I, Lookout II, Lookout X, and currently, Lookout III. RP is done on forums, pages, and in our chatroom.

Our founders and current administrators are TheGreatKuzon! and Zion3xX.

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