Lookout X


Lookout X (LX) is a spin-off RP within the Lookout RP universe, set in a vague place within the Lookout timeline. As a departure from prior Lookout RPs, LX takes place on a single, unknown planet simply referred to as the world. Having been ravaged by war and virtually wiped out not so long ago, efforts ensue in struggling to rebuild society while simply trying to stay alive. With a lack of order or equality in a hostile world where everyone struggles to find right from wrong, there are those who must fight for what they believe to be right.
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Featured Bounty: Astrum Aevitas

Astrum Aevitas Astrum Aevitas, known far more commonly as The Sun King, is the leader of the infamous Rogue Guild, Heartstring. His consistent success led him to be nicknamed "The Savior of Mutants," and was regarded as a messiah by many within the organization. Upon the brutal assassination of the prior leader of Heartstring, Astrum would take up the position as it's head, ensuring that he would not rest until Mutants were given the respect and rights that they had been denied for so long. (Read more...)

Current Story Arc: Covenant of Might Arc


Following completing their Mercenary Trials and taking on the dangers of the world, the gang faced certain doom in the face of a powerful mutant. Truly a homunculi created by the government, there seemed to be no end on the beast's power. They'd find themselves saved, the beast was defeated by a man named Saikyou and his partner who claim to come from a guild known as the Covenant of Might!
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